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  • Key talking points:No massive changes when Office 365 is migrated to the 2013 version.Key customer value = no need to be concerned about deployment; great for anytime – anywhere use from multiple devices; more agile because customers can easily add users without having to be worried about scalability.Key partner value = recurring business.
  • Site mailboxes:A new Exchange and Exchange Onlinecapability is site mailboxes. A site mailbox is an mailbox that is shared with and can only be accessed by team members. The site mailbox can contain emails and documents. The emails are stored in Exchange, the documents are stored in SharePoint. The site mailbox shows up and can be used in both Outlook (but not the Outlook Web App) and SharePoint.Data Loss Prevention (copied from, then edited):Data loss prevention (DLP) is an important issue for enterprise message systems because of the extensive use of email for business critical communication that includes sensitive data. In order to enforce compliance requirements for such data, and manage its use in email, without hindering the productivity of workers, Exchange Online Plan 2 includes DLP features that make managing sensitive data easier than ever before.DLP policies are simple packages that contain sets of conditions, which are made up of rules, actions, and exceptions that message administrators create in the Exchange Administration Center (EAC) and then activate to filter email. You can create a DLP policy, but choose to not activate or enable it. This allows you to test your policies without affecting mail flow. DLP policies can use the full power of existing transport rules. In fact, a number of new types of transport rules have been created in order to accomplish new DLP capability. One important new feature of transport rules is a new approach to classifying sensitive information that can be incorporated into mail flow processing. This new DLP feature performs deep content analysis through keyword matches, dictionary matches, regular expression evaluation, and other content examination to detect content that violates organizational DLP policies. In addition to the customizable DLP policies themselves, you can also inform email senders that they may be about to violate one of your policies—even before they send an offending message. You can accomplish this by configuring Policy Tips. Policy Tips are similar to MailTips, a feature introduced in Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, and can be configured to present a brief note in the Outlook 2013 client that provides information about possible policy violations to a person typing a message. Encryption:Emails and attachments can be encrypted using Rights Management, a new online service.Exchange Online Protection is the successor of Forefront Online Protection for Exchange. It’s an online service that protects customers’ on-premises Exchange servers. Customers who maintain Exchange Enterprise CAL SA may use this service at zero cost.eDiscovery (copied from discovery, or eDiscovery, is the process of identifying and delivering electronic information that can be used as evidence. SharePoint Server 2013 introduces the eDiscovery Center, a new type of site collection that serves as a portal for managing eDiscovery cases. From this central location you can discover content in the SharePoint farm, in Exchange Server 2013, on file shares, and in other SharePoint farms. You can apply a hold to SharePoint and Exchange content that you discover. The hold ensures that a copy of the content is preserved, while still allowing users to work with their content. When you have identified the specific items that you will have to deliver, you can export them in an industry-standard format.Records management and Compliance (copied, then edited):The records management and compliance features in SharePoint Server 2013 provide improved ways to help you protect your business. Compliance features of SharePoint Server 2013 have been extended to sites. You can create and manage retention policies in SharePoint Server 2013, and the policies will apply to SharePoint sites and any Exchange Server 2013 site mailboxes that are associated with the sites. When a project begins, the project owner creates a SharePoint site and an Exchange Server 2013 site mailbox. The project owner selects the appropriate policy template and invites team members to join the project. As the team adds documents to the site, sends email messages, and creates other artifacts such as lists, these items automatically receive the correct retention policies. When the work is completed, the project owner closes the project, which removes the project's folders from the team members' user interface in Outlook 2013. After a certain time, as specified by the policy, the project expires, and the artifacts associated with the project are deleted.PowerView (copied from enables users to visualize and interact with modeled data by using highly interactive visualizations, animations and smart querying.. Users can present and share insights with others through rich storyboard presentation capabilities.
  • Visio Pro for Office 365 and Project Pro for Office 365 are licensed and deployed like Office 365 ProPlus, so licensed per user, deployed using click-to-run.
