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Evaluating mobile success for AAM2013


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“Recruiting the World” - so how's that going for you? Presentation in the "Evaluating Mobile Success" panel at AAM2013, Baltimore, 21 May 2013. See also presentations by the other panelists:

Matthew Fisher:
Loic Tallon
Matthew Petrie: (coming)

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Evaluating mobile success for AAM2013

  1. 1. “Recruiting the World”So how’s that going for you?Nancy Proctor, Smithsonian Institution@nancyproctor
  2. 2. “The Wikipedia of the Physical World”.A Crazy Idea?@NancyProctor 5/21/13Chris Anderson Webcast "Reimagining the Smithsonian in the Digital Age”
  3. 3. SI Mobile’s VisionRecruit theWorldto increase anddiffuse knowledgePut theSmithsonian notjust in people’spockets, but intheir hands. #AAM2013 5/21/13
  4. 4. Crowdsourcing at the Smithsonian.There is nothing new under the sun. – Ecclesiastes 1:9@NancyProctor #AAM2013 5/21/13
  5. 5. The Smithsonian InstitutionStaff : Volunteers6,000 staff 6,500 volunteers@NancyProctor #AAM2013 5/21/13
  6. 6. Thinking Outside the AudioTour BoxFrom Headphones to Microphones“From we do the talking towe help you do the talking.” –Chris Anderson, Wired, Smithsonian2.0 Conference, 24 Jan 2009“From interpretation toconversation.” – Max Anderson;“Gather, Steward, and Converse,”The Art Newspaper, 8 June 2010@NancyProctor #AAM2013 5/21/13
  7. 7. @NancyProctor proctorn@si.edu 5/21/13
  8. 8. @NancyProctor proctorn@si.edu 5/21/13
  9. 9. @NancyProctor proctorn@si.edu 5/21/13
  10. 10. Scapes: http://roundware.orgMobile Transformations1.“Stops” become soundtracks2.Soundtracks are no longer linear3.The broadcast is a conversation4.The conversation is asynchronous5.The body is the interface@NancyProctor #AAM2013 5/21/13
  11. 11. 40+ SI Mobile Projects to Date@NancyProctor #AAM2013 5/21/13Find all#SImobileapps
  12. 12. “Recruiting the World”So how’s that going for you?@NancyProctor #AAM2013 5/21/13
  13. 13. Wikipedia’s WorldCuratingProducingCommentingSharingWatching1,45877,00017,682,781410,000,000@NancyProctor #AAM2013 5/21/13
  14. 14. Smithsonian Mobile@NancyProctor #AAM2013 5/21/13
  15. 15. SI Mobile’s RecruitsCuratingProducingCommentingSharingWatching.01~7035,0001:500@NancyProctor #AAM2013 5/21/13
  16. 16. Stories from Main Street #AAM2013 5/21/13
  17. 17. Stories From Main StreetContributions@NancyProctor #AAM2013 5/21/13
  18. 18. Stories from Main StreetCuratingProducingCommentingSharingWatching.0128816,0001:55@NancyProctor #AAM2013 5/21/13
  19. 19. Access American Stories@NancyProctor #AAM2013 5/21/13
  20. 20. Access American StoriesCuratingProducingCommentingSharingWatching.011056781:6@NancyProctor #AAM2013 5/21/13
  21. 21. Crowdsourcing Vs. CommunitySourcingIn your database,attends your events,connected on Facebook,Twitter, LinkedIn orphysicallyin your area.You don’t know andcannot contact directly.NetworkCrowdCommunityYourOrg.But your Community can.Don’t know you andneed consistentand compellingmessages totake anyaction.This is thecommunity of yourcommunity: their family,friends, coworkersand connections.You want toconvert thenetwork to jointhe community.You do not know. Receives yourmessages via the network.@NancyProctor #AAM2013 5/21/13
  22. 22. Crowdsourcing@NancyProctor #AAM2013 5/21/13
  23. 23. Community-sourcing@NancyProctor #AAM2013 5/21/13
  24. 24. Product or Process?The process of crowdsourcing projectsfulfills the mission of digital collectionsbetter than the resulting searches [withmetadata enhanced by crowdsourcing].– Trevor Owens“Crowdsourcing Cultural Heritage: The Objectives Are Upside Down”@NancyProctor #AAM2013 5/21/13
  25. 25. @NancyProctor #AAM2013 5/21/13