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ComfortLife Marketing Academy: Online Advertising


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Marketing and online advertising tips for schools and summer camps, with a specific angle of connecting with middle to upper income families. Learn about advertising online, in directories, bidding on google keywords and advertising via social media.

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ComfortLife Marketing Academy: Online Advertising

  1. 1. Online AdvertisingMay 2013Agnes Stawicki#MktgAcademy @MktgAcademy
  2. 2. Content Advertising Trends Online Advertising Options Your website Directories Display Advertising Advertorials Search Advertising Social Media Integrating Campaigns Summary
  3. 3. Advertising TrendsA changing landscape
  4. 4. Trends in advertising Digital shift:The influence of Gen Y and Gen X Access to data:Insight based decisions Focus on experience:Engaging not broadcastingGo where youraudience is
  5. 5. Online AdvertisingThe home of your marketing message
  6. 6.  FIRST THINGS FIRST:Before youstart, make sure yourwebsite is functionaland professional.
  7. 7. Your website Your digital home Centre of all your marketingefforts Before you start advertising: Working website Contact information Easy to find program info Call to action Search engine friendly
  8. 8. Directory profiles Put you in front of targetedeyeballs Increase your onlinefootprint Provide legitimacy Work for you 24/7 Generate quality leads Backlinks to your websiteimprove your organic SEOBenefits
  9. 9.  How many visitors (new vs returning)? How do visitors use the directory? How will I be found in search results? What modules are included (events, photos, videos)and are there any extra costs? Do you offer tracking so I know how I’m doing? How often can I change the content? Is help available?Directory profilesBuying Tips
  10. 10.  Increase your brandawareness Keeps you top of mind Encourages action Provides ability to promotearound timeframes and/orprograms (Open House)Display AdvertisingBenefits
  11. 11.  Typically sold on a CPM (cost per thousand impressions). If sold on a monthly basis, ask how many impressions you areguaranteed per month and compare that CPM. Decrease your spend by targeting content pages and/orusers by geographical area (IP address). Determine your targeted CPM rate (audience quality). Consider the ad size and page location (top, side, bottom). Consider pageviews/visitor when buying impressions.Buying TipsDisplay Advertising
  12. 12.  Improve your organic SEO Engage with your audience Increase your onlinefootprint Share your brand story Ignite emotion in readers Motivate actionAdvertorialsBenefits Sunrise Seniors LivingMen’s Club
  13. 13. AdvertorialsBuying Tips Typically sold on a per article basis Determine how long the article will stay online Ask about how many promotional views, and totalviews you can expect Consider your target audience and compare targetedCPM rates Include a ‘follow’ backlink to your website (for SEO)
  14. 14.  Target your most importantkeywords Supplement keywords youdo not rank well for Drive new website visitors Control your messaging Give families searching foryou an easy clickSearch advertisingBenefits
  15. 15. Search advertisingBuying Tips Typically sold on a CPC (cost per click). Decrease your spend by targeting keywords andgeographical locations (IP address). Add negative keywords so ads are not displayed to the wrongaudience. (ex: jobs, photos, stats). Focus on quality over quantity of clicks. Rule: Your paid search bounce rate should be lower than yourorganic search bounce rate.
  16. 16. Search advertisingBuying TipsWhat’s a click worth? Quality vs. quantity
  17. 17.  Follow your website visitors Remind users to come back Stay top of mind Strengthen your brandRemarketingBenefits
  18. 18. RemarketingBuying Tips Typically sold on a CPC (cost per click). Decrease your spend by targeting content websites andgeographical locations (IP address). Focus on quality over quantity of clicks. Manage your websitelists and narrow based on those that produce results. Tag your website. Set a remarketing duration. Exclude your IPaddress. Set frequency caps.You need a minimum of100 unique visitors per list
  19. 19. Social mediaOnline platforms that allow people to freelyconnect to each other & to brands
  20. 20. Facebook An engaged audience Ad Options: Sponsored stories or Promoted Posts Facebook Page ads Facebook Event ads External Website ads Target by: Fans and friends of fans Geographical location Age Interests, hobbies, keywords…Benefits
  21. 21. Facebook
  22. 22. Twitter People are influenced by people like them andby experts Provides a social recommendation Coming soon: Promoted tweets in search and timelines Promoted trends and hashtags Featured accounts to increase followers Geographical location targetsBenefits
  23. 23. LinkedIn Professional network of target parents Typically more expensive than Facebook andGoogle AdWords Allow for video ads Target by: Geographical location Business position Experience, associations, groups…Benefits
  24. 24. Social Ads Build a social voice first Keep people within the network Test out various ad copy and photo use Stop or modify campaigns if they are not performing Invest in the networks that generate results for you Make it easy for people to shareHow to
  25. 25. OverviewType FunctionYour website Digital home for your businessDirectories Target audience, generate leads, good for SEODisplay Branding, awareness, focus based campaignsAdvertorials Soft sell, provide legitimacy, good for SEOSearch Target audience, quick trafficSocial Social word of mouth referral, 2-way communication
  26. 26. OnlineOfflineWebsite
  27. 27. Integrated MarketingYou can’t only be online
  28. 28. Money shifts Print advertising losses outweighed digital adgains by 8 to 1 in the first three quarters of 2011 Google’s revenues were $4 billion greater thanthose of the entire newspaper industry in 2011YET: 67% of online searches are driven by offlinecontent. People search for what they know.
  29. 29. Multi-channel advertising
  30. 30. Print Online IntegrationTrackingPromotion code Easy tracking toolQR Code Quick response for mobileAugmented reality Enhanced realityDigimark Digital watermarkNFC Chip Android, Samsung phonesLanding page Webpage optimized for conversions
  31. 31. The 140#mktgacademy
  32. 32. Campaign Checklist1. Website: If someone hears about you and searchesfor you, what comes up?2. Inquiries: Does your team know about the newprogram/promotion?3. Advertising: Who is my target audience and whereare they (online)? How can I get my message infront of them?4. Flow: Is my branding and message consistent? Is iteasy?
  33. 33. 5 Tips to Online Advertising1. Review your website: Is it working properly. Is it easy forvisitors to connect with me? How quickly do werespond?2. Make the most of your current ads: Add information todirectories. Work with partners. Check your landingpages.3. Analyze and test your ads: Set up ad variations and trackconversions so you know what’s working.4. Review your advertising campaign: Is it consistent? Doesyour brand & voice come through? Does it have an easyflow?5. Target: Are you where your audience is? Reviewtargeted CPM rates for each of your advertising partners.It is about increasing quality leads.
  34. 34. Online AdvertisingMay 2013 @MktgAcademy