Transparent CPL Advertising


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Transparent Cost-per-Lead Advertising

Increased Returns for Advertisers
Increased Revenue for Publishers

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Transparent CPL Advertising

  1. 1. CPL Advertising Increased Returns for Advertisers Increased Revenue for Publishers 5/12/2009
  2. 2. Agenda How the Online Advertising Market is Changing How HUGGIES used CPL advertising for a branding campaign How used CPL advertising to increase online revenue
  3. 3. How the Online Advertising Market is Changing
  4. 4. Market Dynamics The Online Advertising Market is Growing Source: eMarketer April 2009
  5. 5. Market Dynamics Performance Advertising Growing at Expense of CPM Models “It’s no secret that CPM advertising delivers poor returns” - Sam Parry Director of Online Membership & Activism, EDF “The Internet is more and more a Performance-driven model” - Imran Khan Managing Director, J.P. Morgan
  6. 6. CPM, CPC, CPL Available Online Pricing Models
  7. 7. CPL is the Next Stage in Performance Marketing “CPC pricing models are a placeholder for CPL” - Daniel Taylor Senior Research Analyst “CPL allows you to invest money where you drive results” -Kate Johnson Personal Care Consumer Relationship Marketing Manager “The movement to CPL is huge. With CPL, we can be brand focused and deliver ROI” -Michael Wunsch Vice President, Media & Strategy, LeapFrog Interactive
  8. 8. How used transparent CPL Advertising to deploy a branding campaign
  9. 9. HUGGIES Branding Campaign Three Stages ACQUIRE ENGAGE BRAND interested consumers with email in relevant ways 9
  10. 10. Acquired Interested Consumers Cost-Effectively High ROI CPL Advertising Also connect with the right consumer Open – Scale easily Transparent – Knew where the offers were running
  11. 11. Engaged Acquired Consumers Multiple touchpoints Weekly emails to database Drove people to relevant destinations – Promotions – Youtube Videos – Reward Programs – Social Networking Widget Download Pages
  12. 12. Branded in Relevant Ways Directed users to pregnancy countdown widget Widget embedded in variety of destination sites Relevant content HUGGIES stays in control of branding message Increased ROI by over 50%
  13. 13. How used CPL advertising to increase online revenue
  14. 14. About Premier outdoor site Over 1 MM unique visitors Offered CPM advertising Wanted to tap into advertiser demand for performance advertising Signed on to Pontiflex AdLeads
  15. 15. Increases Online Revenue Connected with new advertisers Monetized untapped revenue streams – Registration path – Evaluating AdUnit X banners Pontiflex AdLeads is open – Work with any and all advertisers – Complete control over ad revenue
  16. 16. Increases Online Revenue Automated Campaign Setup – Save valuable tech resources Automated Campaign Management – IOs “We are delighted with how easily CPL advertising has enabled us to maximize our online advertising revenue. – Reporting We have transitioned all of our campaigns to Pontiflex.” – Doug Colbeck, GM, Hillclimb Media – Creative Trafficking – Data Transfer
  17. 17. About Pontiflex “Future of targeted advertising: lead generation.” Industry’s first open and transparent cost-per-lead (CPL) market Explosive Revenue Growth; Major Clients: Obama Campaign, Kimberly Clark, eFax, Coldwater Creek, leapfrog Interactive and many others. “Pontiflex generated lists of voters who expressed interest in Obama through ads …the campaign paid for each lead.” 20 employees; Brooklyn, New York & Pune, India Involved in online advertising since its inception; “One stop Shop for Lead Gen” Leadership roles at Amazon, IBM and Ogilvy
  18. 18. Summary Explosive demand for performance advertising CPL Advertising at top of ROI hierarchy Increased returns for brand and direct marketers Increased revenue for publishers
  19. 19. Please feel free to call or email me: Evan Adlman, Vice President, Strategic Development 718.801.8478