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Including inclusion sharing the classroom for student success


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Including Inclusion: Sharing the Classroom for Student Success
This session will offer comic relief to the many challenges of inclusion; while providing practical strategies for creating a successful inclusion classroom. Teachers will explore various inclusion models and ways to effectively communicate, plan and organize for students’ success. PREREQUISITE: Sense of humor and love for Middle-Scholars is required.
Presenters: Angela Monell & Shakera Wilson - Porter Ridge Middle School - Indian Trail, NC

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Including inclusion sharing the classroom for student success

  1. 1. On your index card, and in a few words, write about a problem or challenge that you or a colleague have faced in an inclusion setting. It can be a personal experience, building-wide situation or even a district challenge. DO NOW: Index Card
  2. 2. Including Inclusion: Sharing the Classroom for Student Success Angela Monell, M.Ed and Shakera Wilson Union County Public School Porter Ridge Middle School, Indian Trail, NC
  3. 3. Ice Breaker THAT’S ME!!!!!
  4. 4. Out of the Mouths of Our Babes……. This is what our students have to say about us……. Video
  5. 5. Ahhh….to be Included! Directions: Take a moment to find a colleague and gain an understanding of their daily teacher life. Allow the following questions to guide you: 1. What grade do you teach? 2. What is your experience with inclusion? (Years taught, content area) 3. Share a time when your inclusion experience went very well or very sour. 4. If you share your findings, you will need to introduce your partner by his/her (First Name, Name of street from your childhood) Angela Locust Glen or Shakera Emory
  6. 6. Objectives To share and gain an understanding of inclusion experiences from varying school districts. To discuss three models of co-teaching To recognize the importance of building collaborative relationships to achieve greater student success
  7. 7. Inclusion Models There are many inclusion models, however we would like to focus on three: 1. One teach, One Assist 2. Station Teaching 3. Tag Team Teaching (Our personal favorite)
  8. 8. Winning Opportunity
  9. 9. Data Driven Instruction From the beginning of the school especially working with inclusion students always allow your data to drive instruction. There are many ways to collect data such as: ● CARS Assessments ● NC EOG Ready booklets ● Informal Assessments ● Benchmark Assessments ● Common Core Coach Books
  10. 10. Data Driven Instruction, cont’d Allow the data to: ● Determine who will receive certain instruction ● When the students will receive instruction ● Whether remediation is required ● How to best deliver the instruction ● Organize homogenous or heterogeneous groupings
  11. 11. Winning Opportunity
  12. 12. Barriers to Inclusion/Myths and Misconceptions - Special education teachers have an easy job - Exceptional Children cannot learn - It is too hard to teach inclusion - “Those students will bring my scores down!” - Planning for Exceptional Children is too hard Special Education Teacher vs. Administration
  13. 13. Winning Opportunity
  14. 14. Building a Collaborative Relationship 1. Spend time getting to know your co-teacher. 2. Allow each other to openly express feelings, and in turn, acknowledge those feelings. 3. Share a philosophy and vision 4. Respect and incorporate ideas from your co-teacher 5. Discuss classroom management styles 6. Decide on roles and responsibilities for each teacher 7. Create planning time, set goals for that time and work to accomplish them.
  15. 15. Winning Opportunity
  16. 16. Strategizing for Solutions
  17. 17. Winning Opportunity
  18. 18. Respecting and Understanding Each Other’s Process Quote: “You don’t have to like my process, but you have to respect it.” -Angela Monell Remember: Everyone has a different way of getting to the same goal.
  19. 19. One Teach, One Assist - Station Teaching Tag Team Teaching - Name that Inclusion Model!!
  20. 20. Chasing Lincoln’s Killer Unit Chasing Lincoln’s Killer - Homogenous Groups
  21. 21. Final Remarks…. Please fill out the green plus/delta sheet and leave it on the counter on your way out. Thank you for spending time with us today!
  22. 22. Resources and References Co-Teaching Models Co-Teaching in the Classroom PBS Common Misconceptions About Inclusive Education Quiz/Test/Project Coupon Sheet Facetime Coffee/Cappuccino Google documents….don’t forget Flubaroo too :) and of course….Panera Bread!!