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Gloss kit2013master(low res)

  1. 1. ReachingWomenA UBIQuitous Media companyMEDIA
  2. 2. > Captive yet relaxed and comfortable> Receptive to brand messaging IN A SPACE WITHLITTLE TO NO OTHER ADVERTISING INDULGING THEMSELVES; IN A POSITIVE FRAME OF MIND habitual, Regularly spending extended periods of time Already in errand/shopping modeEngage women in an intimate, unclutteredenvironment in which they are:Environment OVERVIEW {2}Connectwitha95%femaleaudience…Thereare57,000+nailsalonsintheUnitedStates,eachaveraging2,800clientspermonthThat’s over 1.9 billion salon visits a yearNail Care is fundamental to any woman’s broaderbeauty/personal care routine.Women who get their nails done regularly are likely to placeequivalent emphasis on their image, fashion and broaderlifestyle considerations.…inavast,highlytargetablenetworkofvenues.•GlossTV•GeneralMarketNailSalons•MulticulturalNailSalons•RegalSalonsatRetail—•YogaandPilatesStudios•HairSalons•DaycareCenters•DryCleanerAdBags•FemaleFocusedEvents•FemaleFocusedStreetTeamsMEDIAMEDIAReachingWomen whynailsalons?
  3. 3. audience OVERVIEW {3}Get a manicure or massageOrganize the houseSpend it with my spouse17%12%6%2%19%Sleep 36%Spend it with my kidsCatch up on workHow women would spend an extra hour each day18-2413%25-3422%35-5441%55-6415%MRI Profile The Gloss woman is stylish, affluent and habitual:40% HHI $100,000+53% consider themselves purchase influencers33% are influenced by what is new and trendyWomen who frequent salons doso every 2 weeks on average,spending 30-60 minutes per visitPermissable ‘Recession-Proof’ Indulgences.Women view a visit to a nail salon as an affordableluxury; time-out to relax and be pampered; awell-earned break from their hectic schedules.AestheticsandHygiene In addition to contributing to theirpersonal sense of style and beauty, women increasingly view nail care asimportant to their health, well-being and maintaining a youthful appearance.*** November 200765%oftheUnitedStatesfemalepopulationhavetheirnailsdoneregularly……foraesthetic,healthandself-indulgentreasons.MEDIA
  4. 4. DIGITAL OUT-OF-HOME SALON NETWORK {4}Motivate,informinspire:GlossTV: Theonlynationaldigitalnailsalonnetwork…7,980* average unit gross impressions per salon per month.Salon digital impressions are calculated in accordance with DPAA Guidelines.a captive audience of womenwith your digital message.15/:30/:60 advertising units availablewith audio, appearing three times perhour within entertaining content,current news, weather and ticker.A NETWORK OFHIGH DEFINITIONDIGITAL SCREENSONLY IN GRADE-ANAIL SALONSTOP10 DMASLOCATED IN THEContent3hr loop of female-focused programming,including entertainment, lifestyle andfashion highlights, updated weekly, froma carefully selected range of partners.Advertising content appears 3 times perhour during the normal operating hours ofthe venue.MEDIA
  5. 5. 7,980* average unit gross impressions per salon per month.Salon digital impressions are calculated in accordance with DPAA Guidelines.DIGITAL OUT-OF-HOME SALON NETWORK {5}60-minuteaveragedwelltime,Content partnersadvertisersgloss tv Testimonials…arresting, PDAusageduetowetnails2.languagebarriers toconversation withstaff3.inabilitytochangechannels-minimizedistractions fromdigitalprogramming.“With well-placed signage and engaging programming, Gloss TV’s network provides brandadvertisers with a unique opportunity to reach a highly-desirable female consumer. Theirconsummate team of professionals always provides first-class service…this DOOH network isreliable, responsive, and efficient.” M.D., rVueLogo has worked with Gloss TV on multiple programming initiatives. The process is always smoothbut still targeted to meet our needs. We’ve found that using GlossTV we’re able to reach our de-mographic while they are fully captivated by their surroundings. Beyond just the digital screensthere are many opportunities for branding and ads to really blow out your presence in the salons.Logo has been very satisfied with the impressions we’ve received and will continue to work with Glosson upcoming projects. E.A, Logo Networks
  6. 6. EXPERIENTIAL IN-SALON MARKETING {6}SalonExperiential:Cutthroughtheclutter…The nail salon environment is uniquely suited to allowing marketers to heighten awoman’s already positive experience through unique interaction with their brand:IMMERSE A CAPTIVE AUDIENCE OF WOMEN IN YOUR BRANDNetwork of 50,000+salons available nationally.Interior SignageDouble-sided entrance/ window clings; interiorbillboards; counter displays and take-ones ensuredelivery of the marketer’s message.MEDIAonlyonecampaigninanygivenvenueatatimeSalon BrandablesAprons, emery boards,manicure/pedicure mats, slippersand nail polish bottles can bebranded in the marketer’sidentity for maximum impact.
  7. 7. EXPERIENTIAL IN-SALON MARKETING {7}Mobile SalonsBring the salon experience to your customer!Our mobile salons are versatile and canaccommodate mani/ pedi stations, massagestations, product demonstrations, portraitstudios, beauty treatments and more.Salon EventsTake over an entire salon for product launches, blogger/PR events, team building outings or customer girls’ nightsout – and let us help you pamper your target audience.Product Sampling and DisplaysTrial and full size sample distribution; tastings(food and beverage); gift bags; displays anddemonstrations all heighten the indulgentsalon experience, ensuring 360 degree brandimmersion for the target audience and positiverecall for the marketer.…andcreateatrulymemorablebrandexperience.MEDIA
  8. 8. MULTICULTURAL TARGETING {8}annual sales of hair, make-up and skin care products now totals$2.7billiona year.*By 2013their spending power will exceed$4.2trillion.The 2010 Census shows that African-American,Asian-American and Hispanic people of coloraccount for more than 1/3 of the US Population.Demand for ethnic beauty products is exploding“Beauty salons are second only toblack churches as institutions inthe African-American community”Ingrid Banks, Associate Professor ofBlack Studies at the University of CaliforniaMulticultural women will be the majority in 30 years – and theyare already the primary decision maker in the vast majority ofhomes, heavily engaged in the life tasks of 1) building careers2) forming households and families and 3) raising children.sales growth during the recession poisedfor double-digit growth during the recovery.African-American andHispanic women spend2-4hourspersalonvisit –twice as long as generalmarket clients*Salonsaredeeplyembeddedpointsofsocialcongregationindiversecommunities……connectwithAAandHispanic womenwheretheyconnectwitheachother.MEDIA*Source:EthnicHair,BeautyandCosmeticsProductsintheUS,7thEdition**Segmented Marketing Services***Charming Shoppes, Inc (Catherine’s Plus Sizes) - September 2010ArecentAAsaloncampaignsawawhopping286%ROI!***
  9. 9. REGAL SALON NETWORK {9}RegalSalon’saudienceis95%femaleand each venue sees 1,500 to 2,500 customers monthly.Reach womenwith yourmessage nearpoint-of-purchasein the retailfootprint.Regal Nail Salons and Spascurrently has 650+locationsnationally within retail supercentersand is opening on average a hundred each year.REGALSALONSARELOCATEDINSUPERCENTERSTHAT average70,000customersperweek; 70% of whom are women.ofwomensaidthatsalonswereagoodplacetoadvertiseEngagewomenatretailinRegalNailSalons……asthey’reinerrandmode;outandaboutandreadytoshop.MEDIA*Independent 3rdparty exit study conducted by Target Research Group for Uncle Ben’s April 2008.**Independent 3rd party research study conducted by GFK Research for Colgate-Palmolive – October 201062%plantoshopatWalmartaftertheirsalonvisit**RecentCPGcampaignsaw88%brandrecallwith97%intenttopurchase!**
  10. 10. GENERAL MARKET CASE STUDY {10}client AE Entertainmentagency Horizon Mediaprogram Kirstie Alley’s “Big Life” Docu-Series Premieremarkets New York and Los Angelesduration One WeekendAE’S KirstieAlley’s‘BigLife’Spring2010.objective To generate buzz and raiseawareness among a fashion-forward,female audience, 25-54, surrounding thepremiere of Kirstie Alley’s “Big Life.”strategy The weekend prior to the premiere, AE “tookover” eight salons in New York and Los Angeles andoffered a free manicure day courtesy of Kirstie Alley’s“Big Life.” Each venue featured full “Salon Domination”which included the pilot episode running all weekend onGloss TV, signage, and multiple experiential componentsincluding: custom-colored Kirstie Alley Essie nail polish(which was used in-salon and consumers got to take home),branded salon staff aprons, counter displays, and AE-uniformed brand ambassadors passing out postcards.results Advance promotion of the ultimate “girl’s day out”resulted in lines outside before the salons even opened. A totalof almost 4000 women received free manicures over the courseof the weekend, 6,000 bottles of custom-Kirstie Alley Essiepolish were used and given away, and the program waspicked up on multiple fashion blogs and social media sites. MEDIA
