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On Intrapreneurship

Intrapreneur is short for intracorporate entrepreneur, i.e. one who undertakes. The presentation contains WORK STRATEGIES THAT WORK. For people who don’t let bureaucratic barriers stop them from driving constructive change. Adapted from Deloitte Insights’ „Intrapreneurship in Government“.

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On Intrapreneurship

  1. 1. INTRA
  2. 2. — PROF HOWARD STEVENSON, HBS from within an organization
  3. 3. Intrapreneur is short for intracorporate entrepreneur, i.e. one who undertakes. 88% of the companies that comprised the Fortune 500 list in 1955 are no longer listed Great nation
  4. 4. Intrapreneurship is an attitude, not an organizational department or a function. The process of being a serial ‘internet entrepreneur’, e.g. Simon Coulson. Creating a business that focuses mainly on one’s own inner goals and development. What’s not an intrinsic motivation to change the status quo
  5. 5. IMPORTANT I am not an expert on intrapreneurship, I am an advocate, based on personal experience Adapted from Deloitte Insights’ „Intrapreneurship in Government“ ! For people who don’t let bureaucratic barriers stop them from driving constructive change
  6. 6. UNRELATED DOTS Potentially big impacts don’t always require the invention of something new. Intrapreneurs often bring ideas from outside their organization to address an unmet need. I
  7. 7. 7 7 CASE 1 - Pinchot's Ten Commandments for Intrapreneurs
  8. 8. 8 8
  9. 9. Participants are asked to take on “missions” and share their findings and experiences to generate a collective understanding of the problem.  Interview a colleague, customer or user  Perform an experiment  Share experiences or previous solutions Participants submit solutions to address the Challenge Ideators with similar or complimentary ideas are grouped together to form Innovation Teams Coaches help provide mentorship and reviews Ideators integrate and refine their ideas into a Proof of Concept POCs are presented to the Global Innovation Council to help secure sponsorship and funding for the top ideas Top ideas are recognized and announced to the community As Ideas get implemented, Ideators report their results back to the community The service innovation process starts with a Challenge which is a business, customer or technology problem posed to the community as a question to spark innovation
  10. 10. Pilot campaign integration within a global service delivery account
  11. 11. CONSTRUCT
  12. 12. STAKEHOLDERS Invest in building networks to transport ideas. II
  13. 13. CASE 2 - Pinchot's Ten Commandments for Intrapreneurs
  14. 14. University А Life-long learning Consultants Corporate L&D P2P University B Government L&D Online e-learning Non-formal education NGO
  15. 15. 16
  16. 16. ENGAGE
  17. 17. DETOURS Intrapreneurs can leverage their networks, build new connections, and become salespeople for their ideas to find the detours that make progress possible. III
  18. 18. 19 CASE 3 - Pinchot's Ten Commandments for Intrapreneurs
  19. 19. Photo credits: Learning Machine “We envision a world in which the awarding and validation of qualifications no longer occur exclusively under the management of an education institution or an employer and individual students, teachers, and peers take more ownership of the learning experience and its outcomes (...)" Prof. John Domingue, Director of Open University’s Knowledge Media Institute
  20. 20. Renowned academics, senior corporate executives, experienced public sector leaders, blockchain evangelists and social game-changers
  21. 21. WORK AROUND
  22. 22. ‘BETA’ it takes time to test new ideas and for stakeholders to buy into new ways of doing work. Pilots don’t grab headlines, but they can be better for getting things done. IV
  23. 23. CASE 4 - Pinchot's Ten Commandments for Intrapreneurs
  24. 24.  Located on 10 National Assembly square,  Erected in 1933  30 years of campaigning and fundraising  Home of leading student organizations
  25. 25. 28 2001 2018
  26. 26. CENTRAL LOBBY 2004 - 2018 2019
  27. 27. ‘ART IN ACTION’ FESTIVAL, OCT. 2018
  28. 28. CHAMBER HALL 2004-20182004-2018
  29. 29. CHAMBER HALL Dec. 2018 2004-2018Dec. 2018 Jan. 2019
  30. 30. MAIN HALL Кристиян Янкулов – „Събуди се“Today
  31. 31. UPCOMING! 2004-2018
  32. 32. UPCOMING! 2004-20182004-2018Windoo Concert, Feb. 22
  33. 33. ITERATE
  35. 35.