Neloskierre Marjo Jussila & Sakariina Heikkanen


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3rd ENoLL Living Lab Summer School Research Day

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  • Pituus ei ole itseisarvo, vaan selkeys ja tiedon jakaminen.
  • Pituus ei ole itseisarvo, vaan selkeys ja tiedon jakaminen.
  • HENKILÖSTÖ: opettajille, tutkijoille, kehittäjille ja opiskelijoille. Living Lab –toiminta = käyttäjälähtöinen kehittäminen
  • Neloskierre Marjo Jussila & Sakariina Heikkanen

    1. 1. NELOSKIERRE projectMarjo Jussila, Project Manager at Kemi-Tornio Universityof Applied SciencesSakariina Heikkanen, Senior Lecturer / RDI – specialist atHAAGA-HELIAFinnish Network of Living Labs web page is still under construction) 1 20.08.12
    2. 2. NELOSKIERRE Neloskierre is a national three year project (until Dec 2012) funded by European Social Fund (ESF).The main objective is to create best practises, tools and guidelines for User Driven Service Innovation = Living Lab activities & operations.The main function in the project is to learn from already existing Living Labs.
    3. 3. Neloskierre is a co-operational network between 13 different Universities ofApplied Sciences in Finland (UAS):Arcada – University of Applied SciencesHAAGA-HELIA University of Applied SciencesHAMK University of Applied SciencesJAMK University of Applied SciencesKemi-Tornio University of Applied SciencesKymenlaakso University of Applied SciencesLaurea University of Applied SciencesOulu University of Applied SciencesSaimaa University of Applied SciencesSatakunta University of Applied SciencesSeinäjoki University of Applied SciencesTampere University of Applied Sciences 3Turku University of Applied Sciences 20.08.12
    4. 4. OUTCOMES Hand Book / manual Methods BankQuality Evaluation Tool
    5. 5. Hand Book Is in editing process, will be published in October It is a manual that is targeted for UAS environments It clarifies UAS’s possibilities to start User Driven Developments, Living Lab activities It describes the role of User Driven Development in UAS strategies as well as in daily tuition The manual gives answers how to start and operate Living Labs It provides lots of practical examples from different UAS’s 5 20.08.12
    6. 6. Methods Bank (Menetelmäpankki) Collection of methods that have been tested in Living Labs They are methods that can be classified as suitable for User Driven Development for products /services Describes the pros and cons of different methods The methods will be updated and expanded continuously The aim is to keep it as practical and simple as possible 6 20.08.12
    7. 7. Quality Evaluation Tool for Living Labs(Laatupuntari) Is a web-based tool to evaluate quality aspects of Living Lab operations Can be used as a checklist for living lab operators, teachers and other people working in living lab activities Laatupuntari has been built by ICT and Innovation Team of Neloskierre project using open source tools and agile methods It gives suggestions to improve the Living Lab ecosystem and actions
    8. 8. Experiences and learnings from the project 13 partners (UAS´s), over 30 people co-operating From startup Living Labs to already working Living Labs Multi-disciplinary team sharing experiences and learning from each other New co-operational network between 13 universities and their Living Labs Common definition for Living Lab and the best Living Lab activities identified 8 20.08.12
    9. 9. Thank you! 9 20.08.12