Social Media Meet and Greet October 2013


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Notes from this month's SMMG include Facebook Insights updates, Rethink Your Social Media Marketing,
Facebook Marketing: Power Techniques, and How to
Build a Facebook Community in 10 Minutes a Day.

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Social Media Meet and Greet October 2013

  1. 1. Social Media Meet and Greet Oct. 2013
  2. 2. Agenda • • • • • Social Media Updates New Facebook Insights Updates Rethink Your Social Media Marketing Facebook Marketing: Power Techniques Build a Facebook Community in 10 Minutes a Day • Break Out Sessions for Next SMMG • Q&A
  3. 3. Social Media Updates •Run contests directly on your FB Timeline •LinkedIn University Page •Find #hashtags in Google search results •Make use of all photo elements on your sites. •YouTube Banner Image •Twitter header and background •Reminder! Delete old profile pages if you’re still using them.
  4. 4. Facebook Insights Updates •The updated Insights includes seven tabs: o Overview, Likes, Reach, Visits, Posts, and People. •Watch the updated Insights video for a deep dive.
  5. 5. Facebook Insights Updates Cont. • Overview Tab: The last 7 days of your page’s performance and some of Facebook’s key metrics – Likes, Reach, and Engagement as well as your 5 most recent posts. – Use this to get a quick overview of your page.
  6. 6. Facebook Insights Updates Cont. • Click on any post to get the post details, including negative feedback
  7. 7. Facebook Insights Updates Cont. • Likes Tab: See if the number of people liking your page are increasing or decreasing and discover the source of your new likes. i.e. On your page, page suggestions, mobile, ads, or others. – Use this to see what types of content are driving page likes and unlikes.
  8. 8. Facebook Insights Updates Cont. • Reach Tab: This shows post reach, likes, comments, shares, hide, report, unlikes, and total reach – anyone who saw any activity from your page. – Use this to determine what’s driving comments, likes, and shares. Also use this tab to see what’s driving unlikes.
  9. 9. Facebook Insights Updates Cont. • Visits Tab: Shows page and tab visits, where your visits are coming from, other page activity (mentions and check-ins), and external referrers – Use this to target ads or gather demographic info on your fans.
  10. 10. Facebook Insights Updates Cont. • Posts Tab: This tab shows the day/time breakdown of when your fans are online as well as your post types. – Use this to determine the best days and times to post. – Determine which posts get the most engagement using the post type subtab.
  11. 11. Facebook Insights Updates Cont. • People Tab: This section displays your fans, people reached, and people engaged, and check-ins. – Use this to determine if you’re reaching your target audience.
  12. 12. Rethink Your Social Media Marketing • The question has changed from, “Should we do social media?” to “How can we do social media better?” • Old thinking: I need to be on all social networks. • Re-think: I need to do less and do it better.
  13. 13. Rethink Your Social Media Cont. • WHO is the audience on this channel? • WHAT can we provide them that they will find interesting and useful? • WHERE will the content for this channel come from? • WHEN will this channel be updated? And by whom? • WHY are we spending even one minute and one dollar on this channel? • HOW will we know whether this social channel is effective?
  14. 14. Facebook Marketing: Power Techniques • Develop a robust, yet fluid, content strategy. • Why fluid? • You’ve got to be able to adapt as Facebook changes algorithms and introduces new features. • You want to stay fresh, innovative and top of mind. • Don’t be afraid to include CTA’s!
  15. 15. Facebook Marketing: Power Techniques Cont. • Four key areas to test: • 1) FREQUENCY – 2x a day? vs. 1x/hour? • 2) TIMING – Day of week + time of day – Check “when fans are online” • 3) TYPE – Status update, photo, video, link, (offer, event, milestone) • 4) LENGTH – < 120 vs. 500 vs. 1,200 characters? (63k = max!)
  16. 16. Facebook Marketing: 7 Power Techniques Cont. • Insights: When your fans are online • Check regularly! Can be a moving target.
  17. 17. Build a Facebook Community in 10(ish) Minutes a Day • Understand your audience 1. Use Insights (People > People Engaged) to review demographics of most engaged users 2. Understand pain points/worries (use this as your map for a content-driven strategy) • Top 10 questions your audience asks • Top 10 ways your program/school solves problems 3. Use GRAPH search to discover what you’re fans like • Ex. “Favorite pages of people who like [page name]”
  18. 18. Build a Facebook Community in 10(ish) Minutes a Day Cont. • Grow and build your community: 1. Provide valuable content (Ex. blog posts, news releases, etc.) 2. Recognize your fans (Ex. #PictureNSU) 3. Find relevant Pages that are important to your niche and interact as your Page 4. Create a unique experience Timeline contest!
  19. 19. Build a Facebook Community in 10(ish) Minutes a Day Cont. • Quick ways to connect: 1. Respond to comments and @tag them in the response 2. Like or comment on shares (if you can) and other activity 3. Don’t have time to log in? Set up HyperAlerts
  20. 20. Build a Facebook Community in 10(ish) Minutes a Day Cont. • Identify time-sucks: Problem 1: Over-consumer Solution: • Set up FB interest lists, RSS, Twitter lists • Set time limits on each activity Problem 2: Over-thinker Solution: • Get knowledge you need • Use a content calendar • Use analytics to see and mimic what works Problem 3: Over-doer Solution: • Reassess your strategy • Get some assistance (student workers)
  21. 21. Build a Facebook Community in 10(ish) Minutes a Day Cont. • Use a content calendar 1. Post 2-5 times a day • • Anchor post: juicy content based on Top 10s Ancillary posts: fun content for your fans! • Take photos at events and share • Watch competititors • Use FB Interest lists (create your own or follow preexisting lists ) • Use time-saving tools: – FB scheduler – Buffer App
  22. 22. Questions?