Smart City ICT Infrastructure


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Buro Happold\’s Smart City Technology Offering

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Smart City ICT Infrastructure

  2. 2. ABOUT BURO HAPPOLD From our very first project we have used our intricate knowledge of the industry to push the boundaries and achieve more. It is this commitment that sets us apart, that adds value, that makes us award winning. We apply the same level of complex thought and specialist expertise to every project we work on. Our people define what we do. We invest in them We are at the forefront of low energy design: we in the same way that they invest in us; by providing deliver projects that have less carbon emissions and opportunities to learn, to research, to develop. Our way are more sustainable, we deliver projects that do of design is to draw on every talent, to consider every not cost the earth. Our expert teams of engineers approach, to strive to progress; but to always use our and consultants know how to get the best out of proven methodologies to get results. the world’s precious land and resources to provide for a growing population. We are leading the way in After 35 years in the industry we have never lost our shaping a new future. desire to be challenged, our passion for creativity and our sense of adventure. We know that building a place with a future involves creating strong communities that enable economies to thrive, engaging with society’s big issues and enriching people’s lives. Fuhai New City Xinjiang, China The Kogod Courtyard at the Smithsonian Emirates Stadium London, UK Masterplanner: Barton Willmore National Gallery Washington, D.C., USA Architect: Populous Image: Barton Willmore Architect: Foster + Partners Image: Simon Warren Image: Foster + PartnersSMART City ICT Infrastructure 2
  3. 3. Buro Happold A 75 acre development in the Imbi area fronting Jalan Tun Razak bringing together leading financial institutions and top global companies to create a catalytic pool of world-class players.Kuala Lumpur Financial District, Malaysia Architect: Machado and Silvetti Associates Buro Happold 3
  4. 4. OUR EXPERIENCE The ENVIRONMENT AND INFRASTRUCTURE division at Buro Happold is a multi disciplinary team with a proven record of operating within international markets. We provide comprehensive, general and specialist Our infrastructural solutions ‘de risk’ the utility bundle infrastructural engineering services in relation to and are environmentally friendly with efficient use of complete developments, individual buildings and their materials delivering value driven ICT, Energy and Water utilities infrastructure. strategies. The team produce high quality engineering design utilising in house methodologies to deliver cost and program certainty. 2003 2003 2006 2004 2000 Wessex Water Headquarters Saski Crescent Genzyme Center BBC Media Village Princess Street Bath, UK Warsaw, Poland Cambridge, MA, USA London, UK Manchester, UK 2011 2007 2008 2009 2010 Ongoing OngoingSMART City ICT Infrastructure Ernst Reuter Platz Arabsat Headquarters White Square 1 New York Street Kohinoor Tower Berlin, Germany Riyadh, KSA Moscow, Russia Manchester, UK Mumbai, India 4
  5. 5. Buro HappoldOURSERVICESBuro Happold delivers world-class engineering consultancy across a range of disciplines spanningbuildings, infrastructure, environment, and project management. We combine creativity with solidtechnical skills and an awareness of the key drivers that shape projects in the commercial sector.BUILDINGS Drainage and storm water management EarthworksBUILDING ENVIRONMENTS Flood riskAcoustics GeoenvironmentalBuilding services engineering (MEP) GeotechnicalHappold Physics Highway engineeringLighting design People movement
Sustainability Transport planningBUILDING PLANNING AND OPERATIONS Utilities engineeringAsset management STRATEGIC CONSULTINGFire engineering Environment
Inclusive design TransportIT communications and control Urban developmentPeople movement WasteSafe & Secure CONSULTINGBUILDING FABRICFacades HAPPOLD CONSULTINGSMART solutions Strategic planning, infrastructure and environmentStructural engineering Urban economics Integrated development planningENVIRONMENT AND INFRASTRUCTURE Project and service deliverySPECIALIST CONSULTING Asset strategyBridges and civil structures Organisational developmentCoastal and marine 5
  6. 6. ICT INFRASTRUCTURE SMART CITY Phrases such as ‘SMART’ city and ‘intelligent At Buro Happold we take a pragmatic and practical infrastructure’ are invariably misrepresented and approach to planning and implementing SMART misused by Buro Happold’s peers and competitors. districts and cities for our UK & international portfolio of municipal and private sector clients. The surge in urbanisation and city development around the globe has dramatically increased the importance of Many of our peers develop master plans based entirely planning and deploying low maintenance, scalable and on the conceptual aspects of planning SMART cities, resilient infrastructural ‘arteries’ and service corridors focussing solely on functional technologies and failing within the urban environment. to acknowledge the impact of systems architecture on the physical infrastructure. It’s now widely recognised that alongside the three primary utility infrastructures (electricity, gas and water) During the ‘conceptual’ design phase of a new deploying an appropriately specified information appointment Buro Happold integrate this ‘top down’ communication technology (ICT) infrastructure is critical functional approach within standard Masterplans; to the successful development of new & existing towns however our holistic view of ‘SMART’ city technology and cities. goes much further. Whilst this fourth utility provides the physical Utilising a combination of in-house and retained infrastructure that enables national and international expertise we deliver a comprehensive service, covering voice, data and video interconnectivity, it is increasingly all aspects of urban technology design, including ICT recognised that deploying communications infrastructural topology and the ‘systems architecture’ infrastructure to monitor traditional utilities within the required to implement a truly ‘SMART’ city. confines of the city is equally critical. This approach enables our consultants to focus on the Implementing wired and wireless communications capability and market value of ‘SMART’ technologies, technology, buried alongside utility networks or both present day and those subject to future deployed above ground monitoring the public realm deployment. provides an urban ‘nervous system’ and an interface between the city’s primary plant and the protocols and city wide operating platforms used to maintain granular control of all aspects of the city’s day to day running, resources and services.SMART City ICT Infrastructure King Abdullah City for Atomic NOMA 53 Gia Lam Masterplan and Renewable Energy Manchester, UK Vietnam Saudi Arabia 6 A snapshot of our work in ENVIRONMENT & INFRASTRUCTURE
  7. 7. Buro HappoldCORE COMPETENCIESMASTERPLANNING• Strategic development of campus and city scale metropolitan network infrastructure• Review of construction phasing, load assessment and spatial implications• Programme development including high level procurement options• Evaluation of onsite and incoming communications including fixed network and options for fixed and mobile wireless• Feasibility reports & technology options including implementation of ‘open’ infrastructure.Metropolitan Area Network 7
  8. 8. CORE COMPETENCIES NETWORK DESIGN • Design of all aspects of ‘Access’ infrastructure including next generation copper and fibre optic networks such • Design of SMART city and utility solutions, advising as FTTH/ FTTx on the integration of sensor/ actuator networks with city operating systems • Design of resilient above and below ground primary and secondary telecoms pathways, routes, assets & • Design of wireless infrastructure within the Urban outside plant environment including mesh sensor networks • Management of ITT and tender process including • Concept to detail design of campus and direct purchase & fixed price options where applicable. metropolitan area networks 1 Service Provider Point of Presence 2 Feeder Cable 3 Fibre Optic Cable Splice 4 Secondary FCP in Cabinet 5 Drop Cable 6 Secondary FCP in Underground Enclosure 7 Distribution Cable 8 Point to Point Cable 1 8 7 2 6 3SMART City ICT Infrastructure 4 5 Generic FTTx Infrastructure 8
  9. 9. Buro HappoldCORE COMPETENCIESNETWORK SURVEYS PAST PERFORMANCE• Desktop studies and route proving in conjunction With experience of designing varying degrees of with major network providers and incumbent public SMART city infrastructure in the UK, Middle East and telephone operators Far East the team at Buro Happold has consulted on a comprehensive portfolio of schemes, including:• Due diligence and physical investigation and inspection of existing and proposed infrastructure • Privately owned city campus, Manchester, UK• Optical infrastructure studies – a tiered process • Privately owned island, Bahamas reviewing all aspects of the proximity of proposed sites to fibre optic telecommunications • egro, Slough Trading Estate, UK S infrastructure. • Beitun, China • KACARE, KSA • Financial District, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Multi-vendor communal chambers set in public realmDuct & sub-duct entering the building envelopeCivil Engineering Multi Vendor Building Entry Solution 9
  10. 10. DIFFERENTIATORS SUSTAINABLE INFRASTRUCTURE Buro Happold’s sustainable infrastructure design process supports the increasingly complex portfolio of converged ICT systems required to manage a modern district or city development. Utilising high bandwidth solutions and open protocols (where appropriate) within these networks can enable a cities critical voice, data and video systems to be converged onto fewer cables, requiring smaller utility corridors and less invasive civil engineering. For example ‘micro’ duct can be specified for telecommunications backbone cabling and buried utilising a trenchless slot cut technology enabling individual optical fibres to be ‘blown’ into the duct system as and when required. SMART GRID Buro Happold already consults on many of the fundamental aspects of the electrical Smart Grid e.g. Smart meters, monitoring systems and power management. However with the addition of an Consumer Portal appropriately specified ICT infrastructure, implementing