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Best practice lead generation julian barkes, dianomi


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Best practice lead generation julian barkes, dianomi

  1. 1. Best Practice In Lead Generation How following best practice lead generation guidelines will result in improved ROI, increased revenues and satisfied consumers Julian Barkes, Head of Marketing & Partnerships Thursday, 28 June 2012 BestPractice OLG
  2. 2. Introduction Digital Marketing - The Marketplace Search, email, web, blogs and video have become common place for marketers to communicate with prospects via online marketing campaigns BestPractice OLG
  3. 3. The Marketplace Where’s the money going? BestPractice OLG Source: IAB / PwC Online Adspend 2011 & WARC
  4. 4. Lead Generation A channel in its own right? 2011 iab & PWC Online Spend Study 99 UK online sector is worth £4.8 billion 99 Online is now the single biggest medium: • 28% of £17 billion market (more than press or tv) • Online advertising grew 14.4% year on year (on a like for like basis) • Lead generation is classified in the ‘Other’ category - accounting for 2% of total ad spend BestPractice We believe lead generation accounts for a much OLG larger portion of the pot, and will continue to do so...
  5. 5. Why Lead Generation? It gives advertisers what they want... 99 Quality prospects to convert into engaged consumers 99 ROI, that is easy and straightforward to calculate 99 Transparency - how and where is the data collected, and how is the brand impacted And not the things they’ve had enough of... 22 1000’s of prospects who will never convert 22 Blanket, un-targeted promotion - spam email, network ads Best 22 Inability to accurately establish ROIPractice OLG
  6. 6. When Lead Generation goes bad Why adopting best practice policies is key High volume, low quality leads - that do not convert - will lead to mistrust of the sector, and a steady decline in overall OLG ad spend. HOWEVER... ...adopting OLG best practices will result in: 99 Better ROI for advertisers 99 Increased revenues for publishers 99 Satisified consumers BestPractice Let’s find out why and how... OLG
  7. 7. OLG Best Practices An overview 99 Prospects must actively consent to be contacted 99 Advertisers should clearly communicate how the user will be contacted - email, phone etc. 99 A lead should not be asked to give away personal data which is not relevant for the Advertiser’s product or service 99 Prospects must be free at all time to unsubscribe from further marketing 99 Any use of incentives must be agreed on with the advertiser, and the implcations of their use made clear Best 99 Data capture forms and creative must be approved with thePractice advertiser before going live OLG
  8. 8. Best Practice #1 Don’t dupe your prospects Make sure prospect consumers know what they are signing up for Include tick boxes for prospect to actively consent Clearly communicate how they will be contacted Lead volume will DECREASE but quality & prospect engagement will INCREASE Users do not feel ‘tricked’, so brand equity is not compromised BestPractice Advertisers do not waste time speaking OLG to people who are not happy to be con- tacted
  9. 9. Best Practice #2 Right context = Right prospects Capturing lead data in Yahoo! Finance a relevant environment will generate high quality engaged prospects Example #1 Investing in facebook report promoted alongside facebook IPO article: 99 Engaged propects 99 Quality leads BestPractice OLG
  10. 10. Example #2 The Guardian Example #2 Eurozone Crisis report promoted alongside live Eurozone Crisis blog: 99 Engaged prospects 99 Quality leads BestPractice OLG
  11. 11. Best Practice #3 Relevant + qualified audience = Most likely to convert Example #1 Client: Auto Express Target audience: Men in Mosaic groups A, B, E, F, G &H Database segment: ‘In-market’ car buyers who meet the target demographic Open rate: 33.64% Click rate: 31.76% Submit rate: 54.32% BestPractice OLG Conversion rate: 16.8%
  12. 12. Best Practice #4 Qualify prospects - even if volumes reduce Example #1 Client: IFA Brokers Email 1 Target audience: Over 50’s, affluent investors Database segment: FSS Experian Groups G, H & L (Gilt Edge Lifestyle, Mid-life affluence, Wealthy Retirement) Sent to segment of target audience Leads sent to advetiser to follow up on BestPractice *Users consent to be contacted in person OLG
