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Drawing conclusions


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Drawing conclusions

  1. 1. Drawing Conclusions
  2. 2. When you draw a conclusion you 2 things: use What you know in your head. and What you’ve read in the story. A conclusion is the decision you come to when you put these two together.
  3. 3. I sleep in a crib. I know babies sleep in cribs. I know babies drink bottles. I drink from a bottle. I cannot walk or talk. Who am I? I know babies can’t do these things yet. Must be a baby!
  4. 4. Put me on your feet. I know you wear socks and shoes on your feet. I will keep you Both of these keep you warm and dry. warm, but only shoes keep you dry. Wear me when it rains. What do you wear, on your feet, when it rains?
  5. 5. You need me before you can mail a letter. Paste me on an envelope. a need You n an, a a postm , and pe nvelo o mail a e t tamp ter! s let What am I? Only one of these would be pasted onto an envelope! What did you know in your head?
  6. 6. I am white. You need me every day. You drink me when you are thirsty. I can make a moustache. Lots of things are white! What am I? What is white and you drink? You need a lot of things. AND, It makes a moustache! What did you know in your head?
  7. 7. What looks like a baby? I look like a baby. Dolls? Pictures? Hmm… You can give me a name. Children like to play with me. You can name dolls, not pictures. What am I? Children play with dolls, not pictures. What did you know in your head?
  8. 8. I grow on an ear. Cook me in hot oil. I will puff up and taste good. Some people microwave me. What grows on an ear? Ear wax? Earrings? Corn?? What am I? You wouldn’t cook or taste ear wax or earrings. I know corn will puff up and it is sometimes cooked in the microwave. What did you know in your head?