  • Peter De Tender - How to efficiently license office 365

    1. 1. Peter De Tender Efficiently Licensing Office 365 @PDTIT #techedyellowpantsteam
    2. 2. About this session I’m NOT having cheaper Office 365 offerings () I’m NOT giving licenses away for free () I have NO influence on your license agreements () … I DO HAVE a lot to tell about optimizing your Office 365 licensing () () () @PDTIT #techedyellowpantsteam
    3. 3. About this session What is Office 365? Introduction to Office 365 Licensing Plans Optimizing your current license agreements ROI / TCO of Office 365 examples Q&A @PDTIT #techedyellowpantsteam
    4. 4. About the speaker @PDTIT #techedyellowpantsteam
    5. 5. @PDTIT #techedyellowpantsteam
    6. 6. What is Office 365 @PDTIT #techedyellowpantsteam
    7. 7. What is Office 365? @PDTIT #techedyellowpantsteam
    8. 8. What is Office 365 Pro Plus? • A single package of all Office 2013 applications • It’s all or nothing • Subscription-based For all details around O365 ProPlus deployment, please come to my afternoon session 1340-1440!! @PDTIT #techedyellowpantsteam
    9. 9. Office 365 License Plans @PDTIT #techedyellowpantsteam
    10. 10. Customer Segments This Session’s Focus Office 365 Home Premium Office 365 Small Business Premium Office 365 Midsize Business Office 365 Enterprise Office 365 Enterprise and Government Office 365 Education • Office client • Tailored offer • Single tailored offer • Data isolation (US only) • Free email and collaboration • Non commercial user rights • No IT required • Designed for generalist IT • Range of offers by user type • Advanced admin tools • Enterprise admin tools • Range of offers by user type • Education-specific features • Available via FPP, Direct • University version available @PDTIT • Targeted up to 10 users • Hard cap of 25 users • Available via FPP, Direct, Syndication • Targeted up to 250 users • Hard cap of 300 users • Available via Open/OV/OVS, Direct, S yndication • Advanced admin tools • Enterprise IT capabilities • No hard cap • Available in EA, Direct, Syndication • Available in EA, Direct, Open • Available in CASAEES, Direct #techedyellowpantsteam
    11. 11. Stand-Alone Plans Existing SKU/Feature New SKUs/Features Exchange Online Kiosk Exchange Online (Plan 1) Unlimited storage, voicemail, advanced archiving, Data Loss Prevention, encryption, , site mailboxes Exchange Online Protection Protection from spam, viruses, phishing and policy violations Exchange Online Archiving Legal hold and compliance SharePoint Online (Plan 1) Collaboration with sites, drag and drop, site mailboxes SharePoint Online (Plan 2) Forms, Data visualization, Access/Excel/Visio Services, eDiscovery, Compliance, PowerView SharePoint Online Storage Additional 1GB of storage Lync Online (Plan 1) Instant messaging & presence, AV Lync Online (Plan 2) Virtual Meetings Lync Online (Plan 3) Enterprise Voice Office Web Apps with SharePoint Online (Plan 1) Web Apps, collaboration with sites, fast search, drag and drop, site mailboxes Office Web Apps with SharePoint Online (Plan 2) Web Apps, Forms, Data visualization, Access/Excel/Visio Services, eDiscovery, Compliance, PowerView Office 365 ProPlus @PDTIT 1 25 GB Email, calendar, personal archive, eDiscovery, AV/AS Exchange Online (Plan 2) Lync 1 GB email, calendar Office subscription, PC/Mac, roaming, mobile rights #techedyellowpantsteam
    12. 12. Enterprise Plans Email, Calendar IM and Presence Office Web Apps Collaboration Voicemail, Archiving, Data Loss Prevention Excel/Access/Vi sio Services Rights Management Office 365 ProPlus Enterprise Voice Price @PDTIT #techedyellowpantsteam
