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  1. 1. Marketing Experiments
  2. 2. ServeLocals.comA platform with a website builder along withmarketing software that enables smallbusinesses to gain online presence andmanage their marketing in one place
  3. 3. Marketing Strategy
  4. 4. Target MarketSmall businesses in USA and UK. Mainly:● Accountants● General Contractors - Architects & Builders● Interior Decorators● Event Organizers● Dentist● Solicitors & Lawyers● Plastic Surgeon● Physicians and Surgeons● Wedding Photographers
  5. 5. How we reach them?● Search Advertising● Display Ads● Contextual● Geo-targeting● Mobile Marketing● Social networking sites● Affiliate marketing● Online Videos● Blog & Content Advertising● Media Publishing & PR● Local listings and classifieds
  6. 6. How we measure?● Website analytics● Clickthrough● Conversion rate● Cost Per Acquisition● Cost Per Click● Email Signups● Landing Pages● Social Media Interactions ○ Comments, Likes ○ Shares , Followers
  7. 7. Budget?Initial budget allocated for running paidsearch and social media advertising :$230 (USD)
  8. 8. Execution● Created a landing page http://www.● Started running campaigns on Google and Facebook● Performed keyword analysis for the Google campaign● Allocated $130 for Google campaign● Allocated $100 for Facebook campaign
  9. 9. Execution: ContinuedScreenshots of Google campaign. Googlecampaign was targeted for U.S.A. & U.K.regions
  10. 10. Execution : Continued
  11. 11. Execution Continued
  12. 12. Execution Continued
  13. 13. Execution Continued
  14. 14. Execution ContinuedWhile tracking campaign we added newkeywords and removed negative keywords
  15. 15. Execution Continued● Facebook campaign was created targeting specific customer segments● This campaign was run for two regions (U.S. A & U.K.)
  16. 16. Execution Continued● Submitted campaigns on Nov-27-2012 and they got approved after various guideline suggestions from Facebook● Campaigns became effective as of Nov-29- 2012● Got 5 subscribers into our beta invite list● Acquisition cost/customer : $230 (total campaign cost)/ 5 (number of subscribers) = $65
  17. 17. Execution Continued:Lessons Learned:● Landing page should have been more effective with clear value proposition● Keyword research is important● Targeting advertising to right audience only can make campaign effective● Tracking campaign effectiveness is important and tweaking keywords while tracking is paramountly important
  18. 18. Future plan● Accommodate changes from lessons learned section including making landing page more effective● Change Google, Facebook campaigns accordingly● Pursue other marketing channels
  19. 19. Where is high fidelity prototype● Work is in progress