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Asian Awards Partnership Proposal


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The 4th Asian Awards takes place on April 4th 2014 in London. This presentation covers the sponsorship and partnerships options available.

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Asian Awards Partnership Proposal

  2. ✦ The Asian Awards is now entering it’s 4th year. The next event will take place in April 2014 and will be hosted by Lord Coe. ✦ The Asian Awards is the only international celebration of excellence that pays tribute to Asian success around the world, from all walks of life; emphasising awe-inspiring achievements and championing inspirational role models. ✦ The winners can have heritage from ALL ASIAN COUNTRIES. ✦ In addition, across our guests, winners and followers, we cover some of the fastest growing markets in the world, markets with the highest growing spend on luxury items and services. ✦ At the 3rd Asian Awards we attracted around $35bn of net worth in the room, making the Asian Awards one of the wealthiest gatherings of the year. ✦ On average our sponsors achieve over 300% Return on Investment as well as significant brand benefits. ✦ The Asian Awards attracts significant wealth and luxury brand endorsements. OVERVIEW
  3. By partnering with the Asian Awards, your brand will benefit from association with and exposure to guests such as: ✦ Princess Michael of Kent ✦ David Cameron – Prime Minister ✦ Nick Clegg – Deputy Prime Minister ✦ Theresa May MP – Home Secretary ✦ George Osbourne MP – Chancellor of the Exchequer ✦ Boris Johnson – Mayor of London ✦ Brian May – Queen band member ✦ Sir Ben Kingsley – Fellowship Award 2013 ✦ Lord Sebastian Coe – Presented the event ✦ Amitabh Bachchan – Biggest Bollywood actor of all time ✦ David Abrahams – CEO Channel 4 ✦ KP Singh – Biggest real estate developer in the world ✦ Anand Mahindra – Billionaire CEO of Mahindra Group ✦ Peter Andre – Singer / Television personality ✦ Ratan Tata – Chairman of TATA Group ✦ Russell Peters – Comedian ✦ Sachin Tendulkar– World Cricket Star ✦ Christian Louboutin – Shoe Designer PREVIOUS ATTENDEES
  4. FEEDBACK - SPONSORS & GUESTS “From business to sport, from the arts to philanthropy, from music to public service, category by category, these awards showcase the finest achievement from across the international Asian community.” THE PRIME MINISTER, RT HON DAVID CAMERON MP “Its amazing how these awards have gone from strength to strength. They have inspired me to create a whole new Indian collection which has done extremely well” CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN - CEO, LOUBOUTIN SHOES “The Asian Awards are without doubt one of the best events in the UK. Association with them has helped raise our brand equity and win higher spending customers” RATHEESANYOGANATHAN, CHAIRMAN - LEBARA MOBILE “These awards are very special, as special as the Oscars for me” SIR BEN KINGSLEY, WINNER, FELLOWSHIP 3RD ASIAN AWARDS “Sponsoring The Asian Awards bought us a massive return on our investment. We have won several new clients since our partnership.” TRUETT TATE - BOARD DIRECTOR, LLOYDS BANKING GROUP “We have lots of choice on events to sponsor but The Asian Awards are the only event where we are guaranteed a return on our investment. The brand fit is perfect for us.” ILLY JAFFAR - HEAD OF BRAND ADVOCACY, PERNOD RICARD
  5. 2014 AWARD CATEGORIES The Asian Awards categories cover every aspect of achievement, provide a great platform for brand sponsorship and deliver a great ROI. They include: ✦ Business Leader of theYear ✦ Entrepreneur of theYear ✦ Social Entrepreneur of theYear ✦ Outstanding Achievement in Science & Technology ✦ Outstanding Achievement in The Arts ✦ Outstanding Achievement in Television ✦ Outstanding Achievement in Cinema ✦ Outstanding Achievement in Music ✦ Outstanding Achievement in Sport ✦ Outstanding Contribution to Sustainability ✦ Philanthropist of theYear ✦ Lifetime Achievement Award ✦ Public Servant of theYear
