Defining Lean: What is it?


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A short introduction to Lean Thinking, based on my personal interpretation of the approach!

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Defining Lean: What is it?

  1. 1. Nikos Palavitsinis,Agro-Know
  2. 2.  a production practice that considers the expenditure of resources for any goal other than the creation of value for the end customer to be wasteful, and thus a target for elimination
  3. 3.  1884 - First company to be operated by rules similar to today’s corporations  Dutch East India Company  1908 - Harvard Business School was the first program in the world to offer the Master of Business Administration degree.
  4. 4.  For some 80 years, students were educated on how to “run” a company  Marketing, management, logistics, human resources, finance, etc.  But for companies that were already big  What happens with smaller ones?
  5. 5.  Start-ups are NOT smaller versions of a bigger company…  As such, they should not be trying to create value with the same techniques or tools  They operate in a highly risky, ever changing environment, with limited resources
  6. 6.  It all started with a course given by Steven Blank  And it evolved into…  Business Model Generation, Alex Osterwalder  The Lean Start-up, Eric Ries  Running Lean, Ash Maurya
  7. 7.  A start-up is a human institution designed to create something new in the face of uncertainty with limited resources to do so  Learning does NOT justify failure…  If you cannot measure it, I don’t care…  Getting out of the building is good…
  8. 8.  AK is a start-up…  Limited resources – check  Great uncertainty – check  Small group of talented humans – check  We are kind of doing lean already…
  9. 9.  Events  Landing pages  PAT  Projects  Collections  Trainings  Etc…
  10. 10. Stop Learning, StartThinking!
  11. 11.  LeanAKademy – Eight 4-hour meetings in a two month period, working on Lean…  You will develop your idea  Find the problems & test them  Pivot your idea if needed  Price them & demo them  Build a product and launch it