    13. 13. New Applications SharePoint Add-Ons @PDTIT Subscription version of the advanced diagramming software, including roaming access and click to run Subscription version of Project Professional client software with roaming access and click to run Project Online Online-only version of project server, delivering enterprise Project, Program and Portfolio Management Project Online with Project Pro for Office 365 Project Visio Pro for Office 365 Project Pro for Office 365 Visio Subscription version of Project Professional client with online capabilities of Project Online App Hosting for Office 365 Additional app hosting resources for solutions provisioned in Microsoft’s hosting environment, sold per app per month #techedyellowpantsteam
    14. 14. Optimizing Licensing Agreements @PDTIT #techedyellowpantsteam
    15. 15. Non-Office 365 CAL Bundles Windows Server CAL Exchange Server Standard CAL SharePoint Server Standard CAL Lync Server Standard CAL System Center Config Manager CAL System Center Endpoint Protection Active Directory RMS Exchange Enterprise CAL w/ Svcs* (with Exchange Online Protection) Lync Enterprise CAL SharePoint Enterprise CAL System Center Client Mgmt Suite Exchange Online Archiving Forefront Unified Access Gateway Forefront Protection Suite @PDTIT #techedyellowpantsteam
    16. 16. User or Device CALs Selecting CALs 3 2.5 2 1.5 1 0.5 Device & Workload Trends The New Office 2010 2012 Devices per User 2014 CAL Usage & Customer Preference May prefer Device CALs if... May prefer User CALs if... Devices Fewer Devices than Users Devices Fewer Users than Devices Management It is easier to count Devices Management It is easier to count Users 42 % 58 % 26 % Device User 74 % Current Preference at Next Renewal Platforms High MS workload usage across devices @PDTIT #techedyellowpantsteam
    17. 17. License Manageability and Economics Boundaries between work and personal usage of devices are merging Personal Devices Manage and track the user not devices. Asset Tag User CALs make it easier to manage licenses across multiple devices. User CAL @PDTIT #techedyellowpantsteam ^ 2012 Forrester Research, Inc. “Info Workers Will Erase The Boundary Between Enterprise And Consumer Technologies
    18. 18. Office 365 Licensing Models and EA Customer License Position O365 License Comparison • Customer stops paying for underlying software assurance (SA) • Customer maintains underlying SA payment • No true-up required for Office on up to 5 devices per user • • Customer receives no SA benefits License true-up motion remains the same for net new devices • Customers retains SA benefits • Best for customer that is risk adverse: values perpetual rights, the ability to move at their own pace, and no change to their EA • @PDTIT Best for customer with many devices per user, that is comfortable with change in underlying EA, and is familiar with the Cloud #techedyellowpantsteam
    19. 19. DEMO : CAL Estimator Tool @PDTIT #techedyellowpantsteam
    20. 20. Bridge CAL to Office 365 @PDTIT #techedyellowpantsteam
    21. 21. New Office 365 ProPlus Transition @PDTIT #techedyellowpantsteam
    22. 22. ROI / TCO - Office 365 Calculations @PDTIT #techedyellowpantsteam
    23. 23. Understanding the numbers • My personal observations • Real customers (+/- 10 – midsize ~250users) • Numbers are accurate, but open for discussion • Email to for full report @PDTIT #techedyellowpantsteam
    24. 24. Convincing Numbers • • • • ROI of 300% over 3 years Payback period : 6 months Total benefits: +1 billion $ Total costs : +/- 300.000$ - 1.500$ /user @PDTIT #techedyellowpantsteam
