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Travis Wright - Complete it service management

  1. 1. Travis Wright & Paul Sutton Complete IT Service Management
  2. 2. Agenda • Introduction to System Center - Service Manager • How Service Manager + Cireson delivers complete IT service management
  3. 3. SCSM Overview Connectors IT Service Management Solutions Incident & Problem Management Service Request Fulfillment Change & Release Management Configuration Management CMDB Platform DW Workflow System Center – System Center – System Center – System Center – Active Directory Exchange Configuration Manager Operations Manager Orchestrator Virtual Machine Manager Knowledge Management Self-service Reporting Self-service Portal Service Catalog .NET API Notifications Console & Forms Security
  4. 4. Value of Service Manager CMDB • Store everything you care about in one “master” location • Provide data to other systems and automation • Integrate data via connectors from other systems Work Item Management • Track who is doing what, how long its taking to do it, etc. • Audit trail of changes, releases, approvals, work done, etc. Self-service Portal Reporting • Provide realtime view into what is going on to customers • Anytime availability to request things from IT • Capture data for requests in a structured way • Access to knowledge base • Browser-based approvals and activity updates • Ad hoc access to data • Long term storage of important data • SQL Reporting Services • Cubes • Extensible data model IT Process Automation Platform • Notifications • Workflows • Orchestrator integration • Exchange integration • SCOM/SCCM integration • AD integration • PowerShell modules
  6. 6. Value: It’s a Platform for Partners! • Service Manager Gaps • • • • • Self-service portal has many issues No analyst browser interface No asset lifecycle management No connector to Service Management Automation (SMA) No integration with Outlook • Feature gaps
  7. 7. Feature Gaps No way to send email ad hoc from the console No assign to analyst by group No risk calculator No integrated survey capability No way to notify end user or No “intake” form analyst when action log is updated Preview pane Minimal reports No unified view of not useful out of the box all my work items Time tracking is No “toast” notifications No way to auto limited to incidents close work items No calendar view of Authoring views changes and releases is limited No GUI for importing data Knowledge is in RTF format
  8. 8. Team Cireson’s Mission: Complete IT Service Management with SCSM
  9. 9. Cireson SMA Connector
  10. 10. Service Management Automation (SMA) • • • • • SMA is a component in the Orchestrator setup Browser-based runbook authoring integrated into the WAP Admin Portal Supports requirements for scale and high availability Import PS modules and create additional modules and runbooks for existing resources or to connect into 3rd party systems (ticketing system, billing system, etc.) Check out the Building Clouds Blog for an Introduction to SMA
  11. 11. SMA Advantages Over Orchestrator • • • • • • • • • • 64-bit support Native PowerShell execution and PowerShell 3+ support Checkpoint/restart inside runbooks Runbook servers architecture is more scalable Ability to export selected variables, using the SMART tool Save drafts Versioned runbooks Schedule runbooks Parallel processing Text authoring vs. visual designer
  12. 12. SMA Architecture SCSM Console SCSM Workflows Cireson SMA Connector Windows Azure Pack Admin Portal SMA PowerShell Module/Cmdlets Service Management Automation Web Service API SMA Service Management Automation Runtime PowerShell Windows Workflow Foundation
  13. 13. SCSM–SMA Integration Key Scenarios Include a SMA runbook activity in a work item process Example: New AD User service request/request offering Subscription workflows trigger SMA runbooks Example: Automated incident troubleshooting
  14. 14. Cireson Self-Service Portal
  15. 15. Self-Service Portal Features • Service Catalog • Make service requests • Report incidents • • • • View/update requests Search knowledge base Approve/reject requests Update activities assigned to you
  16. 16. Out of Box Portal vs. Cireson Portal Out of Box Portal • • • • • • • • • Built on SharePoint Requires Silverlight Limited style customization Lots of clicks and scrolling Service catalog, my requests, knowledge base Poor performance/scale Doesn’t work on x-plat/mobile Internet-facing not supported Windows-integrated auth only Cireson Portal • • • • • • • • • No SharePoint required HTML 5, No Silverlight Complete style customization Minimal clicks and scrolling Service catalog, my requests, knowledge base + analyst portal Excellent performance/scale Works on x-plat/mobile Internet-facing supported Windows-integrated/forms auth
  18. 18. Paul’s slides here…
  19. 19. Cireson Roadmap • Q1 • Q2 • Updates to 9 products • Major updates to Asset Management and Outlook console • 3 free new products • Action Log Notify • Time Tracker • Advanced Send Email • Self-Service Portal • SMA Connector • Analyst Portal • Updates to products • Major update to selfservice portal and analyst portal • Add asset management to portal • Bar code scanning app • HTML knowledge base • Beyond… • Lots more things to come!
  20. 20. Questions & Discussion Travis Wright Director, Product Management Cireson Paul Sutton Director, Sales Cireson @radtravis
  21. 21. Please evaluate the session before you leave 
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