a resilient and profitable Smart Grid can become a Utility DMS Portal Utility Back Office reality. Utility Network Operations/ Management Centre Smart Grid type networks offer the improved routing of Advanced Meter Infrastructure Network Energy Management Facility/ Bureau power supplies based on real-time condition monitoring Home Broadband Wi-Fi Router of many variables, and therefore providing the operator Thur sday 78 Off ˚F Zigbee Enabled Programmable Cycle 88 Auto 88 88 Communicating Thermostat and customers with significant advantages, such as Wi-Fi Zigbee avoiding overloads, self restoration after black-outs, finer control of generation and more efficient demand-supply matching. Zigbee Enabled Load Control Wireless Dashboard Module for Water Heater HVAC Res/Commercial/Industrial End User Smart Grid Consumer Interfaces To enable this, smart grids require topologies that support advanced switching capabilities in substations and line monitoring, providing increased automation of Utility Network Operations/ Energy Management Facility/ the network. Management Centre Data, Telemetry Bureau This enhanced topology and control of power flow in Physical Connectivity turn enables power to be injected into the grid at anySMART City ICT Infrastructure point (subject to overvoltage limits on distribution), Data, Telemetry Logical Connectivity Data, Telemetry enabling better integration of smaller decentralised & Electrical Power generators, including intermittent renewables. Policy These generators can be grouped as “virtual power plants” such that their output can be called upon in a Res/Commercial/ fashion akin to more conventional dispatchable loads. Industrial End User Smart Grid Key Concepts10
  11. 11. DIFFERENTIATORSUBIQUITOUS WIRELESS INFRASTRUCTUREBuro Happold consults on the large scale deployment and operation of wireless infrastructure outside the buildingenvelope and within the public realm.Implementation of the complex hierarchy of wireless infrastructures required to support the SMART city aspirations ofmost clients far exceed the issues faced during the provision of wireless ‘hotspots’ co located alongside public librariesand coffee shops.The cost to construct these large scale municipal wireless infrastructures is a significant percentage of their lifetime cost,typically finance is raised through joint venture arrangements.The technical operation of metropolitan wireless infrastructure is based upon utilising radio communication for both thelocal wireless service and the back haul pathway to the Internet.Most wireless access points will only need to be physically cabled to a power supply but a percentage, referred to asaggregation nodes, will require a hard wired connection to the internet.This approach means that access points must be located within range of each other to form a contiguous pathway backto the aggregation node. Internet Aggregation Wireless Access Point IP CCTV Wireless Access Point Wireless Access PointSimplistic Metropolitan Wireless Area Network 11
  12. 12. DIFFERENTIATORS CITY OPERATING SYSTEMS The term ‘City Operating System’ has become common place when describing a set of control, sensing, and supervisory capabilities in a SMART city environment. Generally undefined the term is used somewhat inconsistently however Buro Happold defines it as encompassing the following capabilities: • Real time control capability from micro- to macro- level • An integrated platform for multiple types of sensor and control • Supervisory and analytical capabilities for large quantities of historical data • A platform designed to provide data and control to applications developed by third parties utilising API’s. An example of a common place platform includes systems such as Windows OS and API’s (application programming interfaces) are used as an interface by software components to communicate with each other. A city operating system can be thought of as being the equivalent in an urban space of a Manufacturing Execution System utilized in an industrial environment. It combines Building Management Systems (BMS), Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), and a cloud computing environment for application hosting, into a single construct. Kuala Lumpur Financial District, Malaysia Architect: Machado and Silvetti AssociatesSMART City ICT Infrastructure12
  13. 13. Buro HappoldDIFFERENTIATORSFUNCTIONAL TECHNOLOGY Active equipment, e.g. server and storage located within the TR or in Security and surveillance consoles located in a dedicated room, a space such as a dedicated typically site wide control room.As leaders in ICT and infrastructure innovation the team equipment room or data Buro Happold are conversant with the deployment offixed line and wireless technologies in both campus andcity wide networks.Utilising this experience our consultants are ablechallenge standard ICT paradigms ensuring for example:• Open & or closed networks are deployed as required• Network nodes such as IP CCTV cameras are Telecoms room (TR) dedicated to the individual building - housing active deployed with embedded intelligence and localised equipment & interconnecting the storage building LAN to the site wide infrastructure.