  6. ✦ In 2013 we amassed over $35bn of wealth from the individuals attending, making the Asian Awards one of the biggest gatherings of wealth in the UK ever. ✦ The billionaires and celebrities we attract in turn attract ultra high net worth individuals whom have a greater propensity to spend and invest. ✦ We GUARANTEE introductions for our sponsors to these key people and can even host some of them at your tables. ✦ ROI for companies targeting wealthy people at The Asian Awards is typically around 300%+. TIME TO MEET YOUR NEXT BIG CLIENT AT THE BIGGEST WEALTH GATHERING OF THE YEAR Anand Mahindra - $2bn Ravi Ruia - $9bn Anil Agarwal - $4bn Sunil Mittal- $14bn Ratan Tata- $1bn Shiv Nadar- $7bn Adi Godrej - $12bn N.R. Murthy- $3bn KP Singh - $12bn
  7. The following stages of the Asian Awards PR/MEDIA Campaign have many sponsorship opportunities where branding and key representatives can be highlighted to your relevant audience: PRE-EVENT ✦ Behind the scenes documentary / BBC World news sofa interviews / Interviews with the winners / Asian Awards promotion on BBC Knowledge sites / Charity video with charity ambassador / Judging day sponsorship. DURING AND POST EVENT - ALL SPONSORED ✦ Red carpet interviews with celebrities and high profile attendees / Winner interviews / Live stream on Facebook, Twitter andYou tube / 30 minute cut down of event across all BBC digital platforms / Winner indents from the media room / Time lapse of set up and knock down. ✦ All images and video footage from the event will be sent to the sponsors for their own PR purposes. ADDITIONAL NEWS DISTRIBUTION ✦ PR Newswire - Through its multi-channel distribution network, PR Newswire delivers rich and dynamic dialogues with the media, consumers, policymakers, investors and the general public. PR AND MEDIA CAMPAIGNS
  8. PRESS PARTNERS ✦ Official Press Partners – The Mail, Mail on Sunday and Hello Magazine. ✦ Broadcast and Online Partner – BBC, BBC Worldwide and BBC Knowledge. ✦ News Distribution Partner – PR Newswire. BROADCAST AND DIGITAL ACTIVITY ✦ BBC NEWS. ✦ BBC Knowledge / Knowledge Asia. ✦ 500,000 TV viewers. ✦ Page views: 300k + ✦ Facebook: 500,000 fans, high levels of engagement. ✦ Regional channels in China, Japan and CNBC Africa. PRESS AND MEDIA
  9. ADDITIONAL SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES LIVE „IN EVENT‰ TWITTER MARKETING ✦ Opportunity to sponsor the Twitter feed and to interact with The Asian Awards through your brand. ✦ In 2013 “TheAsianAwards” trended for over two hours. ✦ Sponsors benefitted from reaching out to a brand new audience.
  10. ✦ A unique opportunity to sponsor the Asian Awards Top 100, an annual list of the most influential Asians on the planet compiled each year. ✦ The ONLY list of Influential Asians in the world. ✦ We offer headline sponsorship of the publication. Your brand will be the first thing the listees see. ✦ The publication itself can also be co-sponsored with advertising from our pool of sponsors. ✦ The Top 100 will be sent to each of the listees. ✦ Many listees will be invited to The Asian Awards. THE ASIAN AWARDS TOP 100
  11. ✦ Access to guest and winner lists prior to the event so you can prepare your approach with us. ✦ Data capture opportunities to allow post event marketing to attendees. ✦ Showcase of services at the event to allow engagement with your clients there and then. ✦ Full naming rights of chosen categories allows you to use the association in press releases/social media. ✦ Full logo licensing from The Asian Awards. ✦ Press releases created by us around key activities with your company. ✦ Company representatives to present awards - a key moment to interact with the winner for a long period of time and to share an interview in the media room. ✦ Luxury corporate hospitality for you & your guests. ✦ Access to The Asian Awards panel of judges. ✦ Collateral and gifting opportunities. ✦ Branding on stage, on media boards and in all event publications. ELEMENTS OF SPONSORSHIP Images from the night are broadcasted for 3 days in New York’s Times Square. Image shows Sponsor CEO from Lebara with winner Sachin Tendulkar and Lord Coe.
