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Cbhl apr2014


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BHL update for the Council on Botanical and Horticultural Libraries annual meeting

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Cbhl apr2014

  1. 1. Growing the BHL BHL Collections Coordinator Bianca Crowley April 2014 CBHL
  2. 2.
  3. 3. Consortium Participants •  Academy of Natural Sciences •  American Museum of Natural History •  California Academy of Sciences Library •  Cornell University Library •  Ernst Mayr Library of the Museum of Comparative Zoology •  e Field Museum •  Harvard University Botany Libraries •  Library of Congress •  Marine Biological Laboratory and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Library •  Missouri Botanical Garden Library •  National Library Board (Singapore) •  Natural History Museum, LA County •  Natural History Museum, London •  e New York Botanical Garden •  Royal Botanic Garden, Kew •  Smithsonian Libraries •  University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign •  United States Geological Survey Libraries •  Washington University of St. Louis
  4. 4. Growing organization •  Vision : Inspiring discovery through free access to biodiversity knowledge. •  Mission :The Biodiversity Heritage Library works collaboratively to make biodiversity literature openly available to the world as part of a global biodiversity community.  
  5. 5. Growing organization: Goals 1.  Relevant Content : Build and maintain the BHL as the largest reliable, reputable, and responsive repository of biodiversity literature and archival materials. 2.  Tools and Services : Develop services and tools which facilitate discovery and improve research efficiency of BHL content. 3.  User Engagement : Increase global awareness about the BHL through outreach, learning and education, and branding through engagement and collaboration with existing and new user communities. 4.  Membership and Partnerships : Grow BHL consortia membership and partnerships while fostering cross-institutional collaboration that continues to serve as a model for digital library development. 5.  Financial Sustainability : Ensure sustainability and relevance by being flexible, adaptable, and financially sound while the content and services remain openly and freely available.  
  6. 6. Growing consortium •  4 New “Gardeners” – Washington University Library (St. Louis, MO) – National Library Board Singapore – Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History Research Library – University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, University Library
  7. 7. Growing consortium •  BHL Central “Tract” – 16 institutions in the United States – 2 institutions in the United Kingdom – 1 institution in Singapore – Verses global “plots” elsewhere in Africa,Australia, Brazil, China, Egypt, Europe
  8. 8. New Membership Structure Members   •  $10K annual dues •  Guide BHL decision making •  Funding for digitization •  Access to specialized software and technical support •  Opportunities to participate in technical development •  Collaborative fund-raising opportunities •  Possible travel support •  Achieving economy of scale for access to, and storage of, digital collections in a safe repository Affiliates   •  No annual dues •  Participation in an active, award-winning collaborative program that is making biodiversity literature freely available to the world •  Opportunity to provide advice about the growth and development of the BHL Program •  Discounts on service fees for content ingest, access and technical assistance
  9. 9. Growing Collections •  76,000+ titles •  137,000+ volumes •  43 million+ pages!
  10. 10. BHL, BHL… How does your garden grow? •  Digi$za$on  :  BHL  consor+um  libraries  send   books  to  the  Internet  Archive  for  scanning   •  Aggrega$on  :  Harves+ng  non-­‐BHL  consor+um   materials  from  Internet  Archive  corpus  based   on  criteria  of  subject  headings  and  call   numbers   •  Aggrega$on  Experiment  :  indexing  metadata   for  content  available  on  external  websites  =  3rd   party  links    
  11. 11. 3rd Party Links
  12. 12. ©  Copyright  Status   Status  language   License   Permissions  (1923   in-­‐copyright  pubs)   In  copyright.  Digi+zed  with  the   permission  of  the  rights  holder.   Crea+ve  Commons   AOribu+on,  Non-­‐Commercial,   Share-­‐Alike  (CC-­‐BY-­‐NC-­‐SA   Due  Diligence   (1923-­‐77  US  pubs)   No  known  copyright  restric+ons  as   determined  by  scanning  ins+tu+on.   NA   Public  Domain   (pre-­‐1923)   Public  domain.  The  BHL  considers   that  this  work  is  no  longer  under   copyright  protec+on.   NA  
  13. 13. Growing Website: en
  14. 14. Growing Website: Now
  15. 15. Pruning, Weeding, De-bugging General  feedback  form   Scan  request  form
  16. 16. Issue Tracking System
  17. 17. Sowing for the future •  “Macaw” software for loading content scanned outside our standard workflow •  Full Text Search! •  Innovative projects: – Purposeful Gaming – Art of Life – Biodiversity Library Exhibitions – Digging into Data – Field notebooks
  18. 18. Questions? Thank you!
  19. 19. •  Open access •  Open data •  Deliver content where users are already working –  Via other biodiversity websites & taxonomic resources –  Via social media •  Involve users in collection & technical development …not just another silo
  20. 20. Issue Tracking Software Vols.  6,   8,  10   Vols.   1-­‐5   Vols.  7,   9,  11-­‐21   Communicate & Document Regularly
  21. 21. Standard Digitization Workflow
  22. 22. Sowing for the future: “Macaw” Metadata Collection and Workflow System