Practical Tips for Lead Generation Through Display Advertising


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  • Ok. Let’s start with the punchline…shall we. And, we’ll work our way back.Should we consider display advertising appropriate fuel for our respective lead gen engines?In a word, that would be an emphatic “YES!”….but, there’s a but. The key question we need to get at is NOT does display help generate leads…but HOW does display help generate leads?”
  • And, the path to the “how” is rooted in the very real, and powerful interplay between branding and direct response. We often fall into the trap of putting nice little neat boxes around our direct response initiatives; and separate little boxes around our branding initiatives and programs and goals. But, the truth is the time and $s we invest in branding initiatives are integrally connected to how much we’ll get out of our investments in the DR side of the equation.
  • Ok, it’s story time…As good marketers, we all know that the best way to tell a meaningful story is to make it personal. So, let me step into some shoes I know well….my own. And talk about the mix we’re deploying here at Bizo to reach our target audience – Marketers. So, there I am down at the bottom…and up there are marketers doing what marketers do during their workdays – spending a lot of time online. And, let’s rotate the picture around 180 a bit…
  • 1. …and look at what a marketer like many of you on the phone might experience as you go about the workday -- as I deploy everything in my marketers bag of tricks to get my brand, message in front of you. So, let’s say you get into the office, doing your AM reading…hitting your favorite sites….maybe some of the content our friends at MarketingProfs…and what do you know there’s a Bizo display ad promoting a white paper on Retargeting. But, did you even see the ad…maybe…maybe not…you move on with your day…. 2. So, you click on a link to an article a colleague sent along that brings you to Forbes site…and hey…something seems familiar…just can’t put your finger on it. There’s the ad again…maybe it starts to break through your consciousness…maybe not…but you’ve got a 9am meeting…got to get to the conference room…you grab your laptop and move on… 3. You’re in that meeting…the guy next to you in droning on…you decide to check your email to continue your AM reading…which includes quickly perusing daily newsletters. You click open a newsletter from eMarketer…and what do you know…there’s a text ad from Bizo. Something catches your eye so you read on a bit…you’ve been hearing a lot about new display techniques like retargeting…so decide to click thru…4. And, you hit my Bizo landing page to download a white paper. You start filling out the form…BUT your meeting ends…you close down your browser. And, don’t give my white paper a 2nd thought…your mind has moved completely on to the next 20 things happening today. BUT, not before yet another cookie has been placed in your web browser – this time a Bizo retargeting cookie or pixel.5. And, over the next couple weeks…you find yourself bumping into display ads by Bizo. 6.And, a huge and growing portion of our daily news that we consume is being fed to us thru our networks and social channels. So, there you are on Twitter getting your fill of the latest goings on…and you might bump into a promoted Twitter ad by bizo where Twitter is suggesting you follow Bizo…and given there’s now some brand recogition…you click “follow.” 7. And, as a Bizo twitter follower…the content and links we’re sharing are now coming thru on your feed. And, you see a promo to a webinar on rethinking online lead gen…you’re beginning to get intrigued in this Bizo character…you click on it…8. And you see a webinar with Chief Marketer and Bizo…looks interesting…you think about registering..But…do you register?? I’d like to think so…but that might be wishful thinking on my part…you’re busy…someone comes up to your desk for a quick hallway chat…and you close down the browser. Dagnabat!…missed out on that conversion again!9. Your sales guys asks for leads:You’re now actually motivated to take a few minutes out of your hectic day to figure this out. You’ve been reading a lot about Bizo and how they seem to be all over the world of targeted display advertising and you need to add something to your mix so seems they might be worth talking to…so you go to Google search on Bizo…brings up paid search ads and natural search results…you click thru to bizo site…10. You hit the Bizo website and start educating yourself a bit…11. You click on my contact form and low and beyond we have a conversion ladies and gentlemen!So, what happened here? Let’s take a look at the road traveled…
  • What program lead you to the Bizo website and drove the conversion? Well, at first glance I might think to myself…it was that Paid Search ad. And, I might even start thinking paid search rocks the house! And, I need to get myself more of that…so I start investing a ton more next month in search. But, here’s the real road traveled. It was the combined effort of all these channels, programs, content that built trust, and educated you to set up that conversion.
