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Published in: Technology
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  1. 1. TNT’s Favorite Tools and Trends of 2013 December 6, 2014 Beth Bernhardt, Beth Filar Williams, Kathy Shields
  2. 2. BrowZine An easy and familiar way to browse, read and monitor scholarly journals across the disciplines. ● Optimized for tablet devices ● Personal bookshelf of favorite journals ● Alerts when new editions are available
  3. 3. Your Library
  4. 4. Article View
  5. 5. Saved Articles
  6. 6. Favorite Journals
  7. 7. Pixlr ● FREE, cloud based, image creator & editor tool ● Flash based ● Mobile app (iOS or Android) ● Screen-grabbing tool (for FF or Chrome) Pixlr Grabber ● Share via (a one-click easy image sharer)
  8. 8. htt p ://p ixl r.c om / Pixlr photo editor most used “photoshop-lite” image express quick adjustments fun overlaps & effects vintage effects connects to FB mostly “fun”
  9. 9. Pixlr Quick Demo!
  10. 10. Feedly Google Reader is dead. Now what do I do? Use Feedly! Feedly is a news aggregator that is available as a mobile app for iOS and Android, and via web browsers such as Chrome and Firefox.
  11. 11. Feedly: Key features ● Free; pro version available for $35/year ● Minimalist design ● Easily add URLs and RSS feeds and group them into categories ● Highly customizable - change the layout, color scheme, organization of posts, etc.
  12. 12. My Feedly
  13. 13. Google Hangout My new favorite way to hold virtual meetings! Source:
  14. 14. Google Hangout Things to know: ● Need a Gmail/Google+ account ● Need to activate Google Hangouts ● Can be chat only, or can incorporate video (up to 10 video participants) ● Can embed other apps into your hangout, such as Google Drive and SlideShare
  15. 15. How do you usually schedule meetings with your colleagues or your patrons?
  16. 16. Schedule Once ● Online scheduling software ● Anyone can see when you’ re available and schedule a meeting with you ● Completely integrated with Google calendar
  17. 17. Trello ● Web-based project management tool ○ Free but has options for upgrades ● Can be collaborative ● Main elements: ○ Cards ○ Lists (groups of cards) ○ Boards (groups of lists) ● Visual, flexible, intuitive
  18. 18. Trello Trello is an incredibly flexible, highly visual tool for project management, task-tracking, and recording ideas. You can use it on your own or with a group. I use it to keep track of my personal workflow, break down tasks into steps, and to capture ideas for future projects. I started at a new institution and they use Trello for managing digitization project workflow. It's easy and intuitive - more structured than email or Google Docs but not overly burdensome...
  19. 19. To-Do List Tools
  20. 20. Wunderlist ● Free; pro version available ● Available for iOS, Windows, Android, Kindle, & web ● Create lists, tasks, and subtasks, set due dates & reminders ● Can attach files & notes to tasks ● customize background & layout (pro=more options)
  21. 21. Wunderlist “It has a simple interface with pretty photo backgrounds, and it lets you organize your lists into categories, add due dates and reminders, and sync to all your devices. I use it to keep track of all my projects and what I need to do on each one. It’s also fun to see all of the ‘completed’ tasks grayed out at the bottom.”
  22. 22. ● Available as an iPad/iPhone app, Android app, Chrome web app, and via web browser ● Create projects and subprojects, add due dates; cross things off when you’re done ● Simple, easy to use interface
  23. 23. “I like the color coding system for prioritizing the to do list. It also allows you to do projects on the side bar, which helps me track all the individual projects that I am doing with faculty. It also tracks the stuff once it is checked off, so I use it for my reports to the library to keep track of what I have done.” “I like because I can easily pull it up on my phone or any computer. At my job I'm constantly moving around and I can pull it up from any location...including my iPhone. I can also keep separate lists for work and my personal life (movie to-sees, grocery, presents).”
  24. 24. Teux Deux ● Free trial, $24 dollars a year after that ● Clean, simple design ● Can set repeating tasks ● Single day and multi-day views ● Additional lists for things that aren’t date-specific ● Mobile integration
  25. 25. Your turn! What’s your favorite to-do list or task management tool?
  26. 26. Trend: All things mobile! ● More Americans own mobile devices than ever before (91% own cell phones; 56% own smartphones). ● 34% of adult cell users now go online mostly on their phones, and not on a laptop or desktop. Source: Pew Internet and American Life Project (2013, Sept 18). Pew Internet: Mobile. Retrieved from
  27. 27. Trend: All things mobile! ● Libraries are responding in a number of ways: ○ providing materials, such as ebooks and magazines, through mobile platforms (ex. Overdrive & Zinio) ○ providing training on how to use devices to access library materials ○ upgrading library websites to more mobilefriendly platforms (ex. Bootstrap)
  28. 28. Trend: All things mobile! What are some ways that your library has adapted to the mobile device trend?
  29. 29. Trend: 3D printing! ● Have you ever used a 3D printer?
  30. 30. Trend: 3D printing! ● Does your library have a 3D printer?
  31. 31. Trend: 3D printing! ● But what place does a 3D printer have in a library? ○ Access to technology ○ Community space ● Things to consider ○ ○ ○ ○ Will my users use a 3D printer? What will they use it for? How much money am I willing to spend? Who will support 3D printing?
  32. 32. Trend: Makerspaces! ● It’s not just about 3D printers! ○ Make it @ Your Library ○ Series on ALA TechSource ● Grew out of the hackerspace movement ○ focus is on creativity ○ DIY ○ Makerspaces can take many different shapes and sizes
  33. 33. Thank you! We’ll be sharing the recording and slides on our blog: