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Go mobile with market simplified


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Market Simplified specializes in simplifying mobile adoption for the financial industry, transition to latest mobility trends pre and post mobile adoption is made seamless with our experience in BFSI.

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Go mobile with market simplified

  1. 1. Mobility in Financial Services Gateway to the new financial marketplace
  2. 2. EVOLUTION OF USER INTERACTION Early Years Middle Years Now… Dialing Clicking TouchingThe Culture of
  3. 3. Every 60 Seconds….
  4. 4. Smartphones Are Used While Consuming Other Media Source: The Mobile Movement Study, Google/Ipsos OTX MediaCT, Apr 2011 Base: Smartphone Users (5013) Q. In general, which of the following media-related activities do you do while also using the Internet on your smartphone? 72% Use smartphone while… Watch TV 33% Play video games 27% Listen to music 44% Read news - paper/magazine 22% Read a book 16% Use internet 29%
  5. 5. An app for everything Amplifying Synergy between Mobility & Internet of things Mobile Application Trading News
  6. 6. Evolution of Mobile Devices What Next? Feature Phones Smartphones Tablets Phablets
  7. 7. The Changing DNA of Mobile OS Pre- Historic Old Age New Age More to come…
  8. 8. Native Vs Web @ Mobile Web Native Apps W3C, HTML5, CSS, BONDI, JIL, Web Kit... iOS, Android, Web OS, Windows7, Symbian... Convergence?  HTML5 fraught with its own fragmentation  Native apps considered best for Transaction capable, Rich & Intuitive offerings  User Experience precedes Native OS fragmentation challenge  Customer likeability leaning towards native experience
  9. 9. The Curious case of Mobility in Financial Services
  10. 10. what is your relationship status with your customers? Did you know Consumers reported having relationship with an average of 3.2FIs
  11. 11. Addressing the paradigm shift Where you need to be Transaction Relationship Deep Engagement Where you are Mobile is a compelling opportunity to increase loyalty, stickiness and engage deeper with clients
  12. 12. The Emerging Hotbed of Mobility Innovations in BFSI mBanking - Hyper personalization - LBS – Context sensitive Adut - UX Enhancements - Process Simplification (Chq/Doc Capture, etc…) - mWallet - Payments - Augmented Reality - Social media connect - ... mTrading - Data Visualisation tools - Charting - Technical Indicators - Conditional alerts of notifications - Portfolio Management - Analytics - Community Tracking & Social Investing - … mSales - Insurance / WM / Loans: Advisors Mobility - Managing Intelligence - Managing Relationship - Managing Reports - … THE UNDERLYING FORCE
  13. 13. Industry Trends – Capital Markets No. of Trades Value of Trades 15% more trade actions on native mobile than through mobile web. The immediacy of leveraging on a trading opportunity has played very well in driving mobile trades. How Compelling is your Mobile strategy? 25% more the average investment amount of native mobile trades than mobile web trades.
  14. 14. Industry Trends – Banking Current State Future State By 2016 the number of customers depositing checks with their smartphones will expand from Location Based Services Social Media Connectivity 12 Million to 48 Million Value Added Services Accounts 95% 79% 72% 41% 35% A/C Balances Transfer funds Pay bills Transfer funds Between accounts 3rd party transfer Mutual Funds Home Loans Cards Insurance The battle to win over your customer’s Banking factor -a Cross Selling Strategy IPOs Offers One Brand - Multiple Offerings
  15. 15. Understanding the process of creating a Compelling experience on mobile
  16. 16. Importance of Visual Delight in Communication 90% 1/2 of information transmitted to the brain is visual The eyes are a physical extension Of the brain of the brain is dedicated to visual function 65% of the population are visual learners
  17. 17. Understand - How People Process Information Auditory 20% Connect with others verbally to feel connected and productive Visual 35% Being able to see concepts illustrated as diagrams, charts and graphs Kinesthetic 45% Incorporate muscle memory and hand-eye movement to process and retain new information
  18. 18. Designing WONDERFUL User Experience "Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works." - Steve Jobs SCIENCE ART "Clutter is a failure of design, not an attribute of information.” - Edward Tufte WONDER
  19. 19. Defining the Mobile Strategy - Where to Start? Product & Business Goals Technology & Technical Goals User Needs & Goals
  20. 20. Great Mobile Experiences Are uniquely mobile Are sympathetic to context Spark their power
  21. 21. How it should be done? CO - CREATE INNOVATE ENGAGE
  22. 22. "It is not a choice between adopting and not adopting but a choice between adopting now or deferring the adoption until later.” PROJECTED MOBILE FORECAST BY 2015 1 BILLION SMART PHONES SHIPPED GLOBALLY (Source : IDC) $ 1 TRILLION WORTH OF TRANSACTIONS ON MOBILE (Source : Yankee Group)
  23. 23. Isn’t enough at stake to implement a truly Customer Centric, superlative design driven Mobile strategy?
  24. 24. Market Simplified USA: Market Simplified Inc. 802 Woodfield Road, Suite 400 Schaumburg, IL 60173, USA India: Market Simplified India Ltd. 13th Floor, Zenith Building, Ascendas International Tech Park, CSIR Road, Taramani, Chennai 600 113 General Contacts: Corporate Enquiry: Business Development: Follow us on : .com/marketsimplified .com/marketgomobile -groups/mobile trading .com/marketsimplified