  • If you’re just firing balls randomly, then it really IS gambling.The trick with marketing is that you can use online display to rig the game.
  • Here’s why…Marketing channels like search and email are most useful for targeting and converting prospects that are lower in your marketing funnel (e.g. prospects looking for solutions to problems or evaluating vendors). The dilemma presented by relying too heavily on these lower-funnel channels is that compared to the overall audience you’re after, you have relatively few prospects that are actively looking to solve a problem or seek out a solution today. E.g., Search is reaching less than 10% of the audience you’re targeting…comScore.One of the most effective ways to access this larger audience is through highly targeted display advertising. The beauty of targeted display is that it can be deployed as a lead generator, but it is also the vehicle best-equipped for influencing and educating the right kind of prospects at any stage of the marketing funnel. With display you can reach more of your target audience at scale, and start tossing alley-oops to set up the rest of your mix.
  • And, this is a key concept. As our company’s grow…and sales targets grow…you need to deliver more pipeline to support the needs of the business. And, to accomplish this….we’ll need to tap other channels like social and display that can reach the broader audiences we’re after BECAUSE reality will hit that plowing increasing $$s into lower funnel programs like email, SEO, SEM will inevitably give us diminishing returns.
  • top-Funnel impactBranding plays a tremendous role, especially in longer sales cycles when companies need to build trust and relationships with their prospects. While it makes a continuous impact throughout the buyer’s journey, branding does much at the top of the funnel, where awareness is keymid-Funnel impactAfter using a variety of advertising methods to generate leads, marketers must then nurture these leads throughout the marketing funnel.bottom-Funnel impactTargeted display advertising continues to make an impact at the bottom of the funnel, enabling companies to drive conversions and generate leads. What’s more, when businesses combine display with typical bottom-funnel activities such as search, the results are even more powerful.
  • Are you a COO?
  • That’s where re-targeting comes in. And, to be very blunt - The question you should be asking is NOT, “Hmmmm, should I be doing retargeting?” - The question you SHOULD be asking is, “Holy crap, how can I be doing more retargeting?!?!?!?” - And, hopefully you’re not asking, “OMG, what’s retargeting?”If you only take away ONE thing from this presentation – other than Bizo rhymes with Wizo I mean – then take this away – You should be doing as much retargeting as you possibly can.And, you should think about how to best leverage your retargeting strategy. What I mean is that there are multiple ways to retarget your message…
  • Notice that the campaign is driving actions from the desired small business segment, but what’s more interesting is that within the small business segment, the responders demonstrating the highest action rate (i.e. actions taken by the target audience/total impressions served to that audience) are within the accounting industry. At this point, the company has discovered a business segment that has expressed an interest in its product or service, which it may or may not have known before, and can now target them with more relevant ad creative going forward.
  • Practical Tips for Lead Generation Through Display Advertising

    1. 1. Lead Generation via Display Advertising: Practical Tips for Reaching and Engaging Your Target Prospects OnlineBryan A. Burdick, Chief Operating Officer, Bizo, Inc. R. Sean Cotton, Interactive Director, True Media
    2. 2. Agenda• Display‟s Role in the Lead Gen Mix• Some Practical Tips• Display in Action• Q&A 2
    3. 3. Business Audience ExpertsReach & Engage your Target Business AudiencesWherever they Travel Online…with Precision AND Scale• Reach 80% of US business audiences• Enabling branding and direct response initiatives• Fully integrated audience data, display advertising, social media and audience analytics platform 3
    4. 4. Display‟s Role in the Lead Gen Mix 4
    5. 5. Display for Lead Gen – For Real? …the key question is “HOW does display help generate leads?” 5
    6. 6. Branding + Direct Response 6
    7. 7. Your Prospects Are EVERYWHERE Online• You must be wherever your audience is• Investing in just a few channels (e.g. search, email) only reaches a small portion of your total target audience 1 “What Americans Do Online: Social Media and Games Dominate Online Activity,” NielsenWire, August 2, 2010. 7
    8. 8. The Real Story 8
    9. 9. Now,We Newsletter textme? TeeingFirstthe adept… Are have thoughsolution THAT‟s afor webinar… AConversion leadership! up conversion! TheDon‟t Ifollowing ad SearchingKnowthat didn‟t The socially a You? I‟myou Impression Getting educated 9
    10. 10. The JourneyConversion! Corporate Website Search Webinar Promo Twitter Feed Twitter Ad Retargeted Ad Email Newsletter Display Ad Display Ad 10
    11. 11. Pachinko Marketing• Objective: Hit the jackpot! (AKA a conversion)• But the competition wants a piece of your prospect also• Online display can help rig the game in your favor The competition This is you 11
    12. 12. Display Impacts from Top to Bottom Targeted display ad canLower funnel programs influence prospects atinherently constrained every stage of the funnel• Email limited by size of • Reach more of your target house data base & finite audiences at scale number of targeted external lists • Educate and build trust across• Paid search is only • Set up the rest of your mix for reaching around 8% of greater success the people that matter 12
    13. 13. Display Reaches Your Target Audience… Online Display Advertising: Most Significant Benefits Source: BtoB Magazine, “Online Marketing: The Next Frontier of Email, Display, Search & Social,” March 2012
    14. 14. Marketing Mix Not Meeting Sales Demand Source: BtoB Magazine, “Online Marketing: The Next Frontier of Email, Display, Search & Social,” March 2012
    15. 15. Demand Gen DilemmaIncreased pipeline demands… …require new approaches to lead generation. 15
    16. 16. The Case for Display – Summary• Display enhances the impact of all other forms of online marketing – A 2010 Eyeblaster study found that 72% of all online conversions were a direct result of exposure to display ads• Display advertising gives marketers the opportunity to touch prospects at every stage of the funnel. – Top of Funnel – Building Brand/Audience: • Brand Awareness Lift: United Internet Media found that viewing one display ad increased unaided brand awareness by 6% and aided brand recall by 26%. • Visits and Searches: comScore found that, after a display ad campaign, web site visits increased by 72%, and keyword searches for the brand increased by an average of 94%. – Mid-Funnel – Education and Evaluation: • Increase Advertiser Engagement: ZDNet’s Tech Blueprint online display campaign analysis showed: - A 140% lift in engagement with the advertiser’s content for visitors who’d been exposed to display ads. - Prospects were 82% more likely to download content and travel further into the sales funnel if they had seen the display advertisements. – Bottom Funnel – Increased Conversions (especially when paired with search) • Superpages saw a 180% increase in click-throughs for its search marketing campaign when online display was active. • Recent comScore study found that prospects who viewed SEM ads were 82% more likely to buy, and when the search ads were paired with display ads, the research showed a 119% lift in sales. • A display advertising campaign in support of Express Employment Professionals’ simulcast event led to a 25% increase in event registration, ultimately generating the same number of registrations as a national TV campaign—but at 5% of the cost. 16
    17. 17. Practical Tips forMaking Display Work for You 17
    18. 18. #1- Define Your Target Audience• Define your audience for your broader “reach” campaign Functional Professional Target Audience Co. Size Industry Seniority Area Group A - Healthcare Fortune 500 Healthcare Healthcare Executives Business Pros B - Insurance Insurance Insurance Finance Executives Business Pros C - Financial Fortune 500 Fortune 500 Finance Executives Business Pros Services • Don‟t spray and pray with online display • Make every impression count • Target only the audiences you want to reach 18
