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Powerpoint presentation!


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Powerpoint presentation!

  1. 1. Becoming Familiar WithSynonyms and Antonyms 4th grade Lesson
  2. 2. What is a synonym?Words that have the same meaning but are completely different words.Which example shows synonyms? Happy/Sad Tidy/Neat Memory/recollect ion
  3. 3. YOU ARE CORRECT!• Tidy/Neat are synonyms because they are different words but have the same meaning!• Memory and recollection are also examples of a synonym because they mean the same thing!
  4. 4. INCORRECT• These two words are actually examples of an antonym
  5. 5. What is an Antonym?• Two words that are the complete opposite of each other.• Which of the following groups of words are an example on an antonym? Pleasant/Obnoxi Beautiful/Pretty ous
  6. 6. You are CORRECT!Pleasant and obnoxious are opposite words!Can you think of other antonyms?
  7. 7. Sorry, those are examples of a synonym
  8. 8. Let’s try something a little bit harder…
  9. 9. What’s the difference?• Homonyms- words that are spelled the same but have more than one meaning.• Homographs-words that are spelled the same, have different meanings and are pronounced differently.• Homophones- words that sound the same but have different meanings and different spellings.
  10. 10. Homonyms…• Which of the following groups of words are considered homonyms? band/band Accept/except
  11. 11. Well done! You are correct!Can you think of any other homonyms?What about bug and bug?For example, My little brother really bugs me or I hate bugs!
  12. 12. Sorry, that is incorrect• The choice you picked Is actually an example of a homophone.