Punjabi culture


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Presentation of punjabi culture.

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Punjabi culture

  1. 1. Group 4 Topic Punjabi culture Submitted To Madam Tahira Submitted By Nosheen Zahir Roll # 18 Iram Zahir Roll # 11 Nazish Agha Roll # 20 Fahad Bashir Roll # 16
  2. 2. DRESSES OF PUNJAB Costumes of Punjab are indicative of the bright and vibrant culture and lifestyle of the people. The costumes are a mix of colour, comfort and beauty. It may be noted here that the state of Punjab is well known for the use of phulkari in its costumes. Other commonly worn clothes by people in Punjab are pagri, dhoti, lacha, kurta, khusa, gharara, paranda, choli and shalwar kameez.
  3. 3. Punjabi Cuisine Punjabi cuisines tend to be the dominant throughout the country or you can say that Punjabi cuisines are the mainstream food in Pakistan. Punjabi cuisines are consumed in most of the ceremonies e.g. at weddings, birthday parties, family reunions, etc. It’s common to find a biryani or a qorma present in the menu as a main course dish in almost every food selling point in Pakistan. No matter where these dishes originated from, within the boundaries of Pakistan, they are essentially considered to be Punjabi. Dishes Sarson ka Saag Nihari Kharorey (paaye) chicken Qorma
  4. 4. Appetizer Punjabi cuisines indeed do have a great deal to offer those who are serious about food. Ranging from light to heavy food, there is a great deal for one to choose from. However, there is a great deal of heavy foods compared to the quantity of lighter foods in Punjabi cuisines, but all are very delicious. Roundshape kabab Beefsteack Lentils
  5. 5. Drinks & Beverages Punjabi cuisine also has its share of beverages. However, there is one particular beverage known to Punjabi cuisine, and that is known as Lassi. This drink is primarily made of curd and milk. Other beverages that are common in Punjab include juices. These may be of different kinds, and are usually made from fruits. Sometimes, fruits are mixed together to produce a particular flavor. Lasi,Fruit Milk shake,Rabri and Rabri Milk
  6. 6. WEDDING TRADITIONS OF PUNJAB Punjabi culture is rich with rituals!!! The pre-wedding rituals include mangni, dohlki, mehndi and ubtan. The wedding process includes sarbala, sehrabandi, nikah and juta chupai. The Dhol (Balle Balle and Bhangra) is an obvious part of Punjabi weddings.
  7. 7. PUNJABI MUSIC Classical music forms are an important part of the cultural wealth of the Punjab. The Muslim musicians have contributed a large number of ragas to the repository of classical music. The most common instruments used are the Tabla, Sitar, Bansuri and Harmonium. Dhol is the major musical instrument of Punjab
  8. 8. LITERATURE OF PUNJAB Punjabi Poetry is renowned for its extremely deep meaning, beautiful, exciting and hopeful use of words. The large number of Punjabi poetry works are being translated throughout the world into many languages. Some of our poets are: Waris Shah’s contribution to Punjabi literature is best-known for his seminal work in Heer Ranjha, Shakespeare of Punjabi language. Bulleh Shah was a Punjabi Sufi poet, a humanist and philosopher. The verse from Bulleh Shah primarily employed is called the Kafi, a style of Punjabi
  9. 9. sports • Punjabi’s are fond of kabaddi, and wrestling, which is also popular in other parts of Pakistan and it’s also played on national level. • Other games being played in Punjab region include Gilli-Danda, Khoo-Khoo, Yassu-Panju, Pitho-Garam, Ludo, Chuppan-Chupai, BarafPanni, Kanchy and some major sports include cricket, boxing, horse-racing, hockey and football. • National Horse and Cattle Show at Lahore is the biggest festival where sports, exhibitions, and livestock competitions are held.
  10. 10. culturalFestival Punjabi people including some religious festivals such as Eid-Milad-Un-Nabi, Jumu’ah, Laylat-ul-Qadr. Urcs (devotional fairs),which are held at the shirnes of sufi saints, Melas and Nomaish (exhibitions). The Provincial capital Lahore is widely popular for its entertaining events and activities. Lahori’s are famous all over the country for their celebrations particularly for Basant festival (kite flying) in the spring season.
  11. 11. Arts & crafts • The main crafts created in the highlands and other rural areas of Punjab are basketry, pottery, which are famous for their modern and traditional designs all over the world and are included in the best formations of Punjabis. • Bone work, textile, cloth woven on handlooms with stunning prints is embroidered in the rural-areas and the weavers produce colourful cloths like cotton,sillk etc. • Embroidery, weaving, carpets, stone craft, jewellery, metal work along with truck art and other wood works. The craft of Punjab is its fundamental soul and its craft create its entity. poetry.