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First compu1w3

  1. 1. Characters and Setting Comprehension Skill First Grade Unit 1 Week 3 Created by Kristi Waltke
  2. 2. Characters are people or animals in stories.
  3. 3. The setting of a story is where and when the story happens.
  4. 4. • Sometimes you have to look for clues and think about the setting because the words of the story don’t tell you the setting. • Like in “Sam, Come Back!” it never said where Sam and Jack were, but can you figure it out? • The setting was a house in the country.
  5. 5. • In the story “Pig in a Wig,” you can use the pictures as a clue to figure out the setting. • The setting is a house in that story too.
  6. 6. What is the setting of “The Big Blue Ox?” The setting is a farm in the country. In part of the story, Ox takes Mom and Pop to the store so the store is part of the setting too.
  7. 7. Did you notice anything that looked the same in these three stories? They all have the same author and illustrator. They have some of the same characters. The house in the first two stories is on the farm of “The Big Blue Ox.”
  8. 8. Click on the picture for the story for which the following is the correct summary. Pig ate too much. A woman helped Pig feel better. Pig did a jig.
  9. 9. Go Back!
  10. 10. Way to Go!
  11. 11. Click on the picture for the story for which the following is the correct summary. Sam the cat ran away and then came back.
  12. 12. Go Back!
  13. 13. Way to Go!
  14. 14. Click on the picture for the story for which the following is the correct summary. Ox helped Mom and Pop by picking apples, digging, cleaning the pigs, giving a ride to the store, packing the sack, cooking some food and providing a resting place.
  15. 15. Go Back!
  16. 16. Way to Go!
  17. 17. Remember to think about the characters in the stories you read. Two of these stories have characters that do not act like real animals. Remember in Pig in a Wig how Pig mixed her own food. Can you think of the other story in which an animal does not act like a real animal?
  18. 18. Go Back!
  19. 19. Way to Go!
  20. 20. Remember! • Characters are people or animals in a story. • Summarizing a story means telling the story in a short way. • The setting of a story tells when and where the story happens.
  21. 21. Knowing about characters and the the setting of stories will help you become a super reader!