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Cassandra Day NY 2014: Apache Cassandra & Python for the The New York Times ⨍aбrik Platform

In this session, you’ll learn about how Apache Cassandra is used with Python in the NY Times ⨍aбrik messaging platform. Michael will start his talk off by diving into an overview of the NYT⨍aбrik global message bus platform and its “memory” features and then discuss their use of the open source Apache Cassandra Python driver by DataStax. Progressive benchmark to test features/performance will be presented: from naive and synchronous to asynchronous with multiple IO loops; these benchmarks tailored to usage at the NY Times. Code snippets, followed by beer, for those who survive. All code available on Github!

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Cassandra Day NY 2014: Apache Cassandra & Python for the The New York Times ⨍aбrik Platform

  1. 1. Cassandra python driver Benchmarking concurrency for nyt⨍aбrik
  2. 2. A Global Mesh with a Memory Message-based: WebSocket, AMQP, SockJS If in doubt: • Resend • Reconnect • Reread Idempotent: • Replicating • Racy • Resolving Classes of service: • Gold: replicate/race • Silver: prioritize • Bronze: queueable Millions of users
  3. 3. Message: an event with data CREATE TABLE source_data ( hash_key int, -- real ones are more complex message_id timeuuid, body blob, -- whatever metadata text, -- JSON PRIMARY KEY (hash_key, message_id) );
  4. 4. 1-10kb 1-10kb Ack Ack Push
  5. 5. 1kb 1kb 10-150kb 10-150kb Pull Synchronous: C* Thrift or CQL Native
  6. 6. Concurrent Degree = 3 (using the Libev event Loop) Asynchronous: CQL Native only
  7. 7. More Concurrency Can also try: • DC Aware • Token Aware • Subprocessing
  8. 8. Build one def build_message(self): message = { "message_id": str(uuid.uuid1()), "hash_key": randint(0, self._hash_key_range), # int(e ** 8) "app_id": self._app_id, "timestamp": datetime.utcnow().isoformat() + 'Z', "content_type": "application/binary", "body": os.urandom(randint(1, self._body_range)) # int(e ** 9) }
  9. 9. Kick-off def push_message(self): if < self._message_count: message = self.build_message() self.submit_query(message) def push_initial_data(self): self._start_time = time() try: with self._lock: for i in range( 0, min(CONCURRENCY, self._message_count) ): self.push_message()
  10. 10. Put it in the pipeline def submit_query(self, message): body = message.pop('body') substitution_args = ( json.dumps(message, **JSON_DUMPS_ARGS), body, message['hash_key'], uuid.UUID(message['message_id']) ) future = self._cql_session.execute_async( self._query, substitution_args ) future.add_callback(self.push_or_finish) future.add_errback(self.note_error)
  11. 11. Maintain concurrency or finish def push_or_finish(self, _): try: if ( self._unfinished and < self._message_count ): with self._lock: self.push_message() else: self.finish()
  12. 12. 1-10kb 1-10kb Ack Ack Push
  13. 13. Push some messages usage: [-h] [-c [CQL_HOST [CQL_HOST ...]]] [-d LOCAL_DC] [--remote-dc-hosts REMOTE_DC_HOSTS] [-p PREFETCH_COUNT] [-w WORKER_COUNT] [-a] [-t] [-n {ONE, TWO, THREE, QUORUM, ALL, LOCAL_QUORUM, EACH_QUORUM, SERIAL, LOCAL_SERIAL, LOCAL_ONE}] [-r] [-j] [-l {CRITICAL,ERROR,WARNING,INFO,DEBUG,NOTSET}] Push messages from a RabbitMQ queue into a Cassandra table.
  14. 14. Push messages many times usage: [-h] [-c [CQL_HOST [CQL_HOST ...]]] [-i ITERATIONS] [-d LOCAL_DC] [-w [worker_count [worker_count ...]]] [-p [prefetch_count [prefetch_count ...]]] [-n [level [level ...]]] [-a] [-t] [-m MESSAGE_EXPONENT] [-b BODY_EXPONENT] [-l {CRITICAL,ERROR,WARNING,INFO,DEBUG,NOTSET}] Run multiple test cases based upon the product of worker_counts, prefetch_counts, and consistency_levels. Each test case may be run with up to 4 variations reflecting the use or not of the dc_aware and token_aware policies. The results are output to stdout as a JSON object.
  15. 15. 1kb 1kb 10-150kb 10-150kb Pull