Not in Our House: Create a Bully-Free Zone with Project Unify


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Special Olympics Project UNIFY® is an education-based project that uses sports and education to create a school-wide atmosphere where every child is accepted and welcomed, regardless of intellectual levels. We will demonstrate how to build relationships through Buddy Clubs, Pep Rallies for Special Olympics, and “Ban the R Word” campaigns.

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Not in Our House: Create a Bully-Free Zone with Project Unify

  1. 1. Judging someone does not define who they are. It defines who YOU are.
  2. 2. NOT IN OUR HOUSE! Granite Falls Middle School Project UNIFY
  3. 3. What is Project UNIFY? Project UNIFY is an education-based project that uses the sports and education programs of Special Olympics to activate young people across the U.S. in order to promote school communities where all young people are agents of change - fostering respect, dignity and advocacy for people with intellectual disabilities.
  4. 4. What makes up Project UNIFY?  Inclusive Sports Opportunities  Youth Leadership  Whole School Involvement  Community Connections
  5. 5. Inclusive Sports  Unified Sports  Can be competitive, developmental or recreational  Young Athletes Programs  2-7 year old inclusive program focusing on training and participation in play activities
  6. 6. Youth Leadership  Youth Coaches  Youth Volunteers  Games Management Team Members  Buddy Club Members  Youth Activation Council
  7. 7. Whole School Involvement  Get Into It®  R-Word Campaign  Pep rallies for Local Winter and Spring Special Olympics  Fundraisers--5Ks Run/Walks, Polar Plunges, Tournaments  Spirit Days—Superhero, Everyone Counts, We All Rock, We’re All a Little Wacky, School Pride, etc.
  8. 8. Community Connections  Games Management Team  Group Home Activities and Volunteerism  Community R-Word Campaigns  Community-based Fundraisers  Family involvement opportunities
  9. 9. Effects of Project UNIFY  Decrease in bullying, harassment, and intimidation incidents  Increase in acceptance  Friendships made  Relationships built  Success in Inclusion settings  School feels more like family  Students become agents of change instead of teachers or administrators
  10. 10. We started Project UNIFY in 2011. We have grown in membership from 22 to 78 members this year!
  11. 11. Commitment Contract  Commitment Contract  Must commit to following 10 standards  Consequences  Must fully participate in at least one activity per semester  Must be a positive role model  Student and parents are required to sign  Teachers must recommend
  12. 12. Project UNIFY Activities at Granite Falls Middle School Designed and manned an exhibit at the Caldwell County Anti-Bullying Fair. Awarded First Place for Best Exhibit!
  13. 13. Caldwell County Special Olympics
  14. 14. Special Olympics Award Ceremony
  15. 15. Spring Special Olympics Pep Rally
  16. 16. Other Activities  Christmas party with Santa and Buddies  YES Summit—attended in 2012, held at GFMS in 2014  Lunch buddies, morning buddies, and afternoon buddies  Peer tutoring in Inclusion Classes
  17. 17. Contact Information  Wendy Miller, Program Innovations Director, Special Olympics of North Carolina, 3012 Roanoke Avenue  New Bern, NC 28562  Cell: 919.818.5947  Office: 252.633.0522  Fax: 252.633.0523  Email:
  18. 18. Contact Information  Stephanie Helton  Laura Brinkley  Kimberly Story  Bill Schreiber  Granite Falls Middle School 828- 396-2341  We are on Facebook!
  19. 19. Be kind. Always be kind.