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RightScale overview and why I find it elegant

  1. Giri Fox @girifox Cloud Management
  2. What is RightScale? Why I joined in Australia. Cloud Management
  3. 3# RightScale • ~250 staff • October: opened office in Australia • HQ in Southern California • 25% of our people are ―cloudies‖ • Founded 2006 • $47M venture capital invested Cloud Management
  4. 4# Customers Cloud Management
  5. 5# Conceptual Abstracts the architecture to above the IaaS. Abstracts cloud specifics. Provision servers with dynamic inputs such as addresses (e.g. DNS, load balancer), processes (e.g. monitoring), user names and locations (e.g. logs, applications, databases) Cloud Management
  6. 6# CONFIGURATION AUTOMATION GOVERNANCE ® Public Clouds Private Clouds my network my storage my servers Cloud Management
  7. 7# Abstraction with Visibility and Customisation Control One place for management and cost Choose Your Automation Own Clouds Massively scalable and agile applications Cloud Management
  8. 8# RightScale defined Cloud Management • World‘s public cloud management platform • Managing cloud deployments globally for • • More than launched supported cloud providers and counting Cloud Management
  9. 9# Midwest Chicago London Amsterdam Beijing Seattle Dublin Oregon Seoul NYC Area SF Area Tokyo DC Area Las Vegas Southeast Hong Kong Hyderabad Singapore Dallas São Paulo soon Public & Managed Clouds Private Clouds Amazon Web Services IDCF / Yahoo! Japan SoftLayer Datapipe Korea Telecom Tata Google Cloud Platform Logicworks UnGeo HP Cloud Rackspace Windows Azure Cloud Management
  10. Clients Cloud Management
  11. 11# Hybrid Cloud at Zynga Zynga manages their public and private/hybrid cloud (zCloud) with RightScale – through a ‗single pane of glass‘ “zCloud also integrates with the operational and management tools that have proven critical to our business, such as RightScale and CloudStack.” Allan Leinwand, Zynga CTO Infrastructure Engineering • 1,000 servers launched in 24 hours • 100x increase in infrastructure in 2 years • From 20% to 80% of workloads in zCloud in 1 year Cloud Management
  12. 12# IT at Scale at Pearson Requirements: • Large scale, 3M+ students • Single-tenant SaaS • Multi-cloud • Fast customer POC & onboarding Solution: • Clone-able, customizable environments • Consistent dev and production environments • AWS and Rackspace • Ability to easily pilot and test Cloud Management
  13. 13# Running Rackspace at Behance CTO and 1 developer manages RightScale + Rackspace ―We have not had to look for systems administrators because of RightScale.‖ - Chris Henry, CTO, Behance Built an Activity Feed feature in weeks on MongoDB. Process images using RackConnect. "We don't have to spend a lot of time or money to experiment with new applications.‖ Cloud Management
  14. More detail Cloud Management
  15. 15# Bridging Apps and Infrastructure Dashboard API Governance Controls – Access, Security, Reporting Configuration Framework – ServerTemplates, RightScripts Automation Engine – Monitoring, Alerting, Scaling MultiCloud Platform – Provisioning Cloud IaaS software Hypervisor IaaS Hardware Private Clouds Public Clouds Cloud Management
  16. 16# MultiCloud Platform Deployment-level abstraction • Abstracts resources such as: • Virtual machines (instances) • Storage (object storage, block volumes) • Virtual networks (firewalls, subnets, VPNs, etc) • Abstracts providers: • 9 public cloud providers • 3 private cloud technologies Self-service provisioning • Click to launch or clone fully configured servers and deployments Cloud Management
  17. 17# Configuration Framework Configuration Management • ServerTemplates™, RightScripts, hosted Chef • Reproducible: Predictable deployment • Dynamic: Configuration from scripts at boot time • Multi-cloud: Cloud agnostic and portable • Modular: Role and behavior abstracted from infrastructure Service Catalog • Edit and customize to specific use cases • Limit usage to certain users and sub-accounts Cloud Management
  18. 18# MultiCloud Marketplace Application stack store • Published by RightScale, partners, and users • Images, scripts, recipes, and macros • Versioned and supported License management • ISV single billing and pay-per-hour billing • Open source Cloud Management
  19. 19# MultiCloud Marketplace Cloud-ready stacks Pre-built by our ecosystem App & Web Servers RightScale Databases & Caches ISV Partners And more… Community Cloud Management
  20. 20# Automation Engine Resource monitoring • Server and application monitoring • Alerts and escalations Capacity management • Auto-scaling with complex launch rules Deployment orchestration • Database backup, failover, recovery • Script execution • Code deploys and patches Cloud Management
  21. 21# Governance Controls Identity and access management • Authentication, roles, permissions • Umbrella accounts and sharing Policy management • Infrastructure audits and tracking • Event and user audit events Usage and cost management • Cost tracking and quotas • Real-time run rate projections Cloud Management
  22. 22# Try it out free: • Provision, monitor, and automate across 8 public clouds • 1 Account with 5 Users and Community Support • Free account for 60 days — no credit card required • Enjoy free monthly usage of up to ~5 small servers (c1.medium) Cloud Management
  23. Thank you! Giri Fox @girifox Awesome level of abstraction Achieve new levels of resiliency & automation Gain visibility and control Free trial at Cloud Management

Editor's Notes

  1. RightScale is based in southern CAWe are now up to 250 employees including software development contractors contractors. We have steadily and quickly growing since RightScale got started in 2006.The business went global from the start, and we now have offices in London, Tokyo, Singapore, and Seoul
  2. From technical sys admin to the business userIT can maintain control, developers can customize, and operations can automate. Everyone can get the agility of the cloudBusiness is agile, efficient, and innovative.Enabling the basic benefits, that is what this platform is about.RightScale make the power of cloud accessible to everyone with automated solutions that are easy to use.Great technology is invisible.RightScale takes care of the annoying but critical details for operational excellence.
  3. The Reasons for RightScaleServerTemplates allow for dynamic inputs such as addresses (e.g. DNS, load balancer), processes (e.g. monitoring), user names and passwords (e.g. database) and file names and locations (e.g. logs, applications, databases)
  4. Social network for creative professionals (anyone with a portfolio to share)Rackspace customer; expanded from Managed Hosting to Cloud Servers to save $$ (they use RackConnect)Manage cloud servers on RightScale; the CTO and 1 developer run all of the operations (a true DevOps shop)Have been able to launch a bunch of new features (social activity feed, user analytics) in record time, for lower cost, on new technologies