H"App"y Kids handout by Amanda Roberson


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This handout was prepared by Amanda Roberson for the 2014 Maryland Library Association conference. She kindly made it available to Little eLit, with her permission to share it freely.

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H"App"y Kids handout by Amanda Roberson

  1. 1. ! ! ! H “app”y Kids! Early Literacy App Advisory ! Five of the best ways to help children learn pre-reading skills and get ready to read are easy to do with children of all ages. They can be done at home, at the doctor’s office, in the car, or anywhere you and your child spend time together. The five best ways to help your child get ready to read are:
 Talking, Singing, Reading, Writing and Playing. ! Pause! Stop! Play! Make screen time fun and educational for your child. Pause. . . use wisely! • Technology is a powerful learning tool BUT it is not a parent or teacher. • Use technology to enrich your child’s life Stop. . . be selective! • Be in control. Technology is constantly changing, but “more” or “newer” aren’t necessarily better. • Be choosy. When selecting media, ask: Does it engage my child? Does it invite my child to participate or ask him to do something? Is it educational and informational? Is there violent or adult content? Is it really educational or simply labeled educational? Play. . .together! • Use the app or game before introducing it to your child. Then, use the technology with your child. • Talk about the content of the TV show, video or game at a later date. Repetition is important for your child’s learning. ! Review sites for Apps and eBooks for kids: • Common Sense Media • Digital Storytime • School Library Journal • Little eLit 
 !App recommendations based on the work of Emily Llyod http://www.slideshare.net/elloyd74/ipad-apps-early-literacy-25-fantastic-free-apps-for-prereaders
  2. 2. Read- Hideout: Early Reading by Brigham Young University Version 1.1 Hideout teaches kids how to read through a series of fun activities that emphasize letter-sound association and word repetition. These activities make use of blending and reading short vowel words within meaningful contexts. Interactive activities highlight a core of words that share a phonic pattern. Engaging activities, set within relevant situations, provide meaning and purpose for reading and creating words. The activities vary in the situations they present and in the ways word meanings are illustrated. The variation in the activities captures children’s interest. Each activity permits children to read and create words that relate to the particular scene (or fun context) and provides opportunities to read words to convey ideas. ! Pete and the Secret of Flying by Apps4kids.com Version 1.2.2 An interactive story book suitable for children aged 2 and up. First readers will love it! There was a time when birds went everywhere on foot. They only used their wings to protect themselves from the rain, to show them off at bird festivals or as somewhere to tuck their beaks when they wanted to go to sleep. But one little bird called Pete has a dream – he wants to play with the clouds. Pete wonders if he should maybe just try out his wings. One night, he creeps out of the nest, climbs up into a tall pine tree and finds himself right up close to the clouds. But then he falls out of the tree… ! Just Me and My Mom by Oceanhouse Media Version 2.4 Join Little Critter in this interactive book app as he spends the day in the city with his mom. Explore pictures, learn new vocabulary, and personalize the story with your own narration. From the train station to the museum, how will Little Critter do in the big city? iTunes & Android App Bob Books- by Bob Books Publications LLC Version 2.6 Millions of kids have learned to read with Bob Books. Now Bob Books is available for the iPhone and iPad with Bob Books Reading Magic! Simple pictures, sounds and animation bring these great readers to life. Also available is a full version for $3.99. ! Bean’s Baby by appropo Version 1.1 Bean has her window for sitting, her ball for chasing, her whole world just as she likes it. Then in comes Baby. The story of how the two get acquainted is told in spare one or two word phrases which, in “read to me” mode, highlight as they are read by the young narrator, helping the child associate the sound of the word with the printed text. Even the youngest will soon be able to “read it myself.” Gentle animations enhance the story and most are repeatable on touch. Where Do Balloons Go? Lite by Auryn Inc. Version 1.0.4 Your child’s imagination will soar with this magical storytelling app! Rich interactive experiences they’ll return to time and time again! Full Version available for $3.99
