Social Media Week 2013 Social Networking for Small Business


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Where is everyone and do I need to be there too? Small business digital content, PR, Social Media Week Chicago 2013 Presentation by Cathy Rubey.

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  • Social Media Week 2013 Social Networking for Small Business

    1. 1. Social Media for Small Business#smwsmallbizsn September 24, 2013 1:00 #SMWCHICAGO CHICAGO
    2. 2. Social Media for Small Business Where Is Everyone and Do I Need to be There Too??? Cathy Rubey, InGe, Inc. @ingeinc 630-302-5206 #smwsmallbizsn
    3. 3. Why Be on Social Media? I already have enough to do. I’m an expert at 1 business already. Really, I gotta learn this business too? I can’t keep track of all those passwords. I don’t want people in my business... NOT
    4. 4. Social Media -What’s That? • Social Networks • Social Networking • Social Media ALL refer to websites with different themes and platforms where members can interact and exchange ideas and artifacts.
    5. 5. Social Membership • 1 Billion+ • 500+ Million • 400+ Million • 300+ Million • 100 + Million Blogs • 25+ Million (5x women/men)
    6. 6. GOT IT! So Where Should I Be?
    7. 7. This Might Help • Explore Each Site. • When Do You Have Time? • Which Site Do You Like? • Can You Delegate? • Check Out the Competition!
    8. 8. What to Do When You Get There: • Start a Conversation • Be HELPFUL or USEFUL • Share Relevant Content to Your Networks
    9. 9. Engagement Twitter = Seconds Facebook = Hours Website = Days
    10. 10. And, Oh. By the Way... Raise Your Hand If...
    11. 11. Smartphones
    12. 12. From Flip to Smart Phones
    13. 13. So...Optimize for Mobile • Content mobile friendly • Share content across channels • No Crazy Fonts/Effects • Use Mobile to update channels • Mobile Apps (aka “mobile applications”) are Where It’s At!
    14. 14. Final Thoughts 1. Make sure all your channels link to each other and a central website. 2. Have all of your pages and profiles include same call to action (call, email, visit, etc.). This creates a solid digital presence and awareness for you and your small business. 3. Schedule regular updates and notifications. 4. Delegate. Monitor. Remember that once profiles and accounts are created, it takes just a few minutes a day to monitor and add content. Or... 5. Outsource to a specialist who meets your needs and budget.
    15. 15. For More Info Visit to download this presentation and others to help you grow your online presence.
    16. 16. • IT Solutions • Business Solutions • Staffing • Payroll Services • Project Management • Evaluation • Marketing • Advertising • PR Services • Web Design • Writing/Editing • Production Need More Help? 630-302-5206
    17. 17. Thank You! #SMW13 @INGEINC Info graphics and data via Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life, Nielson, Mediabistro, STRATA, MarketMeSuite, PLACESTER, Endgadget Music by Vonmodik used with permission. Chicago Architectural Foundation SMWChicago Volunteers & Sponsors
    18. 18. THANK YOU Cathy Rubey, InGe, Inc Owner/Creative Director @SMWChicago CHICAGO