Appsnack @ AdTech New Delhi - The 3Rs of Mobile Marketing in India


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  • App-based Behaviour Will Drive Mobile Ads With mobile internet usage and mobile search already ahead of desktop, behavioral and geo-targeting, apps will completely change the way ads are sold and consumed on mobile . Location Based Services on the Go Advertising If used right, Location Based Service can be a boon and offer an important basic capability that enables all sorts of innovation in mobile device tools and marketing App experiences anywhere Whether you or not you have a business rationale and budget for an app, devices and connections have progressed to where you can still enable app-like engagements in expanded ads. M-commerce will take Over E-commerce Easily click a button on a device to trigger a micropayment from your own account without having to re-enter or re-confirm credit card details. M-coupons and offers will further fuel marketing efforts
  • Appsnack provides the most engaging creative were your customers engage the most. right people were engage the most
  • Reach & Frequency reports to show your message has been seen by the right audience Gauged by running brand lift studies (e.g: Vizu) Click to site, engagement measurement, time spent, video completion rates, expansion rates, social activity, games played, etc. Purchase, sign up, voucher request, calendar entry, take a test drive,
  • Take over user screens with engaging expandable banner experiences
  • We help brands and their agencies build engaging creative and reach their audience at scale, across mobile optimized websites and applications. From creative development and mobile ad delivery to measuring results, Appsnack makes mobile advertising simple.
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  • Appsnack @ AdTech New Delhi - The 3Rs of Mobile Marketing in India

    1. 1. “Mobile living in a post-PC world… We are monetization levels … could surpass desktop within 1-3 Years” 900m 59% People in the India own a mobile device* Year on year increase in India ad spend across mobile for 2012 87m $30m people in India access annual ad spend on the internet via their mobile in the India, mobile device* 2012*Data Source: eMarketer Metrics (Mobile, worldwide 2012) & IAMAI January 2013 2
    2. 2. India is moving with global mobile trends…1. App-based behaviour will drive 2. Location-based services andmobile ads “on-the-go” advertising 4. M-commerce will take over e-3. App experiences anywhere commerce 3
    3. 3. Why we are here today?• Today’s generation of media consumers are media multi-taskers• We are getting better combining web, TV-watching with additional activities without our attention drifting• In India, almost half of the mobile users are younger than 25years of age, which indicates the need to stay connected. (Nielsen’s Indian Smartphone Users Study, Sept- Oct, 2012)• The number of mobile Internet users in India is expected to nearly double and hit 165 million by March 2014, up from the present 87 million mobile surfers, according to a recent survey. (IAMAI, January 2013) 4
    4. 4. Why we are here today? • Over the next 4 years, mobile’s share of media (approximately 4%) is calculated to increase over 250% on average based on increased adoption of smartphones alone (MMA, 2012) • User behaviour is changing...advertisers need to follow 5
    5. 5. So who are we?Appsnack helps brands and their agencies build rich, engaging, app-like creativeexperiences that reach audiences at scale, across mobile and tablet. Appsnack is a division of Exponential Interactive – a global provider of advertising intelligence and digital media solutions. Exponential provides Appsnack the ability to leverage: •A presence in more than 26 countries •700+ employees worldwide •The e-X Advertising Intelligence Platform •Exponential’s massive proprietary database •More than 506m unique users every month Data Source: comScore, Media Metrix, January 2013 6
    6. 6. Engage mobile audiences...The worlds largest brands choose Exponential’s solutions for display, video and now mobile Automotive Consumer Technology Retail Travel Telecom Goods 7
    7. 7. Effective targeting requires scale Reach more than 506 million unique monthly users ...with access to thousands of publishers across mobile and worldwide… tablet Content Location Demographics Device All of the above The right person, I am into fine I own an in the right I’m a 35 years wine and in the I live in place, at the old and married iPhone and iPad market for a Chicago, Il right time with 2 children luxury cars along the right content 8
    8. 8. ...but it’s not just about devices... 9
    9. 9. It’s about how your audience uses them 10
    10. 10. and engaging with your audience where they engage themost... 11
    11. 11. We’re living in a multiscreen world Source: Google/IPSOS, 2012 12
    12. 12. Different times, different devices • Tablet peaks pre- and post- work day • Computer, predictably, peaks during work day • Mobile appears somewhat pervasive 13
    13. 13. The 3Rs: Old school New skool • Rich media • Relevancy • ROI 14
    14. 14. R1 Rich Media 15
    15. 15. Why are apps so popular on mobile?1. Usability2. Function - save time/fill time 16
    16. 16. What does that mean for advertising?1. Provide app-like experiences2. Provide save time/fill time functionality 17
    17. 17. …in content they love regardless of operating system,carrier, and consumption environment. Mobile web Mobile optimized In-app Snack Bar MMA Ad Units
    18. 18. Audience engagement starts with the right creative • Appsnack provides the most dynamic, relevant and engaging mobile ad formats available • We create and deliver engaging app-like creative units • Our ads have the ability to deliver full-screen, custom rich-media brand experiences using any assets and functionality, including location- based features Creative gallery – (view in Chrome or Safari) / 19
    19. 19. R2 Relevancy 20
    20. 20. Relevancy: transform data into intelligence Aggregate over with associated attributes Segment users 2 billion daily datatopics Contextualize based on 50,000 events Content Location Demographics Device All of the above The right I am into fine I own an person, in the I’m a 35 years wine and in the I live in right place, at old and married iPhone market for a Chicago, Il the right time with 2 children and iPad luxury car alongside the right content 21
    21. 21. R3 ROI 22
    22. 22. ROI – so what should we measure?To ensure campaign success and that all objectives are met, it is essential to employ back-end analyticsdetailing all user engagement. Awareness Awareness • Reach & Frequency reports Interest Interest • Brand lift studies (e.g: Vizu) Desire Desire • Interaction Rates (e.g. Click to site, time spent, social activity) Action Action • Conversions (e.g: Purchase, sign up, voucher request) 23
    23. 23. The 3R’s in action… Creative gallery – (view in Chrome or Safari) 24
    24. 24. Full-page expandable: user initiated engagement 25
    25. 25. The Appsnack advantage… We help brands and their agencies build rich, engaging, app-like creative experiences that reach audiences at scale, across mobile and tablet.Engaging app-like Intelligent Reach your audience ad units targeting at scale Mobile audiences engaged 26
    26. 26. Thank YouSandy Shanman | General Manager, Appsnack T: @sshanman E: 27