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Intrapreneurship by Ryan Kauth


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Intrapreneurship: Innovation That No One Talks About

It’s about time we celebrate the entrepreneur! With the death of Steve Jobs, entrepreneurs have become the most admired people of our time even more so than athletes and celebrities. Popular television shows like “Shark Tank” have highlighted this trend as well.

We talk R&D and innovation but rarely do we hear much about the entrepreneurs within our organizations, the intrapreneurs. We’ll explore the inner workings of an intrapreneur, discuss the value these individuals bring to their organizations and share ideas on how you can unleash the intrapreneur within you to help build your personal brand value.

Ryan Kauth, director, Small Business Development Center at UW-Green Bay

Since 1998 Ryan has been advising small business owners, entrepreneurs and their leadership team members on marketing, cash flow and growth strategies. He continues to do this today at his alma mater at the UW-Green Bay Small Business Development Center, a role he accepted after working in business banking for five years.

Also a marketing and finance adjunct faculty member, Ryan lives with his family in Manitowoc County, where he and his wife grew up, and enjoys volunteering with regional and local economic development and Chamber efforts (including Young Professional Networks), on nonprofit boards, for nonprofit causes and at church.

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Intrapreneurship by Ryan Kauth

  1. 1. Intrapreneurship Innovation That No One Talks Aboutinnovation comes from people meeting up in the hallways or calling each other at 10:30 at night with a new idea or because they realized something that shoots holes in how weve been thinking about a problem - Steve Jobs
  2. 2. Intrapreneurshipon my way to work this morning
  3. 3. Intrapreneurship What is it? • the term coined in 1985 to describe entrepreneurs inside companies • “corporate entrepreneurs”• innovators - employees (and contractors) with entrepreneurial tendencies
  4. 4. IntrapreneurshipIf not for the Intrapreners of Apollo 13, we would not have… …and that doesn’t even touch all of Kevin Bacon’s significant contributions to mankind.
  5. 5. IntrapreneurshipWhat can you do with the resources you have at work right now to solve your clients’ challenges?
  6. 6. Intrapreneurship“MasterCard is not a financial institution. Its a technology company that provides networking, data storage, software, analytics, security and related services for financial institutions.” On Black Friday, MasterCard handled • 2,000+ U.S. transactions per second • 200+ countries’ and territories’ transactions • 140 million+ global transactions per hour • all this at an average response time of 140 milliseconds per
  7. 7. IntrapreneurshipLarge companies such as MasterCard innovate by making it a part of the internal culture and recognizing that great ideas also come from outside. "For executives who want to secure growth through innovation, the answer lies in recognizing the limits of their organization and empowering groups to function with very different goals and operational metrics.” - Maxwell Wessel, Harvard Business Review
  8. 8. Intrapreneurs Who are they?You might be an intrapreneur if…
  9. 9. Intrapreneurship…you come to work each day willing to be fired but you are not there to make waves. …you share credit widely.…you do any task needed to make your project work, regardless of your job description.
  10. 10. Intrapreneurship You might be an intrapreneur if… • you find people to help you. • you are true to your goals but realistic about the ways to achieve them.• you never bet on a race…unless you are running in it. • you live by “It is easier to ask for forgiveness than for permission.”
  11. 11. Intrapreneurship You might be an intrapreneur if… • you follow your intuition on people you choose on your teams and work only with the best. • you honor your organization’s resources (ask for advice before asking for resources & express gratitude for them).• you bend the rules or circumvent bureaucracy while keeping the best interest of your organization and clients in mind.
  12. 12. Intrapreneurship Score yourself: 8 – 10: Intrapreneur5 – 7: Intrapreneur in the making 0 – 4: Kevin Bacon
  13. 13. IntrapreneurshipThe Innovative Organization • Long Term are more profitable and sustainable • Have innovative & well-read managers & leaders • Know their market and clients qualitatively & quantitatively Due to the work of intrapraneurs!
  14. 14. IntrapreneurshipBut, my organization isn’t innovative. Really? Well, maybe • your industry is • your competitors aren’t, or • you are
  15. 15. IntrapreneurshipConsiderations on becoming more intrapreneurial • breaking barriers of group-think • learning to think with courage and imagination (just like an entrepreneur) • interaction with entrepreneursto challenge the boundaries of traditional thinking and processes • jump start work teams therefore innovative corporations • effective work teams share a common vision • self-confidence in your ability to think creatively and your team’s ability to think creatively and freely
  16. 16. IntrapreneurshipMore considerations on becoming more intrapreneurial • The Product, Service, or Process Improvement • Corporate Fit • The Marketing and Sales Plan • Operations Plan • Summary of Risks • Targets/Milestones • Financial Statements • Managerial Issues
  17. 17. Intrapreneurship Unleashing the Intrapreneur within • Ask to be on a team at work (don’t just ask for solo projects) • If you can’t seem to be intrapreneurial at work, volunteer!• When volunteering for a nonprofit, start at the Committee or Event level • In your coursework, solve a problem at work or in the community • Take calculated risks (think scenarios through) • Commit to yes…then figure out how and who (who = you!)
  18. 18. Intrapreneurship Last word (for now) on Intrapreneurship Remember that… • Intrapreneurs are people • Intrapreneurship can be learned• Organizations (based in their teams) can become more intrapreneurial • Organizations need intrapreneurial thinkers to move forward
  19. 19. Happy IntrapreNewYear! the UW-Green Bay Small Business Development Center located in the Advance Business & Manufacturing CenterNo-cost business planning and low-cost leadership trainingfor small business owners and their teams in the New North 2701 Larsen Road, Green Bay, WI 54303 (920) 496-2117 @uwgbSBDC Ryan Kauth @ryanKauth