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Clouds in High Energy Physics


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Clouds in High Energy Physics

  1. 1. CloudsinHigh Energy PhysicsRandall SobieInstitute of Particle PhysicsUniversity of Victoria
  2. 2. Randall Sobie IPP/UVictoria 2High Energy Physics(Particle Physics)The area of physics that studies thefundamental particles of nature and theirinteractions.SLAC Linear AcceleratorAcceleratorsSudbury Solar Neutrino DetectorUnderground labsAlpha Magnetic SpectrometerSpace StationOrbiting labs
  3. 3. Randall Sobie IPP/UVictoria 3Is the Higgs boson the source ofmass of our fundamentalparticles?
  4. 4. Randall Sobie IPP/UVictoria 4Why is the universe madeof matterand not equal amounts of matter/antimatter?
  5. 5. Randall Sobie IPP/UVictoria 5What is origin of Dark Matter and Dark Energy?TWe do not know thecomposition of95% of the universeTemperature of the universeWMAP satellite
  6. 6. Randall Sobie IPP/UVictoria 6Understanding our World
  7. 7. Randall Sobie IPP/UVictoria 7Large Hadron Collider at CERN in Geneva27 km in circumference 100 m undergroundProbes distances of 10-20 m
  8. 8. Randall Sobie IPP/UVictoria 8Blue tubes contain the two beam pipes and magnets at 1.8 degrees Kelvin
  9. 9. Randall Sobie IPP/UVictoria 9ATLAS Detector44 m wide25 m diameter
  10. 10. Randall Sobie IPP/UVictoria 10ATLAS detector during construction in 2005
  11. 11. Randall Sobie IPP/UVictoria 1140 million collisions per second100,000 collisions selected200 events per secondWLCG Computing GridCERN Tier 010 Tier1 sites60+ Tier2 sites140 PB data
  12. 12. Randall Sobie IPP/UVictoria 12Higgs Discovery in 2012The ATLAS and CMS experiments see evidence for a Higgs-like particlePicture shows an event where the Higgs candidate decays to 4 electron-like particles
  13. 13. Randall Sobie IPP/UVictoria 13Number of candidates(vertical axis)Mass of the candidates(horizontal axis)We observe an excess ofcandidates with a mass of125 proton-massesSearch for Higgs decays to 4 “leptons” (electrons or muons)Also observed in the CMS experiment
  14. 14. Randall Sobie IPP/UVictoria 14July 4, 2012
  15. 15. Long-term preservation ofsoftware and data of HEPexperimentsClouds in High Energy PhysicsRandall Sobie IPP/UVictoria 15Utilize special computingresources attached to thedetectorsSimplify the management ofheterogeneous in-houseresourcesUse commercial clouds forexceptional computingdemandsDistributed cloud computingusing HEP and non-HEPclouds
  16. 16. Using Clouds for Data PreservationRandall Sobie IPP/UVictoria 16SLAC Linear Accelerator BaBar DetectorHeavy Flavor PhysicsResults fromBELLE &BABARElectron-positron collisionBaBar experimentstopped recordingelectron-positroncollisions in 2008Long Term Data Access systemStatic SL5 VMsFull access to BaBar SW and dataTransparent to the userIn operation since 2010
  17. 17. ATLAS/CMS High Level Trigger CloudsRandall Sobie IPP/UVictoria 1740 million collisions per second100,000 collisions selected200 events per secondHLT FarmsThese systems are used in real-timewhen there is colliding beamsThe aim is to use the resources duringthe idle periods for other purposesEnabled as private OpenStack cloudsSee talk by Toni PerezWednesday 110050,000 coresATLAS, CMS, LHCb
  18. 18. Private and commercial cloudsRandall Sobie IPP/UVictoria 18Ibex @ CERN (J. van Eldik, T. Bell, B.Moreira)OpenStack cloud with 5000 coresProvide batch services and cloud servicesHEP using Amazon, Google, Rackspace and othersStar Experiment at RHIC (Brookhaven NL)Belle Experiment at KEK (Japan)ATLAS ExperimentCommercial clouds used for exceptional low I/O demandsChallenges: identity management, API compatibility, VMconfiguration and network connectivityCosts are higher than our private resources
  19. 19. Distributed cloud computingGrid of CloudsRandall Sobie IPP/UVictoria 19Seamlessly usemultiple, heterogeneousIaaS clouds for batchworkloadsSky ComputingK. Keahey etalUse dedicated HEP and non-HEP opportunistic resourcesIndependent of the IaaS cloud typeRemoves any application requirements from remote siteSupport multiple projects
  20. 20. Distributed cloud overviewRandall Sobie IPP/UVictoria 20CloudSchedulerIaaSCloudsHTCondorJobQueueUserJobUserVMDiscovers User-Job Boot User-VMon a cloudDispatches UserJobto VMVM registerswith HTCondorRemote VM image repository (Nimbus clouds)Upload VMs to OpenStack cloudsRemote data repositories for all clouds
  21. 21. Distributed cloud statusRandall Sobie IPP/UVictoria 21NimbusVictoria(3)OttawaFutureGrid ChicagoFutureGrid SanDiegoFutureGrid FloridaOpenStackMelbourne-NECTARCERN-IbexCANARIE-WestCANARIE-EastOxford-GridPPAmazon EC2Google GCEOperational since Nov 2011Approximately 250K jobs(Astronomy 500K jobs)Using 10 clouds for ATLAS jobs500-1000 simultaneous jobs12 hour jobsATLAS jobs submitted from CERNçMelbourneCERN--IbexCANARIEWG-VictoriaNRC-OttawaVictoriaFG-San DiegoFG-ChicagoVictoriaApril 8-15 2013100-150 8-core VMs
  22. 22. Technology innovation for new scienceRandall Sobie IPP/UVictoria 22The OpenStack developer community can help usCommon authenticationCentralized VM image storageConsistent meta-dataUnique cloud namesSimplify the integration of OpenStack clouds for usWe see ourselves as integrators rather thandevelopers of cloud technology
  23. 23. SummaryRandall Sobie IPP/UVictoria 23High EnergyPhysicsUnderstand our UniverseStudying the HiggsSearch for Dark MatterDifference between antimatter/matterImpact on societyCERN is the birthplace of the WWWMedical physicsTechnology innovationHQPComputingLarge distributed systemsGlobal research networkNovel use of computing technologies
  24. 24. AcknowledgementsRandall Sobie IPP/UVictoria 24Contact information: rsobie@uvic.caWeb sites: