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ERP monitoring with Applications Manager


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Explore SAP, Dynamics AX, Dynamics CRM, and Oracle EBS metrics. Drill down to identify pinpoint performance issues and ensure hassle-free performance from your ERP servers.

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ERP monitoring with Applications Manager

  1. 1. ERP Systems Monitoring with ManageEngine Applications Manager
  2. 2. Agenda Ensure your ERP solution is free of performance hiccups The right approach to monitoring ERPs Exploring SAP, Oracle EBS, Dynamics CRM, Dynamics AX metrics Make it easy with inbuilt reports and customizable dashboards
  3. 3. Supported ERPs
  4. 4. Discovery & mapping Ensure your ERP solution is free of performance hiccups
  5. 5. Benefits of Monitoring ERPs • Prevention of downtimes (outages) and guarantee service level agreements (SLA) through constant monitoring in real time. • Improve performance of solid ERP, as well as its response time. • Quick identification of problems involving ERP processes, without the need of a professional application allocation for this purpose.
  6. 6. Benefits of Using Applications Manager for ERP Server monitoring • Multiple vendors in a Single Solution. • Easy deployment in the product and agent-less monitoring. • Quick identification of problems involving ERP processes and customizing alerts to individual requirements.
  7. 7. Discovery & mapping The right approach to monitoring ERPs
  8. 8. Prerequisites to add ERP servers • Protocol used: HTTP(S)/Java Connector/WMI • Prerequisites: prerequisites
  9. 9. Represents whether a particular monitor is currently available to undertake requests. Represents the overall state of the monitor. Depends on the severity of all the other attributes. Up Down Availabilit y Clear Warning Critical Health
  10. 10. Discovery & mapping SAP Server and SAP CCMS
  11. 11. SAP Server Overview • SAP system information • Buffer Utilization • Spool Utilization • Paging Rate
  12. 12. SAP Background Process • Background Utilization • Queue Length • Error Information
  13. 13. SAP Dialog • Request Time • Response Time • Queue Time
  14. 14. SAP Enqueue • Enqueue Request Information • Dequeue Request Information
  15. 15. • SAP Alarm information • Detailed Alarm information for identifying errors SAP Alarm
  16. 16. SAP Jobs • Jobs Run status • Execution Information for better performance
  17. 17. SAP Server RFC • Queued RFC and Transactional RFC monitoring • Queue RFC classification and Execution information • Transactional RFC with Code and Message
  18. 18. SAP CCMS • View all attributes in Computing Center Management System • Choose Custom attributes from the monitoring tree elements (MTE) • Alert and archive performance report on specific attributes
  19. 19. Discovery & mapping Oracle EBS
  20. 20. Oracle EBS Overview • Request Statistics • Connection Statistics • Virtual Host information (v12.2 only) Supported versions: R11, R12.0, R12.2.0
  21. 21. EBS Process • Process and Memory Information • This is the only information in EBS v11
  22. 22. EBS Clusters
  23. 23. • Server Thread information • Application information EBS Servers and Forms
  24. 24. EBS OPMN and WebCache
  25. 25. Discovery & mapping Microsoft Dynamics
  26. 26. Dynamics CRM Overview • Authentication failures • Outlook Syncs • CRM Services
  27. 27. • Server statistics • Request information CRM Server and Requests
  28. 28. CRM Sandbox • Sandbox CPU and Memory Information • Sandbox execution statistics
  29. 29. CRM Async Services and Events • CRM Async services information • CRM Event monitoring
  30. 30. • Application Object Server statistics Dynamics AX AOS
  31. 31. • AX SQL transaction statistics • AX SQL performance statistics AX SQL
  32. 32. • Server processor performance • Server memory information AX Server statistics
  33. 33. Discovery & mapping Make it easy with inbuilt reports and customizable dashboards
  34. 34. Reports Trend Analysis Report: Understand performance trends of your business servers based on historical data to predict future trends and stay informed. Reports based on Monitor Types and their respective metrics: Generate reports instantaneously for custom attributes of individual servers, monitor types and even monitor groups
  35. 35. Trend analysis report • History Report • Hour of Day Report • Day of Week Report • Statistical Report • Heat Chart
  36. 36. View & compare reports Compare performance attribute reports of different monitors.
  37. 37. Dashboards • Customize with widgets • Create and publish multiple dashboards • Unified business view of your entire IT infrastructure
  38. 38. Quick Recap: Support Eval Online Demo • The right approach to monitoring ERPs • Ensure your ERP solution is free of performance hiccups • Exploring SAP, Dynamics AX, Dynamics CRM, Oracle EBS metrics • Make it easy with inbuilt reports and customizable dashboards
  39. 39. Support Eval Online Demo