  11. 11. GENERAL MARKET CASE STUDY {11}client McDonald’sagency Moroch Partnersprogram McDonald’s Smoothie Rolloutmarkets Houston DMAduration One MonthMcDonald’sRealFruitSmoothiesSpring2010.objective To generate buzz and raise awareness ofMcDonald’s new “Wild Berry” and “Strawberry and Banana”smoothie offering among the Houston female demographic. Todrive foot-traffic from salons to nearby McDonald’s locations tofacilitate product trial.strategy McDonald’s chose a Gloss “salon domination”strategy and took over 125 nail salons in the Houston DMA- utilizing salon media including branded emery boards,branded mani-pedi mats, entrance clings and counterdisplays with take-ones. Women indulging themselves in thesalons were made aware of McDonald’s delicious newoffering and then encouraged to try a free sample byredeeming a coupon they received after their treatment.All participating salons fell within a 5-mile radius of aMcDonald’s location, to encourage maximum redemption.results The campaign was a huge success.McDonald’s actually had to limit thenumber of smoothies per customer due toa berry shortage brought on by enormousdemand for the offering. MEDIA
  12. 12. client NBCUniversal - Telemundoagency Horizon Mediaprogram Mi Corazon Insiste en Lola Volcanmarkets Hispanic Marketsduration OnemonthTelemundo–MiCorazonInsisteenLolaVolcanSpring2011.objective Telemundo was eager to target Hispanic womenin a captive and receptive environment in order to drive tune-infor Mi Corazon Insiste en Lola Volcan (My Heart Insists on LolaVolcan), a Spanish-language telenovela serial.strategy Telemundo understands that culturally a Hispanicwoman’s beauty regime is second only to her family in importance– and that the beauty salon is consequently a highly engaging andrelevant venue in which to reach this target audience. Hispanicwomen within a community congregate at their local salons to gettheir hair and nails done - and to discuss family and what they doin their day-to-day lives. Telemundo ran in almost 1000 salonsacross the top Hispanic markets utilizing interior billboards,counter displays, branded emery boards and branded nail polish.results Telemundo did not implement a specific campaignmeasurement tool but did report how pleased they were with all ofthe program components. This is the brand’s secondsalon campaign - and they are consideringfuture efforts…a clear indication that the salonenvironment is a highly strategic setting inwhich to target Hispanic women.MULTICULTURAL CASE STUDY {12}MEDIA
  13. 13. {13}client Unilever - Vaselineagency Colangelo Synergy Marketingprogram Vaseline Sheer Infusion and Aloe Freshmarkets Top 10 Regal Salon Extended DMAsduration Two One-Month ProgramsUnilever’s VaselineSummer2009Spring2010.objective To encourage Regal shoppers to try Vaselineproducts - as they briefly escape their busy days to bepampered - and build brand recognition and awareness.strategy Unilever supplied a total of 400 Regal Salonvenues with full-size pump bottles of Sheer Infusion and AloeFresh to be placed at multiple manicure / pedicure stations.Women were encouraged to “wet sample” actual productduring their visits – and also handed 10oz sachet samples totake home with them. Salon signage components includedcounter displays with tear pads – the coupons redeemableupon product purchase in Walmart stores, only steps away.results Unilever saw a 30% lift in sales ofthe product being promoted across all theirmedia efforts at that time – and could nothave been happier with the programs. REGAL SALONS CASE STUDY MEDIA
  14. 14. HairSalonsReachbeauty-focusedwomenatleastonceamonthwhentheygettheirhairdoneattheirlocalhairsalon.Thesalonenvironmentisagreatword-of-mouthincubator,particularlyinethniccommunities.OpportunitiesincludeInteriorsignage,entranceclings,mirrorclings,counterdisplayswithtake-ones,productsampling/trial,etc.ProgramAvailabilityTargetnationally,bymarket,byzipcode,radialdistance,householdincomeorethnicity.CPU$250-$350per venue per monthLeadTime6weeks{14}DaycareCentersConnectwithbusymomsandtheirchildrenduringthiskeycomponentoftheirdailyroutinesatindependentdaycarefacilitiesacrossthenation.OpportunitiesincludeInteriorsignage,entranceclings,counterdisplayswithtake-ones,productsampling,facilitysponsorship,etc.ProgramAvailabilityTargetnationally,bymarket,byzipcode,radialdistance,householdincomeorethnicity.CPU$250-$350per venue per monthLeadTime6weeksMEDIAYogaandPilatesStudiosEngagewithactiveandhealth-consciouswomenintheunclutteredenvironmentoftheirregularexercisefacility–wheretheyareveryreceptivetorelevantmessaging.OpportunitiesincludeInteriorsignage,entranceclings,counterdisplayswithtake-ones,productsampling,brandedyogamats,brandedwaterbottles,etc.ProgramAvailabilityTargetnationally,bymarket,byzipcode,radialdistance,householdincome.CPU$250-$350pervenuepermonthLeadTime6weeksbecomeapartofyourtarget’sdailyroutine
