CMAI at The Mobile VAS SUMMIT 2009 by Virtue Insight


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CMAI at The Mobile VAS SUMMIT 2009 by Virtue Insight

  1. 1. Indian Telecom Opportunities By N K GOYAL President, Communications and Manufacturing Association of India, CMAI Chairman Emeritus, TEMA Director, National Fertilizers Ltd. ( Government of India Undertaking) 98 111 29879 Mobile VAS Summit 2009 23rd September, 2009
  2. 2. CES, 2009 being inaugurated and ribbon cutting at Las Vegas on 8th January, 2009 by NK Goyal with Sir Howard Stringer, Chairman & CEO of Sony Corporation, Mr. Tom Hanks, the American movie star, Mr.Gary Yacoubian, Chairman CEA & President of Myer-Emco AudioVideo, Mr. Gary Saprio, Vice President of CEA, Ms. Qu., Presixdent, CECC China, Mr. Patrick Lavelle, President and CEO of Audiovox, Mr. Peter Lesser, President and CEO of X-10 (USA) Inc, Mr. Loyd Ivey, Chairman and CEO of MiTek Electronics and Communications, Mr. Jay McLellan, President and CEO of Home Automation, Inc. (HAI), Mr. Mike Mohr, President of Celluphone, Mr.Grant Russell, President of Kleen Concepts
  3. 3. Indian Telecom  World’s fastest Growing Telecom Market – 10-15Million plus subscriber addition per month  Second largest in the world after China  450 Mn subscribers  281 state-of-the art Networks (GSM+CDMA)  24 National Long Distance & 19 ILD Licensees  Lowest tariff but highest profitability.  Lowest Call Rates in the World  India ranks highest in Mobile monthly Minutes of Usages per subscriber in Asia Pacific Region and second to USA in the world….500 minutes per month  Innovative approach of doing business at lowest operation costs.  Innovative value added concepts…missed calls, rural applications, lowest prepaid charge
  4. 4. Indian VAS Market  SMS continues as world over highest revenue generator  Ring tones and SMS account for large portion of VAS market. About 8,00,000 ring tones downloaded daily  In India Revenue from VAS presently is 10-14% of total revenue, expected to grow 30% within next 5-7 years.  VAS core component of operators revenue  High end on demand, user generated content ie. interface between web and mobile  Long tail users, who focus on contents subsidized by ads.  Good scope for utility based services eg. Location information, M commerce etc.  Gaming coming up in big way. 30% of games download in Category B/C towns.  Mobile advertisement picking up. Global revenue from mobile advertisement expected to grow $ 10-20 Mill by 2011  VAS content developers and VASPs allege not receiving enough revenue for developing services.
  5. 5. Indian Mobile VAS…Way Forward  Indian mobile VAS industry would go more global and would emerge as leader rather than follower.  India already having led in software, the innovations in mobile VAS are going to come from India.  Mobile VAS heading evolution like a PC from personal computer to a device to access to everything and anything you want to know. So Mobile VAS would lead to Access to wireless world for everything.  Exponential market opportunities for local language, content based applications  More opportunities with 3G, BWA coming up  VOIP, Security applications, IPv4 to IPv 6 offering wide market scopes
  6. 6. BELL’S TELEPHONE  Alexander Graham Bell, keenly interested in the education of deaf people, invented the microphone and in 1876 his "electrical speech machine," ie today’s telephone. Bell set up the first telephone exchange in New Haven, Connecticut in 1878. By 1884, long distance connections were made between Boston, Massachusetts and New York City.  Since his death in 1922, the telecommunication industry has undergone an amazing revolution. Today, non-hearing people are able to use a special display telephone to communicate.  Bell's "electrical speech machine" paved the way for the Information Superhighway. Fiber Optics are improving the quality and speed of data transmission.
  7. 7. The Future…  Electronic hardware market by 2015 USD 320 billion including production USD 150 billion and exports USD 21 billion.  Telephone subscribers: 650 million by 2012  PC sales: 25 million; installed base 65 million by 2010  ITES & Software exports: USD 60 billion by 2010  40 million new internet connection; at least 50% broadband by 2010  Nationwide TV broadcast to be digital by 2015 beginning 2010: significant opportunity for STB consumption & manufacturing  Over USD10 bn investment in E-Governance and National ID Card by 2010 2015: Total expected Market USD 320 bn; Domestic production USD 155 bn
  8. 8. Telecom challenges worldwide…..contd.  Health and environmental concerns resulting in several law suits, myths and alarms.  Consumer concerns on quality, tariff and after sale service issues.  Use of telecom network by terrorists, ant social activities  Technology misuse in all sorts of crime ranging from credit card fraud to data theft to simple defamation. Regulatory means for this and also to avoid unsecured wireless networks.  Increasing awareness of restrictions sought for use of mobiles in schools, public areas, while driving, offices etc. For ex.  New York banning cell phones in schools and Indian Parliament Committee examining need for reasonable restrictions in use of mobile.
  9. 9. About CMAI  CMAI is an apex business and trade promotion organization, based in India with MOU partners and representatives spread across over 30 Countries with branch offices in Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and Malaysia.  CMAI is integrated telecom and IT association covering all verticals.  CMAI is involved in policy formulations with Government and other stake holders for Technology Innovations, Indigenous manufacturing  CMAI is developing scientific knowledge and practical means for protecting human ecology and environment from the harmful effects of environmental hazards like e waste, radiation etc.  CMAI assists manufacturers to maximize competitiveness in the domestic and international markets.
  10. 10. About CMAI With CMAI membership, you gain access, authority, and intelligence designed to help you to:  Protect interests when standards and policies are being formulated  Engage peers regularly about market challenges or business opportunities  Access timely news, information, and market intelligence  Expand business to overseas markets efficiently and effectively  Gain a competitive advantage through convergence  Take the Lead on green initiatives in the ICTE Industry  Participate in Indian and global Exhibitions, Seminars, Workshops
  11. 11. Where is my cell phone mama.. I want to SMS to God that I have reached safely!
  12. 12. THANK YOU! Accentuating Global Opportunities