• Where feasible design solutions incorporate Router commercial and legislative opportunities for developers and municipalities Site wide infrastructure, likely to be a metropolitan area network (MAN) IP/MAN with active equipment housed in theFurther practical examples of scenarios in which 5 main communications rooms (MCRs) located in the service areas.Buro Happold can help management teams achievetheir sustainable, financial and technological Active equipment including localaspirations through the deployment of intelligent server in order to manage archiving - if this equipment is to be locatedinfrastructure include: Router street side is should be ruggedised.• Ubiquitous wireless zones enabling estates IP security cameras located in the management and municipal staff to connect to public realm and cabled back to a local municipal building or street side any system within the metropolitan environment, security cabinet. receiving and transmitting work instruction without wasting time and resources returning to their HQ Public Realm Surveillance• Wireless asset management can be used to track the location and status of plant ensuring maintenance schedules are adhered to and pointless excavations avoided. Tags attached to underground plant can be used as read/write records accessed wirelessly from above ground and linked to GPS and GIS systems• Telemetry from AMR’s and smart metering systems can be collated and transmitted across local area networks or the internet to remote central locations where data can be interrogated and automated responses initiated including two way control of end user equipment or even the redirection of power generated on local energy grids. 13
  14. 14. BURO HAPPOLD Buildings Environment and Infrastructure Consulting By our very nature we are an evolving organisation. We have a strong desire to continually explore and enquire. We are in the growth business in terms of knowledge and challenge, the desire to learn, to seize opportunities and to create smart solutions for our clients. Our independence sets us apart by allowing us to put our clients at the very heart of all we do. Bringing our expertise to the broadest range of leading technologies and thinking means the impact of our work can be huge. Working around the world, building on the many projects and activities since our formation over 35 years ago, gives us a clear purpose and a set of beliefs that enable our teams to get the very best out of the world’s precious resources. We operate at every scale from the smallest shelter through communities and cities to the needs of organisations and governments. Our mission is simple: to enable our clients to achieve a sustainable future, enhancing their businesses, enriching people’s lives and playing our part in developing a healthy and sustainable society for today and tomorrow. COPENHAGEN BERLIN WARSAW MOSCOW EDINBURGH GLASGOW LEEDS MANCHESTER BIRMINGHAM BELFAST BATH LONDON MUNICH MILAN SAN FRANCISCO LOS ANGELES CHICAGO BOSTON NEW YORK BEIJING HONG KONG MUMBAI DUBAI ABU DHABI CAIRO KUWAIT JEDDAH RIYADH14
  15. 15. Contacts UK Middle East For more information on how the Energy & 17 Newman Street Office 515, 5th Floor Utilities infrastructure team can support your London 
W1T 1PD Al Akariyah 2, Olaya Street organisation, please contact: UK PO Box 34183 T: +44 (0)20 7927 9700 Riyadh 11468 Saudi Arabia North America East T: +966 (0) 1 419 1992 100 Broadway, New York, NY 10005 North America West USA Suite B, T: +1 212 334 2025 9601 Jefferson Boulevard, Culver City, CA 90232 Paul Goff Central Europe USA Pfalzburger Straße 43-44 T: +1 310 945 4800 Associate ICT, Energy & Utility Infrastructure 10717 Berlin T 07908 206005 Germany North Europe and Scandinavia E T: +49 (0) 30 860 906-0 Four Winds, 
Pacific Quay Glasgow 
G51 1DY Asia Pacific UK 3507-09 Hopewell Centre T: +44 (0)141 419 3000 183 Queen’s Road East Wanchai India Hong Kong Office No 201 T: +852 3658 9608 Delta Hiranandani Gardens William Downie Powai Mumbai – 400 076 Group Director, Energy & Utility India T 07525 766 489 T: +91 22 33 41 41 33 E william.downie@burohappold.comGlobal Sector Directors Aviation Neil Squibbs Rail Justin Phillips E: E: Culture and Civic Sport, Leisure and Event Stephen Jolly Paul Westbury E: E: Hospitality Commercial Property Paul Rogers Neil Billett E: E: Scientific Healthcare Andy Parker Andy Parker E: E: Education Urban Development and Planning Mike Entwisle Andrew Comer E: E:
  16. 16. The engineering of excellence Buro Happold Abu Dhabi, Bath, Beijing, Belfast, Berlin, Birmingham, Boston, Cairo, Chicago, Copenhagen, Dubai, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Hong Kong, Jeddah, Kuwait, Leeds, London, Los Angeles, Manchester, Milan, Moscow, Mumbai, Munich, New York, Riyadh, San Francisco, Warsaw. Abu Dhabi Bath Belfast Berlin Birmingham BostonAddressee Happold Buro Cairo 17 Newman Street CopenhagenBuro Happold DubaiCamden Mill W1T 1PD London Edinburgh UKLower Bristol Road Glasgow Telephone: +44 (0)20 7927 9700Bath BA2 3DQ Hong KongUK Email: Jeddah KuwaitTelephone: +44 (0)1225 320 600 LeedsEmail: London Los Angeles Manchester Moscow MunichStructural Engineering Building Services / MEP Engineering New YorkGround Engineering Infrastructure Engineering Specialist Consulting Pune Buildings Environment and Infrastructure Consulting Riyadh Warsaw