 !App recommendations based on the work of Emily Llyod http://www.slideshare.net/elloyd74/ipad-apps-early-literacy-25-fantastic-free-apps-for-prereaders
  3. 3. Write- Finger Paint with Sounds by Inclusive Technology Version 1.3.0 Explore touch with color, sounds or music. An opportunity to finger paint without the mess! Finger Paint with Sounds offers a fun alternative to help children with special needs and others to practice their first interactions with a touch screen. Simply choose a color and draw with music, fun sound effects or no sound at all. ! Little Writer- The Tracing App for Kids by Innovative Mobile Apps Version 1.2 Made for just-beginning writers, this well-designed tracing app includes upper and lowercase letters, shapes and numbers. ! Lazoo: Squiggles! by Lazoo Worldwide, Inc Version 1.8 A child’s simple hand-drawn squiggle can become a bird’s nest, rocket smoke, cotton candy, sheep’s wool, a curly beard, and more! Simply squiggle away to complete Lazoo’s internationally award-winning art. Then hit the GO button and watch drawings soar, pulsate, move, twirl, and multiply. ! Android App- ABC Preschool Play Ground by Sound House LLC Version 1.7 DOODLE Let your kids doodle their fingers away and show their artistic skills. Choose from a variety of crayons to color; erase and start over again. PLAY Test out your kids memory by letting them play the matching game. Check out our attractive cute animals as the matching tiles. LEARN Let your kids learn a bit. We've made it easy for your kids to familiarize themselves with the ABC's and numbers by tracing the dots. There are audio files for each letter and number so your kids can get familiarized with the sounds. We have also included coloring images for each letter! ! ABC Tracer by Hetal Shah Version 1.6 A simple animated tracing app includes both numbers and letters it also has games to match the letter to the word that starts with the letter and the ABC song with animated alphabet and pictures. ! Let’s Play with Trains by Atech Inc. Version 2.0 What do you do if you have a train-mad toddler? The trouble with most of the train apps is that they are meant for older preschoolers and up and are far too complex with signal changes and line switching. This app is insanely simple and easy, just draw lines straight, curvy, or even loop- the-loops. Anything works and presto a track is created and trains start running. No problem with tracks intersecting because there are no crashes or derailing in this app. Shake the iPad and different backgrounds appear. Highly recommended for toddlers and preschoolers. Actually even babies will be amused if you create the tracks for them. *Android version named Happy Trains for Kids ! !App recommendations based on the work of Emily Llyod http://www.slideshare.net/elloyd74/ipad-apps-early-literacy-25-fantastic-free-apps-for-prereaders
  4. 4. Sing- Tap and Sing by Jibjab Media Inc. Version 1.1.3 Want your child to experience the joy of creating music but don’t know where to start? Tap & Sing lets kids tap their way to an understanding of concepts like notes, chords and melodies, all while having fun! By tapping the StoryBots in sequence after they raise their hands, kids can even learn how to play songs. It’s like Guitar Hero for kindergartners! ! Little Piano Master by Innopage Ltd Version 1.0 Super fun and interactive way for children to learn to play tunes and music. With so many songs available, you can spend hours playing and learning new songs. You’ll find tons of notes and fascinating scenes as you browse through the game in your adventure to master the songs. Play all the correct notes, avoid the incorrect ones! ! My First Songs by Ringzero Game Studio Version 1.5.1 Feel the beat and sing aloud! Introduce your toddler and preschooler to the world of rhythm and music! My First Songs combines 16 all time favorite children’s songs in newly composed versions, together with lively adorable 3D animations. Frolic full-feature music videos keeps children entertained while enjoying the simple, yet additive, game play. ! ! Android App- Tap Kids Music by assistbamboowing Version 2.6 Let's tap kids music!! -Contains familiar children's songs with lyrics. -Can play the cymbal, drum, tambourine, children do not get tired. -When you tap a mysterious box, you hear any sound... please try actually. -Pictures will come out from where you tap the screen. ! Grow a Reader by Calgary Public Library Version 1.0 Smiling, laughing, and learning! The Calgary Public Library Grow a Reader app teaches parents and caregivers how to develop early literacy skills in young children. ! ! !App recommendations based on the work of Emily Llyod http://www.slideshare.net/elloyd74/ipad-apps-early-literacy-25-fantastic-free-apps-for-prereaders
