SPECIAL FEATURES:                                             - Digitized high quality oil-painting illustrations         ...
Press SheetIntroduction on Original Story - Gloyeon<My Grandma Reads Me Books> was written based on the authors practical ...
Press Sheet                                               About the AppThe App book version of <My Grandma Reads Me Books>...
Press Sheet4. Diverse interactions helping kids’ emotional developmentThe audio book mode could be used when children go t...
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My grandma read's me books BookKit for iPad


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My grandma read's me books BookKit for iPad

  1. 1. SPECIAL FEATURES: - Digitized high quality oil-painting illustrations - Diverse effects supporting illustrations and stimulating kids’ curiosity - Page composition designed to follow kids’ changing attention and reading speed naturally - Icon menus easily and fastly activated by a simple touch - UI Innovative UI separating book reading from playing for enhanced concentration - Audio book narrated by the author available - Audio book designed for day and night separately - One more hidden story enjoyable in the picture coloring section - Two more games helping kids’ emotional and intellectual development - Learning English together! Korean and English language supported - Audio book play function for kids going to bed - Easy and simple audio-book self recording function - Six funny functions available at a cost lower than a book price - Japanese language support planned - supported by iPad1, iPad2 (supported by all OS versions)About GloyeonPublishersGloucester opened a book for children is to create a publisher. Lyrical, and the little stories, and good for children’s emotionalsoft, beautiful paintings, kids sharing their love and warmth, care, and create a book that can feel gajokae. Over time childrenmore quickly than I thought but with the eyes of a child, sometimes the flow is also slow.Although a slow tempo with hangingbreasts’re talking a deep resonance believe that words are essential to children.Gloucester opened a lot of parents, “so it’s a good book” and the children, “please read it again!” Is most happy when youhear the word. Received a lot of love “to read books my grandmother,” started to be brought forward “BookKit™” series forchildren and to offer a more pleasant is the experience of reading.idigProject Management & DesignWe have considered how can we deliver the warm feeling in leaf of a book, illustrations which give us tender and strongimpression from time to time with beautiful stories from a book to the digital. What would be the most valuable experience forour children? We all know that books exerted a favorable influence upon the children. After long hour of agony for attractive,kid-friendly and unique children’s book, we now proudly launch BookKit™ series.In future, we sincerely desire to create digital books that give your children wonderful experience with unique pleasant that onlybooks can give and reading matters that interact with kids.MogluedevelopingMoglue is developing a desktop platform that allows publishers, amateur authors and artists a way to create interactive storiesand release them as apps for iOS and Android operating systems with one-click publishing.The platform will enable anyone to quickly and easily create interactive ebooks without any programming knowledge. They willbe able to release them as applications on both iOS and Android.Moglue is initially partnering with publishers, independent authors and artists to adapt existing material to these devices. Thecompany is also helping them develop new properties that take advantage of the unique storytelling opportunities onlyavailable on the mobile touchscreen medium.Moglue intends to build an open community where media is shared, and any creative, imaginative person will have theopportunity to use our software to create and share fun, engaging apps.o create and share fun, engaging apps.
  2. 2. Press SheetIntroduction on Original Story - Gloyeon<My Grandma Reads Me Books> was written based on the authors practical experience. The fairy tale book about a grandmother and agranddaughter gained wide popularity for its tender illustrations, easy-to-read writing for kids, and the authors own narration CD. Provingthis popularity, <My Grandma Reads Me Books> was selected and recommended an a excellent book by many organizations such asmost reliable large book stores in Korea, agencies selecting good books for kids and government offices from in 2009 and 2010. Books recommended for young readers Book for Children in Korea Gook book for kids ‘Good Book’ by HanuriBook by Seoul Children’s Public Library by Kyobo Book in 2009 by Children culture association<My Grandma Reads Me Books> starts with a granddaughter calling her grandmother. Her grandmother cannot read. So she thinks thather grandmother could read if she reads her grandma picture books by phone every night. Just like her mother did to her when she wasyoung. She calls her grandma every night and read a picture book called <A Penguin Who Wants to Fly>. And after a year, her grandmareads the family a picture book on her birthday. Now it is her grandmother who reads books for the granddaughter by phone and asks“Minjeong, are you sleeping?” just like the granddaughter did to her before.The story of this book is told in soft and tender oil-painting illustrations. From a bright smile of the grandmother to the penguin that flies tothe grandma when the granddaughter reads books for her every night, everything is in the pictures that go perfectly well with the story.Such high-quality paintings also touched many peoples mind.Many parents who have children praised the book in many reviews and replies, saying that it is a very heart-warming story. My kids loveit, My children became friendlier with their grandma, My son never puts down the book, This is so beautiful story. I hope more peoplewill read it. Recalling everyones childhood memories, <My Grandma Reads Me Books> will a beautiful communication experience betweengenerations.
  3. 3. Press Sheet About the AppThe App book version of <My Grandma Reads Me Books> was created after lots of thoughts and considerations of the original story.Rather than pursuing glamorous functions, we tried to structure the App to provide an optimal UI for kids and maximize their emotionalexperiences. The convenient app control and interaction will bring books closer to children.The <My Grandma Reads Me Books> App has the following strengths.1. Simple and easy-to-operate UI for kids2. Beautiful display and structure delivering the feeling of the original story3. Contents to amply the pleasure of reading and invite parents4. Diverse interactions helping kids emotional development 1.Simple and easy-to-operate UI for kids This is the main screen of <My Grandma Reads Me Books>. Children learn how to read by using familiar things around them. The images in the bookkit menu are all simplified. Kids will easily recognize the icons such as a book, CD, microphone, colored pencil, maze solving, etc. The strongest point of these simple icons is that unlike any other menu icons, they allow quick operation. You do not have to search for an icon to activate a function you want or move between the menu screen and main screen several times. The bookkit menu images designed for children who begin to learn letters will be convenient for anyone to use.2.D2isplay and structure delivering the feeling of the original storyOne big issue in the process of digitizing the original book was how to display the rectangular-shaped landscaping oil paintingsnaturally in the app. We could adopt the movie-style display method to keep the tenderness of the original images as it is. We alsoadded a function to move a wide picture to the left or right, enabling more convenient appreciation of articles and paintings.Considering kids eye movement flow and their reading speed, we made the article move naturally to be read. <See video work> Moving Image3. Contents to amply the pleasure of reading and invite parents<My Grandma Reads Me Books BookKit> was designed to stimulate the original nature of pleasure from reading books. It separates thebook mode, audio book mode and play from each other. In the book mode, no excessive interaction or functions are provided. In thissection, parents can turn over each page and read it to children or a child could focus on reading alone.
  4. 4. Press Sheet4. Diverse interactions helping kids’ emotional developmentThe audio book mode could be used when children go to bed or play alone. The mode provides the authors or parents or their ownnarration with background music. In the picture coloring section, children could listen to beautiful music and sound effects that helpthem focus more on it. To enjoy the maze solving section, kids can tilt iPad in all directions. It will develop kids space sense byexperiencing the media more actively.Screen Shot Audio book Recording Main Coloring MazeSource linkFollow the links below to find images and videos necessary for news articles.ImageVideoMedia kitPlease visit Gloyeon homepage at www.expbookseries.com/gloyeon for more details and many consumer reviews.