  12. CATEGORY SPONSORSHIP ✦ Sponsorship of one category such as LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT with full naming rights e.g. “YOUR BRAND - Lifetime Achievement Award”. ✦ Full attendance to the VIP Reception for all guests. ✦ Full attendance to the Official After party for all guests. ✦ Opportunity to present award on stage with celebrity ✦ Event branding, on screen & on all collateral including: ✦ Full page advertisement in brochure on the night. ✦ Logo on Tickets, Menu card and press board. ✦ Logo and advert on website. ✦ Full facilitated introductions to celebrities, VIP’s and UHNW guests. ✦ Three VIP Tables at the event (£10,000 value each). ✦ Help to arrange seating next to UHNW guests.
  13. ASSOCIATE SPONSORSHIP At an equally premium level we can offer the ASSOCIATE PARTNER OPTION which sits just below the Headline Partner option. This includes all the benefits of category sponsorship plus associate partner naming rights. These include: ✦ Full branding on ALL collateral and all areas of the venue on the night. ✦ Full promotion of brand in all PR and Media associations. ✦ Branding in the VIP reception. ✦ Double page advertisements in the winners brochure. ✦ Five VIP tables at the event. ✦ Facilitated introductions to all key people. ✦ We can arrange seating for key clients (both existing and new). This has proven to be one of the most effective ways of winning new business.
  14. HEADLINE SPONSORSHIP ✦ Headline Sponsorship is the highest partnership tier and the ultimate way to associate your brand with the Asian Awards. ✦ All the benefits of category sponsorship but with FULL naming rights: “THE ASIAN AWARDS IN PARTNERSHIP WITHYOUR BRAND” ✦ We will guarantee introductions on the night to key attendees and we will help you fill your tables with prospects and invite clients to your tables on your behalf. ✦ Ten VIP tables to the event. ✦ Branding on ALL collateral and all parts of the venue. ✦ Exposure of brand in all PR and Media associations. ✦ Opportunity to address the audience with a welcome speech. ✦ Full branding in the VIP reception. ✦ Double page spread advertisement in winners brochure. ✦ The option of a VVIP pre-reception event for 30 guests (TBC).
  15. CONNECTING YOU WITH YOUR CLIENTS ✦ One of the most powerful aspects of sponsorship is the ability to connect you directly to your clients. ✦ We often invite clients to the Asian Awards who will then sit with sponsors upon request. ✦ This ‘soft’ approach is highly targeted and gives an unparalleled opportunity for the sponsor to have valuable ‘face- time’ with potential clients in a spectacular, celebratory atmosphere. Imagine having 4-5 hours with a prospect and really getting to know their needs prior to pitching.
  20. YOUR REPRESENTATIVE WILL BE ON STAGE, PROMOTING YOUR BRAND Sponsor Christian Louboutin presents the 2010 Arts & Design Achievement Award to winners Abujani and Sandeep Khosla, with Lord Coe. All photos taken will be available for your company to use in your own PR and marketing.
  21. NEXT STEPS Agree and finalise elements of the partnership and place into contract Sign contract and finalise payment Start joint PR with full announcement and press release Review guest lists, agree invites and seating plans Pre-event meeting to finalise branding, presenting and timings The event, post event obligations including full sponsorship review
  22. CONTACT Thank you. To discuss this proposal or any aspect of the event please contact: Paul Sagoo Founder Email: Tel: +44 (0) 7958 406277