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Quiz Question Types,[object Object],Short Answer Questions,[object Object],Allows a response of one or a few words that is graded by comparing against various model answers, which may contain wildcards.,[object Object]
Examples of ,[object Object],short answer questions,[object Object]
Step1:  Enter question name,[object Object],The question name is for your purposes, to help keep your question bank organized. You are required to put something in this box.,[object Object]
Step 2: Enter question text,[object Object],Enter your question into the question text box.  This is the question that students will see on their quiz.,[object Object]
Step 3: Grade / Penalty Factor,[object Object],Enter a default question grade. This assigns a point value to this question. Also enter a penalty factor.  If you have enabled adaptive mode in the quiz settings, the penalty factor shows how much will be subtracted from the question total for each incorrect answer. You are required to enter something in both of these boxes.,[object Object]
Step 4: General feedback,[object Object],Enter general feedback.  This is feedback that will be shown to the student after the question has been attempted, no matter what answer was given.,[object Object]
Step 5: Case sensitivity,[object Object],Decide if case (capitalization) is important in how your students will respond.,[object Object]
Step 6: Answers,[object Object],Enter answer choices. Students will not see these choices, but they allow the quiz to be graded automatically. You can assign partial credit for an answer, or you can give multiple possibilities for the student to receive full credit.  For example, for the question Who was shot at Ford Theatre, you could set answer options so students could receive full credit for answering Abraham Lincoln or President Lincoln or Abe Lincoln.,[object Object]
Answers ctd.,[object Object],You must provide at least one answer choice with a grade of 100%.  You can enable partial credit for answers. You can provide feedback for each answer possibility. Any answer boxes you leave blank will not be used. If you need more answer possibilities, click on Blanks for 3 more choices. ,[object Object]
Step 7: Fill in tags,[object Object],You may fill in tags to help keep your question bank organized. Once completed, click on Next Page.,[object Object]
Step 8:  Add from bank to quiz,[object Object],If it has not been added to the quiz already, your question should now be added to your question bank.  It should be visible in the right column. To include this question in your quiz, check the box next to question and click Add to Quiz.,[object Object]
Quiz Question Types,[object Object],The End: ,[object Object],Short Answer Questions,[object Object],If you have further questions about this quiz question type, please visit this website. If you have further questions, please email,[object Object]
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