Badges, Badgers, Mushrooms, and a Snake


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This presentation includes an explanation, exploration, and discussion of digital badges for use in community building, professional development, and skills/academic achievement. The first part of the presentation will define issuers, badges and criteria, and earners. The second part of the presentation includes a live demonstration and walk-through for creating and issuing a badge using the platform.

Session attendants will earn a badge for their participation and have the opportunity to create their own badges during this part of the session. The third and final part of the presentation will include a panel discussion with representatives from instructional technology, human resources, and others to consider potential uses of digital badges and their overall credibility and desirability.

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  • ******** get a account and fill out this quick form to earn the bad@$$ badger badge for participating in this session ( url)

  • About me
    Presentation content and format
    Walk-through demo of the platform
    Panel discussion
  • Explanation
    Walk-through demo of the platform
    Panel discussion
  • Digital badges are pretty similar to the analog badges we’ve seen our whole lives.
  • Signify achievements

  • Signify authority

  • Signify affiliations, opinions, and attitudes
  • And sometimes a combination of these
  • And, of course, they only exist in digital form (for now)

  • As I was preparing for this presentation, a friend played the Badgers, badgers song and ever since, I’ve had it stuck in my head.
    You’ve probably been wondering about the title of this presentation, and well, the word “badges” is so close to “badgers” that it just stuck there.

  • Digital badges are probably most recognizable to gamers; badges have been around for quite a while in that realm

    For example, this is an achievement screen from minecraft (a game I’ve never played)

    Not being a gamer myself when I began this adventure, I was mostly interested in badge design.
  • Core member and suggested that we issue badges to our membership for various things
  • I began to investigate and of course started with
    Badges associated with Mozilla’s Open Badges online standard enjoy wider credibility
  • Illustration:
  • I followed a great tutorial by Billy Meinke for the steps below.
  • Using OpenBadges Metadata Validator
  • Finally, you log into your Mozilla Backpack account and upload the new .PNG
  • To display the badge on a page, I used the Badge Widget Hack to generate the code to display the image on a page.

    Everything was great…. Then I realized I’d need to repeat most of these steps for each member of TnT who might want a badge.

  • Looked at several; plenty of features to consider and needs to be tailored to organizational/process goals

    For our purposes with TnT, I was looking for a free, easy-to-use system that would allow for custom badge designs.
  • Looked closely at Passport; buggy at the time, but has undergone several upgrades and may be more stable.
  • So to summarize, digital badges are gaining in popularity, but adoption may remain a challenge for at least the foreseeable future.

    Thank you to panelists

    Slides and resources available online
  • Badges, Badgers, Mushrooms, and a Snake

    1. 1. Badges, Badgers, Mushrooms, and a Snake High Ed Web Michigan | May 22, 2014
    2. 2. Introduction Nicole Rhoads @nniiccoollee
    3. 3. Introduction  Digital badges explanation  Walk-through demo of platform  Panel discussion
    4. 4. What are digital badges?
    5. 5. Girl and Boy Scout badges
    6. 6. Law enforcement badges
    7. 7. And buttons! (AKA badges) AKA “flair”
    8. 8. Digital badges only slightly different  Convey similar meanings:  Achievements  Affiliations  Attitudes
    9. 9. Only in digital form (for now)
    10. 10. Digital badgers badges Note: From here on in the presentation, when I say “badges” I really mean digital badges.
    11. 11. Not new to gamers
    12. 12. U-M TnT Membership (annual) Meeting attendance Project participation
    13. 13.
    14. 14. Open Badges Infrastructure • Issuers • Earners • Display
    15. 15. More research...  Great tutorial by Billy Meinke
    16. 16. Wrote and validated a json file  { "recipient": "", "evidence": "", "issued_on": "2013-10-10", "badge": { "version": "1.0.0", "name": "BadgeBuildTest", "image": " badge.png", "description": "Has displayed expertise in hand-made badge creation.", "criteria": "", "issuer": { "origin": "", "name": "TrendsAndTechName", "org": ”Test Badge, 2013", "contact": "" } } }
    17. 17. Uploaded a png & baked it  Use the Mozilla “baker” service: Append your URL to the URL below:  Enter this URL in a browser  Mozilla’s baker service interprets the .JSON file, attaches that data to the .PNG image designated in the .JSON file, in effect, binding the image and data.  The end result is a new .PNG file for download.
    18. 18. Mozilla Backpack
    19. 19. Badge Widget Hack
    20. 20. Badging platforms
    21. 21. Purdue’s Passport
    22. 22.
    23. 23. Panel Members  John Leasia Manager, Learning Technology Incubation Group (LTIG); Library IT  Matthew Snyder (@mattesnyder) Human Resource Communications Specialist, Human Resources Strategy and Planning
    24. 24. Panel Members  Patricia Anderson (@pfanderson) Emerging Technologies Informationist, Taubman Health Sciences Library  Chase Masters (@billchase2edu) Enabling Technologies Informationist, Taubman Health Sciences Library
    25. 25. Badges, Badgers, Mushrooms, and a Snake Nicole Rhoads | May 22, 2014
    26. 26. References and resources  Mozilla Open Badges:  Mozilla Backpack:  Badge Widget Hack (to display badges on a webpage):
    27. 27. References and resources  Badge Lab:  Badge options for schools: schools-what-are-the-options/  Badge platforms: ey=0AsHml- k4XnX7dHJQSDBrdUphYlprc1N0N09KMzFzckE&usp=sharing# gid=0
    28. 28. References & resources: Tutorials • Chris McAvoy (Mozilla): • Billy Meinke: badges-want-to-make-your-own-badges-by-hand-heres- how/