User experience testing, co creation and business opportunities through li…


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Presentation by Prof. Pieter Ballon during the Information session "Collaboration and support opportunities for SMEs to develop their next generation ICT / Internet protocol" in Brussels on May 16th

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User experience testing, co creation and business opportunities through li…

  1. 1. User Experiencetesting, Co-creationand BusinessOpportunities throughLiving LabsPieter BalloniMinds-iLab.oPieter.Ballon@iminds.be1
  2. 2. Major problems for SMEs today§  How to get to know the future user needs andbehavior?§  How to come up with the right business model?§  How to come up with innovative services andfeatures?§  How to take advantage of Future Internet?§  How to do business beyond my national border?2
  3. 3. 3A Living Lab is..§ a real-life test andexperimentationenvironment§ where users andproducers co-createinnovations§ in a trusted, openecosystem that enablesbusiness innovation
  4. 4. The iLab.o toolbox: 5 unique assetsA toolbox for any project type: ICON, Living Lab, CIP, FP7, …PanelManagementWe’ll find andmotivate your test-usersLiving LabMethodologyWe provide the rightback-office tools fora living lab project –e.g. LLADAAchtTVSurveyselectierespondenten 1dOpmaakvragenlijst 2daysCodering+ verzending 2daysInvullensurvey 1weekTestingIntake-gesprekken 2daysPresentatieRapportSurvey+IntakeTestingperiod 4daysFocusGroups 2daysPresentatieFinalrapport07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 01 02 03WK WK45,november2010 WK46,november2010 WK47,november2010 WK48,december2010Prototyping &testingWe’ll model a roughidea into a usableapp for daily life andtest it throughSimulate YourBusinessCo-design ofcollaborativebusiness model onthe flyEuropeanNetwork ofLiving LabsGateway to 300+Living LabsImportance of validated toolbox!
  5. 5. The iLab.o toolbox: User panels5§ Recruitment, mgmt & surveying of up to 10,000 test users§ Regular market reports on media and ICT usage§ Specific categories including urban youngsters, elderly,…
  6. 6. § Fully profiled test users§ To be extended and made interoperable with other systems§ Innovators can have real-time insight in usageThe iLab.o toolbox: User dashboard
  7. 7. § Tools and methods for rapid application prototyping§ Co-design with users and other stakeholdersThe iLab.o toolbox: App prototyping
  8. 8. § Multi-touch business model consensus-building and simulation§ Ready-to-go Partnerships with Cities, SMEs and other LLsThe iLab.o toolbox: Business modelling
  9. 9. 20/09//201220/09/21The iLab.o toolbox: EU network§ ENoLL secretariat in Brussels§ Ready-to-go Partnerships with +/- 30 core members in EU
  10. 10. The iLab.o track record: impact andresultsMore accuratemarket potentialInnovativeproducts &solutionsBoost in business& innovationopportunities•  Adoption & WTP•  User BehaviourChange•  Co-design•  Crowdsourcing•  Local opportunities•  Opportunitiesbeyond borders
  11. 11. Local Living Lab projects –examples and results11
  12. 12. SME Funding Opportunities17/05/13 1250%75%10K25K35% < 60%project complexityOne step at a time, SMEs develop a closer partnership with iMinds as a driver forinnovation and get access to its ecosystem of potential business partners.
  13. 13. "   explore "   evaluate"   testenvironmentalscanninguser analysisuser behavior"community of practice(direct user feedback)market roadmap"business simulationResearch tailored to SME needsIn 2012, 20 new SMEs engaged in small-scale Living Lab projects,which provide early potential assessments for innovationsor input to R&D development roadmaps and business models.
  14. 14. The right mix of lead users14
  15. 15. case facts"   living lab Mediatuin"   6 months, 5 iterations"   panel N=541, active users N=53IWT Haalbaarheidsstudie (24k)"   results"  Audience for mobile app of GPS games"  Willingness to pay for this application.User friendliness app"  General feedback on concept
  16. 16. DTV segmentation forecast0510152025303540DTV 2004 2,3 14,7 35,6 20,9 21,1innovators early adopters early majority late majority laggardsLong-term market potential: digitalTelevision in Flanders (2004)
  17. 17. DTV segmentation forecast0510152025303540DTV 2004 2,3 14,7 35,6 20,9 21,1innovators early adopters early majority late majority laggardsTiming? ½ y 2 yQ3 05 Q1 06 Q3 07? ?Q3 06Q2 071380003000001mio(+882000)Q3 20072006: 14000040000 Belgacom+ 100000 TelenetLong-term market potential: digital Televisionin Flanders (2004)Q2 2008
  18. 18. EU Living Lab projects –examples and results20
  19. 19. Innovative products and solutions:EPIC smart city apps (2011-2013)21pLImmoWebWeb-ServiceEnergyHiveWeb-ServicesGeneric MonitoringFramework (GMF)Web Services3D ModelPoints of InterestWeb ServicesProperties SearchWeb-ServicesRelocationPortletsRelocationPortletsSmart-EnvironmentWeb-Services(Domestic Energy)Smart-EnvironmentWeb-Services(Public Buildings)SmartEnvironmentPortletsCIBGWeb-ServiceUrban  Planning  PilotSmart  Environment  PilotPublic  BuildingsSmart  Environment  PilotDomestic  EnergyRelocation  PilotUser  Client  DevicesUser ManagementWeb ServicesUser ManagementPortletsEPIC ServiceCatalogueUrbanPlanning W/SUnity3D EngineUrban PlanningPortlets
  20. 20. Innovative products and solutions:EPIC smart city app (2011-2013)22
  21. 21. Helping SMEs enter new markets throughLiving LabsHomecare & ILSEnergy EfficiencySocial MediaeManufacturingBoost in business & innovation opportunities:APOLLON (2009-2012)§  Only 8% of European SMEs have cross-border activities§  Living Labs provide access to local innovation ecosystems and are federated in ENoLL§  Can we use networks of Living Labs to help SMEs innovate and do business abroad?
  22. 22. From “I can help” to “whereabouts”§  Initial application§  I Can Help - Netherlands§  Medically-experienced staff being informed of an emergency in thevicinity through a message on their smartphones in order toprovide the quickest possible assistance to the victim before theofficial emergency services arrive§  Adjusted application§  I Can Help – Belgium§  Readjustment of the initial app due to country specific aspects§  Focus on another market (voluntary assistance)§  Required new functionalities§  More focus on location and management§  SMEs involved§  Development of registration and planning module§  Evolved application§  Whereabouts – Netherlands§  Location based app to register the whereabouts of athletes§  Price winning app at WADA (world anti doping agency)§  Commercial roll-out (available in the app-store)
  23. 23. §  Before APOLLON (2008)§  64% of APOLLON SMEs had 0-5% international turnover§  Top-20% had 45-60% of international turnover§  At the end of APOLLON (2012)§  27% of APOLLON SMEs had 0-5% international turnover§  Top-20% had 55-70% of international turnoverBoost in business & innovation opportunities:APOLLON (2009-2012)
  24. 24. And to the next level with FI-PPP28
  25. 25. 29
  26. 26. •  Pieter.Ballon@iminds.beThank you!