    19. 19. #2 - Customize Your Ad CreativePeople experience and react to brands differently… GOOD BETTER BEST Job Function: HR Job Function: HR Job Function: HR Seniority: Executive Seniority: Executive Company Size: Fortune 500 Sample Ad Copy: Sample Ad Copy: Sample Ad Copy: “Improve your payroll “Payroll inefficiencies “Bank of America has saved $5M processes with Solution impact the bottom line. with Solution X‟s payroll system. X.” Try Solution X.” You can be next.” …make sure your creative speaks as directly to them as possible. 19
    20. 20. #3 – Reach, then retarget • Reach campaign fills the funnel, and then retargeting takes over to drive serious conversions and lower cost CPLs. • Segment your visitors by area of interest (i.e. based on where they go on your website). • Build personalized creative for each retargeting segment. • Optimize the frequency with which you show your ads. • Practice brand safety by controlling the types of sites on which your ads are served. 20
    21. 21. #4 – Measure the interplay between Display & DRExample: A $25K investment in Search, e-Mail & Display nets the following • Search: 75 conversions • Email: 125 conversions • Display: 25 conversionsAt First Glance… • …you might erroneously conclude that display is ineffectiveBut If You Dig Deeper…by comparing performance when display is on vs. off… • …you get and better view of how display impacts all other marketing campaigns. Search Email Display Total Conversions Conversions Conversions Conversions Test Group A 50 100 N/A 150 (no display in mkt) Test Group B 75 125 25 225 (display in mkt) Post-Impression Post-Click Impression Total Display Conversions Display Conversions Display Conversions 50 25 75 21
    22. 22. #5 – Optimize to high-performing segments Campaign explicitly targeting small business 22
    23. 23. In short… N nurturing 23
    24. 24. Display in Action 24
    25. 25. Display Should Not Stand Alone 25
    26. 26. Display Drives Search Source: comScore June 2012 26
    27. 27. Integrated Display Advertising‟s Effect on Conversions 27
    28. 28. Keys to Using Display for Lead Generation/Sales• Clearly identify the target audience• Develop relevant ad creative with strong calls to action• Use re-targeting to maximize conversions and build audience profiles• Implement thorough campaign analytics 28
    29. 29. Display in Action – True Media 29
    30. 30. Franchisee Recruitment Case StudyObjective: Improve the quality and increase the quantity ofleads generated from the franchisee recruitment Web site 30
    31. 31. Background• Utilizing paid search and traditional media for lead generation• Recent drop in volume and quality of leads.• Qualifications for franchisee included high personal net worth• Web site redesign 31
    32. 32. Approach• Analyzed current paid search campaign and recommended revisions to improve Quality Score and better qualify traffic sent to the Web site• Client redesigned the Web site to feature clear and exciting messaging and facilitate a seamless user experience• Chose Bizo to drive pre-qualified traffic to the Web site as an upper and mid- funnel strategy to „fill the pipeline‟ with quality leads • Target High Net Worth individuals in various industries and commercial categories • Implement re-targeting 32
    33. 33. Before Launching Display… 33
    34. 34. Search Increased Lead ConversionsSearch campaign immediately delivered a 109% lift over the same timeperiod the previous year. 34
    35. 35. Lead Conversions from Referral Traffic DecreasedMost referral traffic has been from the brand Web site up to this point.consumers visiting the franchise Web site are not pre-qualified. 35
    36. 36. ResultAlthough the search campaign was performing extremely well, the overalllead conversions compared to the previous year were down due to adecrease in organic referral traffic. 36
    37. 37. After Launching Display… 37
    38. 38. Sample Creative 38
    39. 39. Conversions from Referral Traffic IncreasedYTD a 4.47% increase has been achieved over the same time period last year. 39
    40. 40. Increased Conversions from SearchSince the campaign launch, conversions resulting from search also increased todeliver a 139.16% increase over last year compared to a 109.46% lift prior to thedisplay campaign. 40
    41. 41. ResultThe addition of the display campaign has resulted in an overall 15.18% lift inconversions YTD compared to a 10.16% decrease YTD prior to campaignlaunch. *as of 7/31/12 overall conversions are up 23% over previous year 41
    42. 42. Other Insights• After 2 month searches for term „edible arrangements franchise‟ increased 97% following the launch of display campaign. Up 44% compared to last year overall.• Overall traffic has increased 45% for the year. Number of returning visitors have increased 20%• „Assisted‟ conversions have increased 28% over last year 42
    43. 43. Thank You!Bryan A. Burdick; COO; Bizo, Inc.Bizo, Cotton; Interactive Director; True 43