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Top 10 Things We Learned Implementing OpenStack


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Top 10 Things We Learned Implementing OpenStack

  1. 1. Top 10 Things We LearnedImplementing OpenStack Val Bercovici Cloud Czar NetApp
  2. 2. Val Bercovici @valb00
  3. 3. What I hope toaccomplish today... Help gain perspective beyond current hype cycle & Make OpenStack mainstream via Biz & Tech Context
  4. 4. Inspiration à 360o Perspective
  5. 5. #10 Cloud Geography¡  Silicon Valley(s)¡  USA (Middle)¡  The rest of the world¡ cloud-and-the-three-it- geographies-silicon- valley-us-and-rest-of- the-world/
  6. 6. #9 Petri Dish IaaS Campaign Boldchat WebTrends ShareFile Box PaaS Omniture Service Brassring Express Hoovers iPerception Cloud9 e2Open Dev Public Radian6 Bunch Eloqua Now Vartopia Briefing Aprimo Drawloop RedAlert Cloud Cloud ball Boulder Edge ITSaaS SFDC Logic Lattice Sales Autonomy Dropbox Calculator The Walker Engines Vault Qvidian Quest Briefing IT Front Treehouse Apptus Omniture Edge Door Chatter Traceability EchoSign Indicee NetApp Twitter Jive Benefits Legal Net Prospex Facebook Project Portal Discover LinkedIn Delivery OrgChart Q2I Org Plus Google Solution Portal nSurvey Docs Builder Linux Community Qubes Choice DMM Commerce DRM HR Web ERP NGS Snap Portal HRM SAP PLM DW TrueComp Case Email Creator Mgmt App Support BI Supply Chain ASUP Sharepoint MDM System N3KUAT Evidence Perf. Bank Cloud Modeler SSO 6
  7. 7. #8 Industry Diversity: Biz à R&D Strategy
  8. 8. #7 Tech Diversity: Countervailing Forces Variety of Consumption Models Rack – Appliance – Controller – Software – Instance
  9. 9. #6 Hybrid Cloud: Storage-CentricCustomer¡  Owns storage in SP infrastructure¡  Rents compute from SP web services¡  SAN/NAS Redux? Data Sovereignty Regulations (EU, US, BRIC) SP Aggregated, Multi-Tenant
  10. 10. #5 Integration: Continuous vs Staged¡  Sushi Fail Whale vs Gourmet Cooking¡  Surgery¡  Air{Plane|Traffic}¡  Automotive Ctrl¡  Military¡  Nuclear Power¡  Wall St
  11. 11. #4 OpenStack Storage Duality COMPUTE (Apps) Abstraction OBJECT (Data) Interface & Implementation
  12. 12. #3 – Diversity of Dev & Ops PaaS platforms bundle wide range of data services with pure app App VMWare middleware featuresPlatforms Devel Application Development/Deployment (PaaS) Security/ Amazon VMWare Versioning Messaging New app platforms are offering Services Identity App Stack Data models originating from flexible data models for: Runtime Data Services §  Operational Efficiency data App Svcs offer in-built mgnt features & granular SLAs §  Performance at scale Data Relational Columnar Document Key-Value Object Batch File/BlockServices Unified Infrastructure Orchestration Infra as a Service platforms offer Infra Security | Provisioning | SLA Monitoring | Logging storage management for free/feeServices Dedicated VMWare Physical Infrastructure METADATA = Volumes Infra Storage (Disk/Flash) Server DATABASE = Volumes Network OBJECT / RING = Containers 12
  13. 13. #2 Distributed vs Centralized Control StorageNetworking Paul Baran, RAND Corporation (1962)
  14. 14. #1 Resiliency: Erasure Coding vs? RAID Ideal for Cross-Node Resiliency Ideal for Disk-shelf Resiliency
  15. 15. IDC #0 Shares Service 27 ExB Block Proposal / Blueprint (2012) File Share R&D between Guests 1 & 8 File Share Service NovaShares Provider Compute Node 1 2 3 4 Fin R&D Mktg 5 6 7 8
  16. 16. Looking Back in order to Look Forward!
  17. 17. Science (Fiction?)
  18. 18. A B C D E F G H ... I?¡  Only 17 more letters to go!? –  We just started the journey... time to consider Khmer ¡  it has 74¡  What does OpenStack look like in 2 years? –  Are we building / planning for it? –  6 months is a long sprint, but how do we contemplate / incent the projects that take 18?
  19. 19. Wither Disk ? and later Wither Flash ?? 1M100K10K 1K 100 10 1 19
  20. 20. ¡  Austin: The first design summit took place in Austin, TX¡  Bexar: The second design summit took place in San Antonio, TX (Bexar county).¡  Cactus: Cactus is a city in Texas¡  Diablo: Diablo is a city in the bay area near Santa Clara, CA¡  Essex: Essex is a city near Boston, MA¡  Folsom: Folsom is a city near San Francisco, CA¡  Grizzly: Grizzly is an element of the state flag of California (design summit takes place in San Diego, CA)¡  Havana: Havana is an unincorporated community in Oregon