  5. 5. Talk- Touch the Sound by Innovative Mobile Apps Version 1.0 This app focused on helping kids learn to recognize familiar sounds and match the sounds to the picture. The interface is so simple to use, that even little babies will delight in using this app. ! Switch Zoo by Tubehead Version 1.06 It’s simple to make your own “switcheroos” by clicking the animal buttons on the fence, so Switch Zoo is perfect for young players who haven’t learned to read yet. Older children and adults can read the animal profiles and fast facts to learn about the animals that make up their fantastic new creatures. ITunes and Android App. ! Around the World Story Creator by Harper Collins Publishers Ltd. Version 1.0 Develop your children’s reading and writing skills with Around The World interactive book and Story Creator, from the primary literacy specialists at Collins Education. Also available: The Steam Train and It Was a Cold, Dark Night. Use the story creator option to use the picture, props and backdrops to create your own story. Rhyming Words by Grasshopperapps.com Version 1.0 Rhyming activities provide the first steps in identifying the different sounds that make up a word and are a critical skill to master on the path towards becoming a good reader and a confident speaker. ! !App recommendations based on the work of Emily Llyod http://www.slideshare.net/elloyd74/ipad-apps-early-literacy-25-fantastic-free-apps-for-prereaders
  6. 6. Play- Blocks Rock by Zephyr Games Version 1.3.2 Play in three different game modes: multiplayer, solo and free play . Challenge friends sitting next to you or from around the world in a time based game for two. Test your own speed and skills in solo mode, or get creative and build your own structure in free play. Any way you play, you’re learning shapes and colors! ! Sam Phibian by 3CD Version 1.0.1 Sam Phibian can only make it through the day by counting the bugs he eats. Eating too many bugs--or eating the silly things in his swamp that aren't bugs at all--will cause Sam to grow too big for his lily pad! Sam Phibian combines attractive graphics, fun game play, and just the right amount of absurdity to create an interactive experience that makes counting practice engaging for young (and old!) learners. ! Toca Tailor Fairy Tales by Toca Boca AB Version 1.0.2 Toca Tailor Fairy Tales recreates the feeling of a great dress-up party. It’s a good way of playing around with colors and patterns and allows unlimited creativity. Thanks to simple multi-touch gestures, it’s easy to move, rotate and adjust patterns and decorations to create completely unique designs. ! Android App- Planet Boing by Tribal Nova Version 1.5.1 This fun creativity game for kids in Preschool and Kindergarten allows you to follow your child’s progress across all the i Learn With apps!Planet Boing offers an incredibly engaging, creative, free play environment filled with music, interactivity, and bright, colorful animations, that motivates your child to build essential skills in math, science, literacy and more! Play 123 by CJ Educations Version 1.8 PLAY123 is a learning application where your kids can play with all shapes, colors and numbers of their imagination, using various functions of the pad. They can throw, draw, roll, stack, turn, and more. Forms, shades and sounds make kids play with their senses of sight, hearing and touch in such creative ways that help their imagination run free. Kids can learn about shapes, colors and numbers autonomously as well as enjoying the time with the parents. ! Block Builder 3D by Ettin Entertainment Build with wooden blocks, anywhere and without the need to clean up afterwards. Experience your child building a tower of colorful wooden blocks and then push at the blocks to knock it over, with the block scattering around on the floor. No need to clean up, but there is a chance of high squeals of joy when the RC car crash into a tower of cows and pigs. !App recommendations based on the work of Emily Llyod http://www.slideshare.net/elloyd74/ipad-apps-early-literacy-25-fantastic-free-apps-for-prereaders