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Agile Process Diagram


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Agile Process Diagram by Mike Griffiths

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Agile Process Diagram

  1. 1. Pre-Release Iteration Inside Iteration 3 Inside Iteration 2 Inside Iteration 1 CreateBacklog IdentifyPersonas and Context High-levelEstim ates CreateRoadm ap using StoryM aps IterationPlanning Release PlanningInitiation ProjectChartering WholeTeam or available team members Value Management (Product Owner)Team RunAcceptanceTests Testers IterationReview andRetrospective DailyStand-upMeeting &UpdatingBurn-ups Coding with technical excellence StoryEstim ation using Planning Poker GatherNextIteration StoryDetails Iteration0 andSpikes Technical DevelopmentTeam Reprioritizing backlog Selecting stories for next iteration Preparing screen-designs and wireframes Slicing stories Identifying all acceptance tests for stories Gathering all details for stories PrepareStoriesforNextIteration AvailableforQuestions & StorySign-off Run/Automate ExploratoryTests PrepareTestCases Establish BusinessCase with High-levelEstim atesFeasibility ROI IRR NPV SlicingStories BuildaReleasePlan ProjectVisioning Close Out After a release we go to release planning for another Key Project Close-Out Activities RMC Publications, Inc. • • 952-846-4484