TCS Represented at The Mobile VAS SUMMIT 2009 by Virtue Insight


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The Mobile VAS SUMMIT 2009 was LIVE Photo Blogged at the Official Media Blog:

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TCS Represented at The Mobile VAS SUMMIT 2009 by Virtue Insight

  1. 1. Mobile VAS: Beyond the world of Infotainment An Indian Contrast Amit Mehta Head Sales & Marketing, Tata Consultancy Services,
  2. 2. Mobile Phones are the computers of the Developing World Mobile Phone is the most popular device for connecting to the digital world Affordable, ease of use and voice interactivity makes mobile phones more attractive for connecting to the digital world. India
  3. 3. Current VAS Landscape: Limited to Entertainment Needs - ABCD Current Market Scenario Astrology Ringtones Wallpapers Bollywood Jokes Games Cricket Music Score Devotional
  4. 4. Future Landscape: Beyond Entertainment Needs-Beyond ABCD Future Market Scenario Entertainment Community G2C Services Business Utilities Livelihood Financial Information Entertainment is only aspect of an individual’s needs. Other needs like Business, Entertainment is only aspect of an individual’s needs. Other needs like Business, Information, Financial, Livelihood etc are equally important, if not more. Information, Financial, Livelihood etc are equally important, if not more.
  5. 5. Replication of Business Models/Trends: From Internet to Mobile Compelling & Interactive Applications will find more acceptance. Platform will be open to third parties. Ad-based Site Traffic Pay per click models of the Revenues will depend upon the Web will evolve to pay per usage of WAP sites, Voice impressions eg Hyperlinked portals, etc advertisements with SMS UG Content The game will be tilted on the M-Commerce Just like on the internet, content will be mostly free. User Generated side of volume rather than E-Commerce will pave the way for M-Commerce, M-Auctions, etc content will rule the roost. margin. Rural markets will be the catalysts.
  6. 6. Implication for Operators & Consumers Consumers Operators •Wants to use the mobile phone for multiple •Enhance adoption of VAS by offering things-not just limited to Entertainment profile based applications and communication. •Provide means to interact in voice and •Seeks Vernacular Interactivity and Ease of regional dialect for any application use as more and more people from the •Open the Platform to 3rd Parties for rural areas are taking onto it in a big way building compelling applications in a short •Wants the mobile to solve all his day to day time digital needs-as a business tool, utility tool, livelihood tool, enabling financial •Enable Location based utilities related to transaction etc the context of requirement •Enterprises as a Consumer wants security, •Be open to flexible non-traditional business seamless system connectivity and efficiency models to succeed in the emerging rural improvisation via mobile phones markets
  7. 7. Our Thought Process and Findings Similarity Across Different Emerging Markets
  8. 8. Use Case: A day in the life of a Common Man – Entertainment is only one of the many needs 6 AM – 10 AM 10 AM – 2 PM •News Update & Alerts •Scheduler/Reminder for work related tasks •Traffic Update/Train or Bus Timings •Banking and Transaction related tasks • Transactions to reach the Workplace •Updates on stock market, jobs etc. •Security of home and kids 2 PM – 6 PM 6 PM – 10 PM •Traffic Update/Train or Bus Timings to reach back home •Music, Trivia •Transactions to reach back home •Sports •Reminder & Scheduler setting for next •Special Occasions Reminder day •Pay Utility bills
  9. 9. Mobile Content Demands in Emerging Markets: Contrast between India and Uganda Emerging markets contain 75% of the world’s subscribers today, and—given the difference in growth rates between emerging and mature markets (i.e., 11.8% versus 3.3% per year, respectively, in 2008)—this number will grow to 79% by 2015. Source: McKinsey Research Users Current M-Content Requirements: India and Uganda 1. Contacting people in emergencies 5. News local and International 2. Keeping in touch with friends and family 6. Education & Training opportunities 3. Finding medical experts 7. Entertainment 4. Prevention and treatment of illness 8. Family planning, reproductive health India – Priority Content Type Uganda – Priority Content Type 1. Games 1. Airtime transfer 2. Download Ringtones 2. Games 3. Download Music 3. News and Sports India – Top Ranking Services for Future Use Uganda – Top Ranking Services for Future Use 1. Listening or Downloading Music 1. Advice line on healthcare & healthcare products 2. Exam Results 2. Finding jobs – advertise your CV 3. Watching TV/ Videos & Downloading Videos 3. Watching TV and Sharing pictures 4. Birthday Greetings 4. News headlines and clippings Source: Ericsson
  10. 10. Key VAS Drivers : Contrast between India and Developed Markets India – ABCD of VAS Developed Market- ABCD of VAS 1. Astrology 1. Adult Content 2. Bollywood 2. Blogging (Social Networking) 3. Cricket 3. Chat (Text/Voice/Video) 4. Devotional 4. Dating Source: eTechnology Group@IMRB Revenue Distribution : India Revenue Distribution: Developed Markets Source: Company Research
  11. 11. Our Innovative Initiatives Enterprise enabled VAS Security as a VAS Homeland Security Emergency Surveillance Services Application Device & Security Data Level Alerts Security Remote Security Monitoring
  12. 12. Enterprise VAS to Enterprise Enabled VAS – Service Paradigm Shift Traditional Enterprise VAS Solutions Enterprise enabled VAS Solutions •Operator Driven • Enterprise Driven •Enterprise Neutral • Operator Neutral Paradigm Shift • Co-created linkages with ecosystem •Disintegrated linkages with ecosystem • End to End Ecosystem operation •Not Value added service in its true sense New business model that can revolutionize the entire concept of Enterprise VAS TCS to be solution provider Partner with enterprises on a revenue-share model Complete infrastructure enablement
  13. 13. THANK YOU “Discussions”