    25. 25. Core benefits 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Knowledge worker productivity gain Mobile workforce productivity gain Eliminated hardware Eliminated 3rd party software Travel savings Substituded Microsoft Licenses Always the latest versions => no upgrade path Opex vs. Capex => more cashflow @PDTIT #techedyellowpantsteam
    26. 26. Costs Components • • • • • • Planning & Training Platform Administration Hardware Microsoft Subscription Licenses Ongoing Administration Additional Bandwith @PDTIT #techedyellowpantsteam
    27. 27. Assumptions Assum. Description Value A1 Annual cost IT FTE 65,000$ A2 Annual cost mobile worker 95,000$ A3 Annual cost knowledge 60,000$ worker A4 Number of Users A5 Office 365 E3 plan @PDTIT 250 #techedyellowpantsteam
    28. 28. Total Cost Overview Cost Description Value TC1 Planning & Training 23,000$ TC2 Hardware Cost TC3 Office 365 subscription 216,000$ TC4 Operational costs 29,250$ TC5 Bandwith costs 15,000$ Overall Total @PDTIT 9,700$ 292,950$ #techedyellowpantsteam
    29. 29. Total Benefits Overview Cost Description Value TB1 Knowledge Worker Gain 108,000$ TB2 Mobile Worker Productivity Gain 81,000$ TB3 Eliminated Hardware 65,000$ TB4 Eliminated 3rd party software 20,000$ TB5 Web Conferencing Savings 25,000$ TB6 Substituted Microsoft Licenses 125,000$ TB7 Avoided in-house labor 35,000$ TB8 Reduced IT support & staffing 206,000$ TB9 Reduced travel costs 260,000€ Potential Total amount saved 1.023.000$ @PDTIT #techedyellowpantsteam
    30. 30. Q&A @PDTIT #techedyellowpantsteam
    31. 31. About this session What is Office 365? Introduction to Office 365 Licensing Plans Optimizing your current license agreements ROI / TCO of Office 365 samples Q&A @PDTIT #techedyellowpantsteam
    32. 32. Please evaluate the session before you leave  @PDTIT #techedyellowpantsteam
    33. 33. Peter De Tender Efficiently Licensing Office 365 @PDTIT #techedyellowpantsteam
    34. 34. Appendix : detailed numbers @PDTIT #techedyellowpantsteam
    35. 35. Planning & Training Costs Cost Description Value B1 Internal IT project owner 1 B2 Number of months 2 B3 Monthly cost IT A1/12 = 5,500$ B4 Consultancy 5,000$ T1 Training 12,500$ Overall Cost @PDTIT 23,000$ #techedyellowpantsteam
    36. 36. Hardware Costs Cost Description Value C1 ADFS Server 1 C2 Server Cost 7,000$ C3 Maintenance costs 700$ x 3y = 2.100$ C4 Operational costs 200$ x 3y = 600$ Total hardware cost @PDTIT 9.700$ #techedyellowpantsteam
    37. 37. Microsoft Office 365 Subscription costs Assum. Description Value D1 Office 365 E3 plans 24$x250x12x3y Total O365 costs @PDTIT 216,000$ #techedyellowpantsteam
    38. 38. Operational Cost IT FTE Cost Description Value E1 Workload 15% E2 IT FTE cost 65,000$ Operational cost 3y @PDTIT 9,750$ x 3 = 29,250$ #techedyellowpantsteam
    39. 39. Additional Bandwith Assum. Description Value F1 Additional Bandwith 5,000$ Total Bandwith costs 3y 15,000$ @PDTIT #techedyellowpantsteam
    40. 40. Workers Gain Assum. Description Value WG1 Knowledge Worker Gain 1h/wx48x150x30$/h= 108,000$ (50%) WG2 Mobile Worker Gain 0,5h/wx48x50x45$/h= 81,000$ (50%) Total @PDTIT 190,000$ #techedyellowpantsteam
    41. 41. Eliminated HW & SW Assum. Description Value HW1 4 Servers (EX, Lync, SPS, AD,…) 7,000$x3x4=84,000 (75%) SW1 Eliminated MS licenses for EX, Lync, SPS, Server, Office 2013,….) 250x500$+1,000$+4,5 00$+800$+250x200$ = 98,000$ Total @PDTIT 165,000$ #techedyellowpantsteam
    42. 42. Please evaluate the session before you leave  @PDTIT #techedyellowpantsteam
    43. 43. Peter De Tender Efficiently Licensing Office 365 @PDTIT #techedyellowpantsteam