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Firefox, Zotero, Wikipedia, and You


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Using Zotero for Wikipedia research. A lot of people are turned away from Wikipedia because of the esoteric formatting involved in citing sources and that includes highly qualified researchers and academics - the kind of people who are really well qualified to contribute content. Zotero can reduce some of the pain.

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Firefox, Zotero, Wikipedia, and You

  1. 1. Wikipedia Research Tools Using Zotero 31 August 2015 Shyamal
  2. 2. Zotero is an free bibliographic software utility It adds to your browser as a plugin, you can also add the standalone software with plugins that allow you to insert citations into documents.
  3. 3. Let us say our task is to look for research reviews on a book. We now search for references to this book on Google Scholar Zotero toolbar
  4. 4. Google Scholar shows up some scholarly reviews
  5. 5. It is paywalled, but let us make a note of the reference Look for the export citation
  6. 6. Zotero supports several bibliographic formats Here we choose EndNote
  7. 7. Zotero may prompt once for permission to be your reference manager Accept this and continue – you should see a little status message while the citation is imported
  8. 8. Click on Z to get the Zotero pane You can add research notes and classify your bibliography – you can also keep links to downloaded PDF files. Search by keyword and tags.
  9. 9. You can keep notes on the reference You can also tag, create directories and organize your references as they grow.
  10. 10. Once you have completed your research You may want to export the citations to enhance our target Wikipedia article. Choose the references of interest (multi select by mouse clicking while holding Ctrl key) and then right click – choose the Export item
  11. 11. Choose Wikipedia Citation Template
  12. 12. Choose a file to save to We have chosen just a single reference
  13. 13. Open the file in a text editor to find the citation Copy and paste between reference tags as needed – use the <ref name=“X” > … </ref> if you are citing it at multiple locations.
  14. 14. What if I wanted to research a good Wikipedia article? Examine the scholarly references mentioned in a Wikipedia article
  15. 15. Zotero can extract all the references cited in an article Magic done using COinS metadata hidden into the citation templates
  16. 16. Choose the references you want to import
  17. 17. The selected references are saved
  18. 18. Click Z to open up the Zotero pane If the references are properly entered using Wikipedia citation templates. All the details of the references should show up in the details pane.