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Fourth g compu3w1

  1. 1. Cause and Effect Comprehension Skill Fourth Grade Unit 3 Week 1 Created by Kristi Waltke
  2. 2. Cause and Effect Why does the ball move? Hitting the ball with the club causes the ball to move. Causes and effects are related. An effect is what happens. A cause is why it happens.
  3. 3. Cause and Effect • Clue words such as because, so, and cause sometimes signal a cause-effect relationship. • Sometimes you must figure out for yourself that one thing causes another. • Sometimes a cause has more than one effect.
  4. 4. Good readers ask themselves why things happen in a story. Asking why will help you figure out cause and effect! When you see the hippo in the pond, you can ask yourself why he got in there. He is probably in the water to cool off. This is cause and effect. Cause The hippo was hot. Effect He got in the water.
  5. 5. Think about the story. Why is the stranger lying in the road?
  6. 6. Cause Effect Mr. Bailey hit the stranger with his truck so the stranger is lying in the road.
  7. 7. Think about the story. Why did the stranger try to run away when he opened his eyes?
  8. 8. Cause The author said the stranger looked up with terror. He must have been afraid Effect so he tried to run away.
  9. 9. Think about the story. What effect does the stranger have on the thermometer?
  10. 10. Cause Effect The doctor uses the thermometer on the stranger so the mercury gets stuck at the bottom.
  11. 11. Think about the story. What happens when the stranger blows on the soup?
  12. 12. Cause The stranger blows on the soup Effects then a draft is created and Mrs. Bailey says brr.
  13. 13. Think about the story. What are some details that cause the reader to notice that the stranger is special?
  14. 14. Causes Rabbits allow the stranger close. The stranger doesn’t sweat or get tired with hard work. The stranger blows with all his might on a green leaf and we see an orange leaf in the picture. Effect So we know that the stranger is special
  15. 15. Think about the story. Since the stranger’s visit, the trees around the Bailey’s farm stay green for a week longer than the other trees. Then, they change color in one night. Why?
  16. 16. Cause Effect The stranger uses his special cold weather power so the trees around the Bailey farm turn differently.