Microsoft Office 2013 - Looking at Outlook 2013 New Features - by Denver IT Consulting Company


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Microsoft Office 2013 - Looking at Outlook 2013 New Features - Presented by your Denver IT Support Specialists and Technology Consultants at North Star, Inc.


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Microsoft Office 2013 - Looking at Outlook 2013 New Features - by Denver IT Consulting Company

  1. 1. Microsoft Office 2013Looking at Outlook 2013New Features
  2. 2. DENVER IT SUPPORT SPECIALISTSN O R T H S T A R , I N C .Helping your Organization to beMore ProductiveNORTH STAR, INC.Presented byLooking at Outlook 2013New Features
  3. 3. Let’s Take a DriveThrough Outlook 2013
  4. 4. As we mentioned in aprevious presentationabout Office 2013,Microsoft has moved thevenerable productivitysuite into the cloud.
  5. 5. They have also made significant upgrades andimprovements to each of the Office components forwhich they are justifiably admired.
  6. 6. What’s new inOutlook 2013?
  7. 7. Organizing your life – and yourbusiness – has never been easier,thanks to the new Outlook 2013.
  8. 8. With all of the features you’ve come tolove from Outlook, plus new social andorganizational tools, you’ll never have areason to miss an important date, task,presentation, or connectionever again.
  9. 9. Exchange “ActiveSync”Support
  10. 10. By connecting Outlookwith ExchangeActiveSync you willreceive push-basedemail, appointments, andcontacts via the mostpopular email serversand services.
  11. 11. Social Connectors
  12. 12. Now you can receive the latest updates automaticallyfrom people in all your social networks, includingTwitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and others.
  13. 13. “Peeks”
  14. 14. Now you can take a quick peek at your schedule, anappointment, or info about someone you’re emailingwithout having to rearrange windows or lose your trainof thought.
  15. 15. People Card
  16. 16. Now you can easily integratemultiple contacts into a singleview, while presenting socialcontext and removing needlessduplication.
  17. 17. Calendar Share
  18. 18. Weather bar
  19. 19. Check the forecastwithout leaving Outlookand know what’s headedyour way whenscheduling trips – acrosstown, across the countryor around the world.
  20. 20. Search
  21. 21. Fast Filters & ContextCommands
  22. 22. Using just a single click you can now check yourcalendar for the day, the week, the month, whilefiltering and arranging tasks intuitively.
  23. 23. To discover more about Office 2013,check out ourarticle series at
  24. 24. Please feel free to contact us for your network analysis.THANK YOU!Looking forward to our future collaboration!N O R T H S T A R , I N C .303-552-0018 // www.nssit.comWe invite you to connect with us on:Facebook // Twitter // Google PlusProviding Network Design, Implementation, andSupport for Denver Small Businesses Denver IT Support and Consulting VoIP Business Phone Solutions Managed Services and On-site Support Web Conferencing SolutionsPresentation Designed by Andrea Kalli