  13. 13. Example #1a Email 1 Email 2 Sent only to those users who requested the guide offered in email 1: 99 We know they are interested in this topic, specifically BestPractice 99 Additional opt-in - users actively OLG Sent to segment of target audience consent to be contacted (for the 2nd time) Leads not passed onto advertiser
  14. 14. Results Qualified prospects = more likely to convert Email 1 ONLY Email 1 & Email 2 Open rate: 29.42% Email 1 Click rate: 33.22% Open rate: 28.39% Submit rate: 51.86% Click rate: 35.28% Conversion rate: 3.89% Submit rate: 50.55% Conversion rate: N/A Email 2 Open rate: 18.23% Best Click rate: 21.32%Practice Submit rate: 24.73% OLG Conversion rate: 16.82%
  15. 15. Best Practice #5 Get prospects to reconfirm their request Asking prospect to RE- CONFIRM their initial request will reduce overall lead volume HOWEVER... will supply the advertiser with those leads that are most engaged, and most likely to go on and convert BestPractice You will save your OLG client time and money
  16. 16. Best Practice #6 Don’t ask unnecessary questions (or at least strike a balance) Form #1 Required fields: 99 Full name 99 Full address 99 Email address 99 Phone number *All leads generated on premium ‘trading focused’ websites BestPractice OLG
  17. 17. Form #2 Required fields: 99 Full name 99 Full address 99 Email address 99 Phone number 1. How often do you trade? 2. Which best describes your investable assets? 3. How would you characterise your trading experience Best *All leads generated onPractice premium ‘trading focused’ OLG websites
  18. 18. Results More fields = decreased submit RESULT Form #1 Form #1 has a 93.3% higher success rate Users: 13,081 Submit rate: 9.63% The advertiser opted to go with form #1 because: Form #2 99 It generated higher volumes, but QUALITY was not affected: Users: 11,639 • Form #1 requires detailed information any- Submit rate: 4.98% way (full address, phone no.) • All leads were generated on RELEVANT Best sites, and therefore leads were regular tradersPractice OLG • With lead data they can follow up to find out further information if required
  19. 19. Best Practice #7 Email marketing - deliverability is key Email still accounts for a large % of the lead generation landscape. While results will vary depending on a range of factors (quality of data, relevancy, creative etc.), the fact is, consumers still respond to emails in their thousands HOWEVER... you will be wasting your time creating the perfect email if it never reaches the intended inboxes DELIVERABILITY IS KEY BestPractice OLG MAXIMISING THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE YOU CAN REACH IS CRITICAL
  20. 20. Best Practice #7 Email marketing - deliverability is key We improved our deliverability from 57% - 99.7% over a 6 month period 99 Encourage interaction - develop content that encourages recipients to click or reply (surveys, feedback requests) 99 List hygiene - bounce management, manage unsubscribes, monitor complaints via ISP feedback loops, sign up for Whitelisting 99 Certification 99 Technical readiness - email server set up, domain throttling Then Engage leads 1. Acquisition - adding a new lead to the file 2. Conversion - prompting the lead to take a desired action (open an account / trade / invest) 3. Engagement & Retention - keeping the lead / customer active and engaged with the Best programengaged with the programPractice 4. Win Back - reaching out to inactive leads to bring them back in to the marketing fold. OLG
  21. 21. Summary Best practice lead generation...everyone’s happy Advertisers looking to acquire customers online will continue to use Lead Generation, because it is a cost effective and measurable way to capture interested consumers BEST PRACTICE will ensure this continues to be the case: CONSUMERS are satisfied - they get the information they are looking for, without being tricked into giving their details. Trust is built between the prospect and the advertiser ADVERTISERS don’t waste their time trying to convert poor quality leads. Brand equity is upheld. ROI is easily calculated and transparent BestPractice PUBLISHERS don’t impact on the user experience. OLG Lead volumes may decrease, however long-term revenues INCREASE as quality leads = higher lead costs and greater marketing spend
  22. 22. Thank you for your time Please get in touch with any questions +44 207 802 5530 London New York Sydney www. 18 Buckingham Gate, 1115 Broadway, Level 12, Best dianomi.Practice London, UK, 12th Floor, New York, 95 Pitt Street, Sydney, OLG com SW1E 6LB NY 10010 NSW 2000