Venture classpresentation


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Venture classpresentation

  1. 1. Interactive Animated Storybook Mobile Application available on the AppStore and Android Market
  2. 2. In this arrogant and competitive worldWhich is... overloaded by harmful informationWhere... modern technologies ruin personal touch in relationsWhere... all parents try hard to give the best to their childrenHow to teach your child ... to be nice and polite? to be honest? to have passion to knowledge? to find creative approach to every task?
  3. 3. Be a better parent with the Interactive Animated Storybook How to.. • spend evenings reading together • bring trust into relations with your child • have common topics of interests With our application you can ... • Introduce worlds best books • Teach your child to be creative • Help to speak many languagesIt will give a lot of lovely moments for you and your child!
  4. 4. The Interactive Animated Storybookis more attractive than a video game• it motivates children more than a printed book• its interactive and colorful like a video game but keeps kids brain busy like a book• it checks knowledge by quizzes and gives feedback to the parents Сharacters from a book come alive to play
  5. 5. The Interactive Animated Storybook issmarter than a book • plays video and animation with music and audio integrated into the story • book characters explains unknown words or phrases • tracks progress and understands learning profile • suggests further reading Bring magic to the world of your child!
  6. 6. Interactive Animated Storybookis as easy as 1-2-3 Download a book to your device 1 Set priority of the skills you like to develop: - languages 2 - history - creativity - inteligence 3 Leave your child alone to enjoy the magic of animated world of the book
  7. 7. Access EverywhereOnce you purchased a book - its accessible from everywhere at the same time:• on PC or Mac• on iPad or iPhone• on Android phone or tablet
  8. 8. Past...only for $15 you get:- book- personal tutor Future!!!- language classes- several quiet evenings GET IT NOW!
  9. 9. The Interactive Animated Storybook is brought to you by Education without bordersWe are teachers, engineers, writers, designers and artists whoalways desired to have such a toolWe created this product for our children to speed up the learning rate and understand how knowledge is importantAnd now we contribute to all society... by Designing better learning systems for children!