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Netpluz | Protecting your Business with eSentinel | 360° Cyber Security Simplified

One of the biggest challenges facing IT professionals right now in any organisation is the complexity that resulted from the use of disconnected, problem-specific tools from multiple vendors, almost none of which work together.

Simplify and secure your network availability with eSentinel, a 'Plug & Play' Cloud-based security platform.


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Netpluz | Protecting your Business with eSentinel | 360° Cyber Security Simplified

  1. 1. CYBER ATTACK . NETWORK BREACH. Protecting your Business with eSentinel
  3. 3. TOO SMALL TO BE ATTACKED?  56% of small businesses experienced a cyber-attack in 2018.  63% believed they are less vulnerable than big companies. Source: Survey conducted by Chubb of 300 SME. Sept 2018  Almost 40% of cyberattacks in Singapore targets SMEs Source: CSA Singapore  3 in 5 Singapore SMEs faced a cyber threat in 2018. Source: The Straits Times 17 Jan 19
  4. 4. Remember SingHealth? “Even as we do our best to secure our systems, it is a matter of when, not if, our systems are breached. The cyber-attack on SingHealth is a reminder for us to do better in our cybersecurity efforts, together as a nation.” - Mr David Koh, Commissioner of Cybersecurity and Chief Executive CSA, emphasising the need for collective cybersecurity Source: CSA Singapore Cyber Landscape 2018
  5. 5. SMEs believe that they are less vulnerable towards cyber risks and that they are able to overcome cyber breaches quickly and easily. Source: Chubb Survey 2019 BUT CLEARLY 56% Experienced a CYBER ERROR or ATTACK In the past 12 months
  6. 6. Anticipated Trends Source: CSA Singapore Cyber Landscape 2018
  7. 7. Common threats
  8. 8. Traditional Cyber Protection Tools DDoS Mitigation Firewall Network Monitoring Skilled Professionals ASAV Malware Ransomware Vendor A Vendor B Vendor C Vendor D Vendor E
  9. 9. eSentinel 360° Cyber Security Simplified
  10. 10. eSentinel Cyber Security Framework Attack Prevention  Next-Gen Firewall  IPS / IDS  Anti-Virus / Anti-Spam  DDoS Mitigation  Honeypots Threat Detection  Managed SOC  24x7 Monitoring  Firewall Log Analyzing  SIEM Security Assessment  Asset Scanning & Monitoring  Continuous Vulnerability Assessment  Cyber Scoring - CVSS Continuous Enhancement
  11. 11. Customer Connectivity Options eSentinel Internet Branch Edge Netpluz Internet Access Netpluz Cloud Hosting Netpluz Server Colocation Other ISPs Private Cloud Public Cloud
  12. 12. eSentinel Reporting Dashboard eSentinel Platform provides:  Insights  Agility  Alerts & Notification  Customisable policies The REAL Single Pane of Glass Reporting Dashboard Mitigate risk. Maintain continuity. Improve efficiency.
  13. 13. eSentinel Extending Your CYBER SECURITY Defense Perimeter to the ISP Level
  14. 14. 360° Defense in Depth
  15. 15. Managed Services Overview DATA CYBER SECURITY VOICE VIDEO ANALYTICS MOBILITY • MobileRoam Voice • MobileRoam Data • IP-PBX (Cloud & On-Prem) • SIP Trunking • IDD 1551 • Global Virtual Number • DDoS Mitigation • Firewall • VAPT • Security Operations Centre • Endpoint & Server Protection • Wi-Fi Analytics • Video Analytics • Facial Recognition • Video Conferencing • CCTV Surveillance • Secure Internet Access • True Diverse Connectivity • SD-WAN • Wireless LAN • Link/Load Balancing • Server Colocation • IT Monitoring & Management • Private Cloud (MTCS) • IaaS, BaaS, DRaaS
  16. 16. Do join us at To find out more about eSentinel and SDWAN live demo Booth G95 Good Communications Simplified