  15. 15. {15}Female-FocusedEventsDemonstrateyourcommitmenttowomenandtheircausesatlarge,highprofileeventscountrywide–andensurethatyourbrandresonateswiththelargecrowds.Eventsinclude:RevlonRun/WalkforWomen,AvonWalkforBreastCancer,etc.OpportunitiesincludeSignage,banners,brandedvehicles,brandedpremiumsandgiveaways,productsampling,couponing,exhibitor’sbooths,etc.ProgramAvailabilitySingleormulti-marketevents/venuesCPUCustomprogramsLeadTime1-3monthsMEDIAReach fashionistas, busy moms andhousehold decision-makers alike asthey’re out and about and in errandmode. Dry cleaner ad bags serve asmini-billboards in transit and are thencarried into the consumer’s home toserve as reminders and incentives forpurchase.Opportunitiesinclude2C/4Cbranding,productsampling,couponhang-tags,processprinting,eco-friendlybio-degradablegarmentbags,tastestripdistribu-tion,scentdistribution,audio/illumination,etc.ProgramAvailabilityTargetnationally,bymarket,byzipcode,radialdistance,householdincomeandethnicityCPU$0.12-$0.1475,0002Cminimum;130,0004CminimumLeadTime4-6weeks* 12 impressions per unitDryCleanerAdBagsUtilize female street teams to engage withwomen face-to-face. Brand ambassadorswith intimate product knowledge can offerpersonal advice and effectively driveproduct trial and subsequentword-of-mouth.OpportunitiesincludeUniformedbrandambassadors,productsampling,brandedpremiumsandgive-aways,literaturedistribution,couponing,datacapture,etc.ProgramAvailabilityTargetnationally,bymarket,byradialdistanceorspecificlocations.CPU$45perbrandambassadorperhour,4-hourminimum.LeadTime2weeksFemale-FocusedStreetTeams
  16. 16. Multicultural andDiversityTargeting•LunchTrucks—•BarbershopsandSalons•CommunityHubs•CheckCashingVenuesandConvenienceStores—•Diversity-FocusedStreetTeams•Diversity-FocusedEvents{16}{16}UbiquitousMediaplatforms•NeighborhoodDoorHangers•DryCleanerAdBags•PizzaBoxToppers•NewspaperPolybags—•Bars,RestaurantsandNightclubs•Pharmacies•CoffeeandIceCreamShops—•ShopperMarketing•Colleges•DelisandConvenienceStoresPenetrating theCommunity•UrbanStreetTeams•WirelessBrandAmbassadors—•SidewalkMedia•LightProjections—•BeachMediaUrban GuerillaMarketing
  17. 17. {17}{17}{17}UbiquitousMediaplatforms•GourmetFoodandBeverageTrucks—•Pedicabs•BrandedVehicles—•MobileBillboards•MobileTours•StuntCarsMarketingon Wheels•HotelMedia—•Conferences,TradeShowsandotherBusiness-to-BusinessApplicationsTargetingBusinessand LeisureTravelers
  18. 18. CLIent listCLIent list {18}
  19. 19. {19}CLIent list
  20. 20. MEDIAcontact {20}For more information on any of these options please contact us at:GLOSS MEDIAAndrew Hacking - Sales Director27 Union Square West, Suite 204 NYC 10003P: 212-386-7070 C: 646-594-3144 F:
  21. 21. MEDIA{21}contact {20}For more information on any of these options please contact us at:GLOSS MEDIAKaren Koonce - Sales DirectorChicago, ILP: 312-282-0073 F:
  22. 22. MEDIA{22}contact {20}For more information on any of these options please contact us at:GLOSS MEDIAPeter Kazanjian - West Coast Sales DirectorC: 626-664-5670 F:
  23. 23. MEDIAcontact {20}For more information on any of these options please contact us at:GLOSS MEDIALaurie Kessler – Vice President of Sales27 Union Square West, Suite 204 NYC 10003P: 212-386-7070 C: 917-626-8368 F:
  24. 24. MEDIAcontact {20}For more information on any of these options please contact us at:GLOSS MEDIALinda Bueno – Sales Director27 Union Square West, Suite 204 NYC 10003P: 212-386-7070 C: 718-791-1152 F:
  25. 25. MEDIAcontact {20}For more information on any of these options please contact us at:GLOSS MEDIA27 Union Square West, Suite 204 NYC 10003P: 212-386-7070 F:
  26. 26. MEDIAcontact {20}For more information on any of these options please contact us at:GLOSS MEDIARyan Craven– Sales Executive27 Union Square West, Suite 204 NYC 10003P: 212-386-7070 C: 409-939-9907 F: