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Evaluation music magazine

  1. 1. Evaluation of my music magazine Front Cover and Contents page Double page spread
  2. 2. I am going to analyse an existing music magazine and my own ‘Country Soloist’ cover, to identify any conventions and challenges of convention… Both masthead are position at the top row of the Rule of Third. My masthead challenge the convention by being behind the min image instead of in front like the NME. The exclusive issue is in bold font and is the second biggest copy. The footer is place at the bottom of the magazine. The main image is place on the left hand side, plus it’s not covered with a lot of copy. Pull quote from article. Has a header that is bold by the coloured black box, and the colours chosen for the copy has a great contrast . The colour scheme used by the NME magazine is: red, white and black. My colour scheme is: blue, grey and white. Similarities Differences Differences I placed all my cover lines, on the right hand side, as it’s the most important, I followed the convention. All of NME cover lines are all over the place, making you look at every corner of the front cover. It challengers the convention of the rule of third. I have a strapline, I had followed the convention. No strapline, it challengers the convention. I didn’t follow my own colour scheme for the footer, as the colour didn’t show up very well against the background image. So I challenge my own convention of a colour scheme. Barcode, price and issue no. Barcode, price and date plus issue no. My main image has a prop, to reveal what genre of music this magazine is. The main image of Pete dress casually.
  3. 3. I am going to analyse an existing music magazine and my own ‘Country Soloist’ contents, to identify any conventions and challenges of convention… My photographs are place on the left hand side. Follow the convention of boxes. To present information that want to be seen. Follow the convention of placing the title at the top row of the Rule of Third. The music magazine logo place near the title again following the convention. The numbers are presented on the left hand side, and in red. All copy is on the left hand side, following convention. Coloured background I presented the website in a text box making it more noticing to readers. Three different topic boxes’ on the left hand side. Many new headers. Two photos use on the contents page. Used two photos on my contents page. The colour scheme used here: red, white, black. The colour scheme used here: blue, grey, black and red. Differences Similarities Differences Following the convention of the Rule of Third: Title at the top row, and the copy on the left hand side, the photographs on the right hand side.
  4. 4. I am going to analyse an existing music magazine and my own ‘Country Soloist’ double page spread, to identify any conventions and challenges of convention… Firstly, I will state the similarities between an existing double page magazine and my own, both magazine have a page full of copy and a large font title. The copy is presented very neatly, and extra copy are presented in shapes of different colours. I challenge the convention of not leaving a poster photograph on the double sided page, instead I putted a few fans questions, as I thought it was a bit plain. And in my contents page, I put in a separate box for posters, as in the questionnaire they said they wanted posters. On the page full of copy theirs were plain orange colour, however, I rendered (by render I mean filling in every single part of the photograph in block colours, and the colours could match the original photo) the photograph of a guitar and place it at the back. This was a good idea, until I find my copy wasn’t appearing as clear as I wanted it to be and I had to test out changing the copy colours and adding a big text box around it. Which made it very clear, however I could not see my image in the background. So I tried changing the opacity on Photoshop, it worked, but still not clear enough. In the end I changed the questions to a brown colour and the response in black on a white text box. I did the same with the fans questions.
  5. 5. I will analysing these main photographs for representation of social group, that I had used in my music magazine…
  6. 9. . What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? IPC research My music magazine would be ideal of Bauer Thirdly,asanewmusicmagazinetheywouldhavespentquitealotoftheiramountonthemagazineitself.Andtheywouldgoforacheaperpublisher,forinstinctBauer,evenifitmeanslessprofit.ComparingBauertoIPCpublisher,theysellprintedtitles531,454copieseverymonth,makingitveryexpensive.Ontheotherhand,Bauermagazinesaren’taswellknownasIPC,makingitalotcheaper.However,Bauermightbeabetterpublisherbecauseofthegenremagazinetheydo,suchas:music,woman’sgroup,entertainment(films),id
  7. 10. Who would the audience be for your media product? Age Gender Music Interest in hobby Which radio channel would be most suitable. BBC radio 2 they do a lot of different type of genre including ‘Folks and Country’. Can be heard on the internet and on the Radio.