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Erotic Digital Archives: Issues Involved in Bringing the Kinsey Library Collections into the Digital Realm


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Poster presentation given by Brianna Marshall at the Midwest Archives Conference on April 19, 2013, in Indianapolis, IN.

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Erotic Digital Archives: Issues Involved in Bringing the Kinsey Library Collections into the Digital Realm

  1. 1. Erotic Digital Archives: Issues Involvedin Bringing the Kinsey LibraryCollections into the Digital RealmIs it possible for the Kinsey Institute for Sex, Gender and Reproduction to providedigital access to the Kinseys varied collections while contending with issues ofprivacy, confidentiality, and donor restrictions that are even more strict than thosefaced by most archival collections?About the Kinsey Institute•  Founded in 1947 at Indiana University by Dr. Alfred Kinsey, biologistand sex researcher.  •  A private non-profit institution affiliated with (but not managed by)Indiana University.•  Mission is to advance sexual health and knowledge worldwide.About the Collections•  Total collection (archives, art, film) is approximately 430,000 items.•  Does not circulate; non-IU researchers charged an access fee.•  Digitization is user, donor, funder, and project driven. As of early 2013,an estimated 5% of materials have been digitized.•  KI uses PhotoCAT, an image management system developed by IU.Privacy & Confidentiality•  Donor/source information on ALL materials isconsidered confidential.Legality•  Must have copyright permissions.•  Legality of sexual materials changes over time.Brianna Marshall | MLS/MIS Candidate | Indiana University School of Library & Info. ScienceMaterials Use Policy•  Materials are available to “qualifiedresearchers and scholars”—including students,staff, or faculty.•  Photocopy & Scanning Policy states that KIreserves the right not to photocopy:•  Unique and/or rare materials•  Unpublished works without authorpermission•  Confidential works•  “Any materials, the duplication ofwhich… would not be in the bestinterest of the Institute.”•  Requirement is that scans/digital copies mustbe deleted or otherwise destroyed after use.IMPERATIVES•  $$$•  Secure platform that supportsauthentication for multipleuser roles.•  Modified user policies.•  Modified donor negotiations.h#p://<nes-­‐day-­‐website/  Partnerships•  Alexander Street Press•  LBGT Thought & CultureDonor Restrictions•  Material restrictions are negotiated betweenthe donor and Kinsey staff.•  Most common request is a time restriction.