G2 webinar with GREEN IT on Digital Storytelling re: Monthly Giving


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Slides from webinar hosted by G2 (Give Green Canada / Patrimoine vert) and presented by GreenIT for participants in Monthly Giving - Learning Together program.

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G2 webinar with GREEN IT on Digital Storytelling re: Monthly Giving

  1. 1. G2 Give Green Canada Monthly Giving – Learning Together Online Workshop with GreenIT, Nov 5, 2013
  2. 2. Digital Storytelling & Technology
  3. 3. Storytelling in a Digital Age Stories: - an intricate part of society - use them to express ideas and concepts and to entertain - ability to tell stories is culturally & organizationally important - the storytelling method has evolved
  4. 4. What is digital storytelling? •Blogging •Texting •Tweeting •PodCasting •Video Streaming • Social Media •Animation •Games •Text •etc What is your Medium?
  5. 5. Tell YOUR Story
  6. 6. Telling ? reTelling ? or Sharing? Are you telling your story first hand? Or are you using a community of work to sell what you do? Or collecting and sharing stories? First Hand reTelling Sharing •Blog •Comment •Social •Posting •Infogr.am •Twitter •infoGraphic •Instagram •YouTube •Tweet •reTweet •Pinterest •Movie •Facebook •Instagram
  7. 7. Storytelling Media There are many different ways to capture, compose, tell, broadcast and share a digital story. Who is your audience? What is the action? Who is the storyteller? What is effective or practical to record or report the storyline and subject material? Blog ? Twitter? Website? Video? Audio? Stories = important > they shape your Org’s online presence > draw people closer to your Org… or push them away. Effective storytelling = engaged audience
  8. 8. Pick your Media •Photos •Text •Audio •Video •Games •Social Capture the Content •Computers & web •Phones & mobile •Cameras & video •Chat & comment
  9. 9. Relating the Story #1 importance: > digital storytelling is you telling your story. You will: • attract an audience that is genuinely interested in what you are doing, people that will engage with you and are interested in your Org. • connect to your audience, draw passionate people to your cause they will connect much better than those that aren't really interested in what you have to say or the things you are doing. • get your message out there.
  10. 10. Some dynamic tools… Infographics Pinterest Instagram
  11. 11. Infographics as tools •Who it serves •Audience it connects •Free creation tools http://www.infogr.am http://piktochart.com http://wordle.com http://visual.ly/ •Graphics & cause •Sharing •Pros / Cons
  12. 12. Pinterest as a tool •Who it serves •Audience it connects •Nonprofit account •Pinning a cause •Sharing •Pros / Cons
  13. 13. Instagram as a tool •Who it serves •Audience it connects •Nonprofit account •Instagram & cause •Sharing •Pros / Cons
  14. 14. Ideas, Examples & Reference Webstagram for Nonprofit Orgs http://http://web.stagram.com/n/nonprofitorgs Pinterest Video Storytelling for Nonprofits http://www.pinterest.com/mediacause/nonprofit-video-storytelling Photos & Text – Charity: Water http://www.charitywater.org/projects/fromthefield/rwanda.php Pinterest – Charity: Water http://www.pinterest.com/charitywater/ Infographics for Nonprofits – Beth Kanter http://www.pinterest.com/kanter/nonprofit-infographics/ 10 NPO Examples of Pinterest Marketing http://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/10-nonprofits-nailing-pinterest-marketing-list Instagram for Nonprofits – picture 1000 words https://blogs.commons.georgetown.edu/csic/2013/03/14/...
  15. 15. Any Questions?
  16. 16. GreenIT / Techtogether @GreenITTech Techtogether.ca Gccgreenit.ca greenit@greencommunitiescanada.org 705 745 7479 x117
  17. 17. G2 Give Green Canada Monthly Giving – Learning Together is made possible by:
  18. 18. G2 Give Green Canada Monthly Giving – Learning Together This webinar is powered by
  19. 19. G2 Give Green Canada Monthly Giving – Learning Together • Thank you for joining us today Contact Information: • Natasha van Bentum by email vanbentum@gmail.com • Twitter: @GiveGreenCanada