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An informal email


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How to write an informal email - basics

Published in: Education
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An informal email

  1. 1. An informal email
  2. 2. Informal letters Openings – Hi, – Dear…, – Hi there, – Hiya, Closing – Love, – Thanks, – Take care, – Bye for now – Hugs, – See you, – Write soon, – See you soon, – Call me! • Exclamation marks  Use exclamation marks to show strong feelings or surprise and keep your style informal. For example: • Brilliant news! • Congratulations!  However, don't use them too often!
  3. 3. True or false • We normally use contractions in emails to friends. • We can use contractions in formal emails, too. • When we start an email with “Hi Mary” the comma goes after “Hi”. • When you finish a paragraph, you need a double space.
  4. 4. Responding to a message • Thanks for your email • It’s great to hear from you. Catching up after a break • Sorry I haven’t written for so long, but… • I can’t believe how long it has been since we last met! • I haven’t heard from you for ages! • We must catch up / get together soon
  5. 5. Asking about your reader • How is it going? • What’s up? • How are things with you? • How have you been? • What’s new? Talking about you • All good here • It’s been a bit hectic here • I’ve been really busy • Guess what! • I’ve got some great / amazing, / sad news • I’m having an amazing / great / incredible time
  6. 6. Asking about others • Lots of love to your family • Hope everybody is doing well • Say hi to ------ for me!