Cross-channel online marketing makes the sale


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TradeDoubler Finland's presentation @ Web Analytics Association's seminar.

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Cross-channel online marketing makes the sale

  1. 1. Cross-channel online marketing makes the sale Web Analytics Wednesday 17.3.2010 Antti Kallio Sales and Client Service Director
  2. 2. TradeDoubler in a nutshell Company Network Figures Founded 1999 Listed OMX 2005 1,700 + Advertisers 150+ in Finland 16.6 M€/Month 340 M€ Gross Sales to our Liikevaihto 2008 Clients 127,000+ Publishers Dec 2009 +650 Employees 25 000+ in Finland 17 countries
  3. 3. Cross-Channel Online Marketing Campaign A Campaign B Campaign C DISPLAY DISPLAY DISPLAY CAMPAIGN CAMPAIGN CAMPAIGN Email Email Email Advertiser X Online Marketing Activities CPA (Affiliate) SEARCH SOCIAL MEDIA Time
  4. 4. Lift in Search Term Reach: Time-Aligned Studies Source: ComScore, Whither The Click Europe 2009
  5. 5. OK, Channels need to support each other, but how to measure the effect?
  6. 6. Lisa, 30y office manager Portal Travel blog Exact search SALE!
  7. 7. So from analyzing this purchase, the search is the winner, right?
  8. 8. Channels are NOT tunnels <26% of all purchases are at the end of a multichannel click journey
  9. 9. Example - User Journey Analysis Portal Blog Holiday Planning Click Search Search
  10. 10. A Journey
  11. 11. Understanding cross channel marketing can unlock unrealised potential 5 key areas to understand are: 1. User journey behaviour e.g. purchase path analysis 2. Customer Lifetime Value – Analysis and Optimisation 3. Multi-channel dynamics – offline campaigns – on site activity 4. Impact analysis - e.g. behavioural targeting 5. Sales attribution and Deduplication
  12. 12. We are agnostic about data, religious about insight We can create insights project through any data formats or outputs:
  13. 13. So why TradeDoubler? • We have over 10 years of experience and data of performance based marketing • Top of the line tracking tools and knowledge to utilize others to benefit advertisers • Access to mature markets (UK, France, Germany) with ability to share knowledge and resources. • Multifaceted team of experienced professionals
  14. 14. Some sample projects we have worked on 1. Travel Client • added Press ad ‘deal of the day’ locations onto search and affiliate sales activity to uncover impact of press activity on online sales channels 2. Retail Client • aggregated 4000 customer journeys across PPC and affiliate landscape, resulting in new budget deployment 22%+ into affiliate program 3. Electronics Client • Study of customer lifetime value against acquisition channel resulting in upweighting of importance for loyalty partners within affiliate activity
  15. 15. Key take aways • Use constant messaging across channels to support your campaign • Analyze your data properly – last click does not always win • Take the full picture into consideration when investing in different vehicles! • Learn to understand the contribution of different channels & levers in the purchase decision funnel
  16. 16. Questions? Antti Kallio Sales and Client Service Director 040 529 8069